Massage in Cornwall England

Hi, my name is Carla. Born in Derby, I followed my dream to live by the sea and moved to Cornwall ten years ago. Previously working in education as an art teacher, I experienced first hand how stress and tension can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Wanting to make a difference and enable people to live a calmer life I decided to retrain as a Massage Therapist. I then managed a Spa for several years before going freelance.  I now work with private clients in and around the South West using my expertise in Deep Tissue Massage, Ayurvedic Techniques, Advanced Hydrotherm, Trigger Point Massage, Indian Head, Thai Foot and Reflex Massage, Hot Stone, Swedish, Facelift Massage and Reiki. I have successfully treated many professional sports people, writers, musicians, dancers, body builders and teachers!
I am a very intuitive Therapist and Healer, with the skills to listen to a clients needs and expectations. I provide a complete treatment, taking into account the whole person, working with clients on an emotional as well as physical level. I love to travel and take inspiration for my practise from the places and cultures I visit. My other passion is music and experiencing the energy of live performances. Having the opportunity to represent Dr Dot has been the perfect way to combine my creative interests. I have great integrity and a calm energy to be around, with the focus to provide my clients with an exceptional treatment and experience.
I am available 24/7 throughout the UK, and for tours here and abroad if required. Just email me at and write "Carla/Cornwall" in the subject line and I will get back to you right away.
I look forward to meeting and working with you in the future.
Best Wishes
Carla xx