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  Book me: info@drdot.com and write: "Chris/Zurich" in subject line πŸ™‚


Hi, my name is Chris. I was born in Zug, Switzerland 1974. Since 2001 I am working full time as an independent Massage/Physical Therapist in my own practice. I am a fully qualified Sports and Full Body Massage Therapist, Foot Reflex, Dorn and Breuss as well as Scenar Therapist. I have successfully treated clients from all ranges of life, including actors and Sporting Professionals such as Eishockey Players and Swiss Ski Athletes, specialising not only in massage but injury treatment and prevention. Discretion and professionalism are most important to me in the first place.

I heard about Dr. Dot by coincidence. She actually lives my dream. Since a long time I have been waiting for an opportunity like this, working for a international Massage Team in this sector. By the time I read about drdot, I knew, that’s the Team I want to be a part of.

I am available throughout the german part of Switzerland, in and around Zermatt, but particularly in Zurich, Zug and Lucerne. I am also available for tours if required.

no big woop

Some ask me why I do not blog so often anymore. Can you blame me? Every time I write an exciting blog, SOMEONE gets pissed off, certain Presidents get in trouble, etc. I am not one to walk on eggshells, so I just walk around them instead. Some of the stuff that happens to me is too exciting to blog about. It would excite many but piss off a certain few and I just don't have the time to apologize so often. 

So I use twitter to do mini-blogs when I am out and about. Harmless stuff that shouldn't irritate. Then there are things that take up too much space and won't fit on twitter. Like this SHIT: Left house at 6:15 pm for a facial at Bliss Spa. Then got a bite to eat, came home at 10pm, front of house was DARK and I KNOW I turned outside lights on when I left. Switch didn't help, lights had been UNSCREWED by some sneaky fuck who STOLE MY NEW BIKE. The Lesbians who live below me MUST have heard/seen this shit as my bike was chained up to the heavy duty judy fence on my porch, which is (no lie) THREE feet from their fucking bed room window. They MOAN and whine how, since their bed room window is so close to my bike and car, they can hear me leaving and coming each time but this time, they conveniently didn't hear any commotion. They have two YAPPY dogs too, are you kidding me? The dogs didn't bark? Pffft!


Fucking wenches, I swear, a while gang of hooded hooligans can come and snatch their cars right in front of me and I will just wave at them. The porch had been swept, no leaves there anymore, so either the thieves are anal about leaving their "work place" tidy or the bitches had been out there cleaning up. I am pissed/sad and feel violated. SURE it could be worse, things can ALWAYS be worse, but if you've ever had a bike stolen from your yard/porch, you know where I'm coming from.

No point in buying another bike NOW as it is getting cold out anyways. I will wait til Spring and spend ANOTHER $200 on a bike and this time I guess I will have to schlepp it inside every night. pffft. HATE THIEVES (a year ago my car was broken into and my purse was stolen along with many other things (iPod, speakers etc). Karma sadly takes too long for such idiots to get what they deserve sometimes.


Birthday is Tuesday, but I will be going out with the girls tonight (Monday) for karaoke and a bite to eat. Not sure about you but each year that passes, my tolerance of bullshit gets smaller. I always make new friends but sometimes I have to cut "old friends" out of my life. The kind of friends who are always there when they need a favor, promotion, help, money a lift somewhere, food, etc, but are never around when you would like to see them. THOSE kind of friends. I have "deleted" three of those recently and it feels good. One should not allow people to walk all over you, no matter how long you have known them you know? Sometimes I worry, does getting older mean being bitter? I hope not but it seems you have a choice, be a hammer or a nail. For me, friendship, or any kind of relationship should be give and take, not just take. But people LOVE to take and if you allow them to, they will never stop. I am thinking the more intelligent and/or successful people are, the less friends they have. Ever notice how people who have no job/money/goals have loads of friends? Easier to find others like that I suppose (and maybe life is easier like that). I can't live like that. I am too ambitious and it has nothing to do with earning. It has to do with the challenge of going as far as you can with your goals. Keeps me on my toes. 

Even if I ever got wealthy, I would still drive same car, wear same clothes, etc. Would NOT go out and buy jewelry (STUPID) or designer clothes (EVEN DUMMER). Would maybe buy a house with HUGE yard and dog flap, to allow LOADS of dogs I would buy get in and out to shit without me having to bring them out each time. THAT is a goal. heh heh.

I am SUPPOSED to be writing my book and my literary agent told me last Jan "an hour a day please" I STILL haven't done that. YIKES!! By the time I am done answering the Dr. Dot emails, it's usually 6 or 7AM, then I watch something for an hour, as I just can't be asked to TYPE anymore, this is also why I don't blog much anymore either. I am so overwhelmed it's insane. BUT I am not complaining. I LOVE my work. I have morphed more into a dispatcher than a massage therapist. I spend at least 7 hours a day online connecting people. Helping people. So if you are frustrated that my blog has become too "work like" then please join me on twitter: dr_dot


Gotta get off here now "Lay off me, I'm STARVING!!" 


Massage in Barcelona Spain

To contact me, email: info@drdot.com and put "Sal/Barcelona" in the subject line, please πŸ™‚

Hi my name is Sal (short for Salvatore.) I am from Italy, many years ago someone gave me a book about Shiatsu, this is how I got involved in this ancient healing art.

I am a fully qualified Shiatsu Therapist, I studied Shiatsu in London with internationally reknowned teachers such as: Soul Goodman, Chris Jarmey, Ray Ridolfi, Wataru Ohashi. I strongly believe that “Energy is everything and Everything is Energy!“

Touching is healing and deep inside each one of us there is a little child that needs to be loved, cared for, nourished and touched, for this I consider touching a very serious and responsible task, through touching I can reach the very inner, spiritual, emotional side of people and where true healing can take place.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. The theoretical foundations of Shiatsu are rooted in Chinese medicine. Shiatsu is a holistic therapy, based on the same principles as acupuncture, but using the hands instead of needles. However very few people know that Shiatsu is not only finger pressure, it feeds the Nervous system, as well as rebalancing the flow of Energy (Ki) – drawing more of it into the needy parts of the body, or dispersing stagnation so that Ki can flow freely.

Have a great day Sal !!!


Mitch Mitchell & Billy Cox
of The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robby Krieger
Legendary Doors guitarist,
Eric Johnson,
David Hidalgo & Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos
with special performances by
Hubert Sumlin
Legendary Howlin' Wolf guitarist,
Chris Layton
From Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble,
Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Gales,
Mato Nanji


Sun, November 02 at 7:30PM in Los Angeles.


I would walk ten miles on broken glass to see this show. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

Burning candle at both ends (as usual)

Last night (Thursday) I massaged Gene Simmons (we watched the pathetic Republican Convention- what a crock of SHIT that was). Then directly after Jim Norton (comedian you see on most Comedy Central Roasts and you hear every morning if you get the Opy and Anthony show). I have known Jim, who wrote a book called "Happy Endings", for years. Hmmmm, he has never asked for one, so I wonder wtf that is about? lol. Jim is a self confessed massage WHORE, he gets them all the time, mostly from me, but if I am away, from my team or other therapists, he has to have them. 

I am so tired I am going to cry. It is 9am and I am STILL up. By the way,  Gene is in NYC because he just appeared on the Today Show. From Gene's blog:

GENE SIMMONS Keynote Speaker

   Heading out to NY to do the TODAY SHOW to promo my forthcoming Keynote Speech at the Annual AARP CONVENTION on September 6th in Washington DC, in front of 30,000 people.
   Then head off to Toronto on September 7th for a Charity Event hosted by Magna, the world's largest auto parts entity.



Gene is so fucking cool, omg!Oh, he turned me on to a show I have never heard of, probably because it's on the Cartoon Network lol, It's called Robot Chicken . WICKED FUNNY. 

The night before, I went and saw one of my best friends, Jonesy , do his live stand up comedy act at the EastVille Comedy club . He is there every Wednesday. Super funny!!! I predict Jonesy is going to be as big as Jim Carrey someday, mark my words. He is the fucking BOMB!! We are both New Englanders and have the same smart ass sense of humor. We bond!

I can't write anymore, I am falling asleep here. The sun is out, it looks like it will be another scorcher! Oh, last night in NYC, I saw numerous Cock Roachers! OMFG!! They are everywhere (so is garbage). I do miss the clean streets of Berlin right about now. I was talking to a woman on the street out side the hotel I I massaged Gene at, and a fucking Cock Roach landed on her neck. We both flipped out, hysterical, screaming, omfg!!!!! She said some of them can fly? Holy fuck, if it landed on me, I would have passed out. I loathe those seedy mother fuckers. 



My friend Chris Jagger will peform in the UK soon…

Chris is a sweet heart. It's hard being a musician when your big brother is Mick Jagger. Chris never asks for help and has his own cool style. His band is called "Atcha".

He is fantastic, I have known him for years and highly suggest checking out his band if you are in the area