Jeff Beck by Dr. Dot

The last time I saw and massaged Jeff was 2014 in Berlin. I went down to the ColumbiaHalle which I could have walked. This was the aprartment I got in 2008 and had sublet it in 2010 so I could lived tandemly between NJ and Berlin while my daughter studied in NYC. Then later in 2013, with my Son Desmond, I moved back to Berlin full time thinking I was going to raise him there, Meanwhile my daughter was still in NYC so I was alone in Berlin. ANYHOW, Jeff came to town and I was SUPER happy to see him again. He was very giddy around Me as always. I remember during the massage mentioning that I got a Hendrix tattoo since I saw him last and then our chat turned to Jimi. Then I mentioned how Jimi Hendrix was asked “how does it feel to be the worlds best guitarist?” and He said “I don’t know, you have to ask Jeff Beck” and Jeff said “wot!? WOT!??” He leaped off the massage table blushing and in shock. I said come on Jeff you never heard that? That’s why I adore you mate, you are SO humble. 

He got a massage before AND after the show. We got along so well. You can see how much I made him smile if you google “Jeff Beck on Dr. Dot” Here is the link:

He made a little video for me after the show, joking how he always has to keep one eye on the door in case my massage got too strong for him. I loved him so. Miss him SO much. I sat in my car crying my eyes out when I heard he had passed. Losing Jeff and Charlie Watts has really hurt my heart.