24 hour massage service Bulgaria

 Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Dara/Bulgaria” in subject line 🙂
I’m Dara from Sofia-Bulgaria. I am a former athlete Taekwon-do, and a professional, certified Massage Therapist with over 10 years of experience.

 Practicing Deep Tissue and Swedish massage from 5 years and the traditional Reiki Therapy of Mikao Usui from 1 year. Committed to offering
professional massages. Certified massage therapists, have multiple certificates
for the practice of over 10 types of massages. I love my job; I feel in place,
with all heart and soul in it. One beaming woman who smile and positive attitude
never leave it. I love the world and people around me.
My motto is: “When I work – rest and relax when I work!”
And these are the massages and treatments we offer at the moment:
Reiki Usui Shiki Rioho wit symbols (2-nd degree) and
Reiki Usui Rioho witout Symbols (1-st degree),
Touch therapy
Aroma Therapy
Sports massage
Deep tissue massage
Swedish massage (classical massage)
Egyptian massage (reflexology)
Honey Massage – Ukrainian technique,
Chocolate massage,
Bali massage
Lomi – Lomi massage
Jade Massage (Nephrite),
Lito therapy,

A little more about my technique and work…
My massage technique is difficult to determine as a western, it is more like a
hint of eastern west. Each massage is different it can not be expanse needful
for me because everyone is an individual with their individual feelings. Thus,
it is now when you start your massage you will feel that the technique of
Swedish massage sometime can be mixed with Hawaiian, Tibetan, Chinese or Thai.
As I said you’re different personality and my approach will be one individual to
each of you. The art of massage is my profession and I love to share it with my
clients. All these years I have worked exclusively as a personal masseuse of
past and present athletes, business people from politics and television. For me,
massage is not just a massage, and art, an indescribable experience for body and
mind to be experienced rather than described. I dare say that it offers the best
of my customers and they respond to me with their loyalty, as is mine to them
fair, loyal, accurate and discreet.
Welcome, take your smile, good humor and positive attitude, I’ll get your
relaxing experience immersing your atmofera soaked with flavors from oils and
perfumes east.
Come and try! Book your massage now!
Here’s what you suggest …
The magic of massage,
a perfect blend of bliss,
relaxation, pleasure and temptation.