24 hour massage service Columbus, Ohio

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Hello, I am Tammy from Columbus, Ohio and I have been providing therapeutic massage in Columbus and surrounding areas for 10 years. I specialize in providing deep tissue massage but provide Swedish, pregnancy and lymph drainage as well. I have been in the medical field for 20 years and learned additional bodywork techniques from the Osteopathic physician who inspired me to go to school for massage.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children and participating in various outdoor adventures. I am athletic and enjoy participating in sports as much as I enjoy watching college and professional sports.
I look forward to working with you.

24 hour massage service New Orleans, Louisiana

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I am a 2009 graduate of Delta College in Covington receiving my degree in Therapeutic Massage.  I’m in love with my career and enjoy being a part of a pain relief regimen for my clientele. I offer organic well-being through massage by performing massage techniques that range from Deep Tissue to Rebalancing, Swedish and Pain management. I also study and practice Myoskeletal Alignment and will be certified in this modality in the coming months. My intention in this line of work is to help my clients experience pain relief; health and vitality by empowering all that will listen to me. 😉 It’s amazing how being empowered can change the way we live and heal.

24 hour massage service Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Hey, I’m Kacey. I was born and raised on an island called Ketchikan, in Southeast Alaska. It is located near British Columbia. I have always been interested in eastern medicine. After high school I moved to North Carolina to pursue Massage Therapy. I studied in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have been living in the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville area for four years, and I have been practicing for three years. I love my job. It is important to me that I can do something where I am helping others, and they truly appreciate me for my work. My modalities include: Deep tissue massage,  relaxing swedish massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, trigger point,  shiatsu, therapeutic massage, and Russian medical massage. I also work on range of motion, and integrate stretching  into most of my massages. Many of my clients come to me for relief of their stress and anxiety, and natural pain management. I have a lot of spa experience, and I have been working with the entertainment industry for over a year. I travel for most of my work, and I am willing to travel around North and South Carolina.
     I currently attend cosmetology school. I aim to make people look better, and feel better about themselves. Next, I would like to become a yoga instructor. When I’m not working and going to school, I love to spend my time with friends and family, I have four brothers back home and a huge family I miss everyday. I love gardening, music, animals, and astrology. I also love art. I enjoy painting and pottery. I will happily do anything outdoors, especially hiking with my loved ones and my bulldog. Relaxing at the beach is my favorite, and I’m always into going camping or fishing.
    I would be happy to work with you. I will make you feel better, mentally and physically. I love working with and meeting new people. I am always up for a long drive or adventure. I hope to see you soon.

24 hour Chiropractic service Toronto/Canada

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I am a board certified chiropractor practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have over 2 years experience in dealing with a wide variety of conditions from athletic injuries to wellness related care. I am considered to be an expert in manual adjustment and soft tissue therapy. I am also a highly trained acupuncturist trained at McMaster University which is a world renowned program that attracts healthcare providers from all across North America. I was born and raised in Toronto where I graduated from York University with a Specialized Honours Degree in Kinesiology . I then went on to graduate from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  

I can assure you that I will provide your crew with the best possible evidence informed care available. I pride myself on being professional and always personable. Ask for me when your in town and you won’t be disappointed.

24 hour massage service New jersey

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Two years ago I decided to make a career change that would better my future as well as better the lives of others.  I stepped into the arena of health and fitness and I haven’t looked back since.  First I became a Certified Personal Trainer.  I enjoy helping my clients to meet their fitness goals.  Seeing them happy makes me happy.  Then I realized that nutrition and fitness were a combination.  One without the other is pretty much useless.  I needed to be able to give my clients nutrition advice so that they would not have to pay someone else for that portion of their goals so I earned my Holistic Health Coach Certification.  I added Certified Massage Therapist to my skillset because after a training session with me my clients are extremely sore.  My training clients appreciate the fact that they can get a soothing massage after a great workout.  I am their all in one coach.

I love my new career.  I can make the lives of people better with the use of all or just one of my new found talents.  Your happiness is my happiness!

24 hour chiropractic service New York

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I am  a lifelong New Yorker, currently living in Long Island with his wife and three children. I am  a graduate of the prestigious Life Chiropractic College. I have been an educator, lecturer and have 25 years clinical experience in all aspects of healthcare.
I am  licensed in New York and Connecticut and integrate soft tissue and hard tissue adjusting into the care of his patients. Whether I am seeing you for the first time or again you are my primary focus when we are together. Your time will be respected and your satisfaction is guaranteed.                                       

24 hour massage service Bangor, Maine

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Welcome to Maine.  My name is Nathan; I would be honored to be your massage therapist.  I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2006.  I was born and raised here in Maine.  I have traveled throughout the state and the rest of New England working as well as continuing my education.  Massage is my true passion and my life’s work.  I enjoy providing a service that has the potential to relax and heal the body, mind, and spirit.
Massage techniques I specialize in are:
    •    Deep tissue,
    •    Swedish,
    •    Myofascial Release,
    •    Sports Massage Pre/Post Event
    •    Pre-event is a light, fast paced energetic massage that gets the body warmed up and ready to go
    •    Post-event is slow paced deeper massage to bring the body down and bring fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles, a great way to rejuvenate
I have also trained in many other massage modalities that I incorporate into my massages.  
I am available throughout Maine.  I hope to hear from you when you are in the area.

24 hour massage service Munich, Germany

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My name is Cavina

I work with deep
tissue bodywork since i was nineteen, which is quite a time! Since 22
years I run my own Holistic-Health practice. My skills
-Deep Tissue Massage (I still hold a San Francisco License)
-Classical Homoeopathy
-Othomolecular medicine
I can be of big help in acute pain situations as well as in chronic
muscular disorders. Nevertheless I regard preventive measures, just
before stress takes over as the true luxury.
Just go ahead and use my longtime experience.
My English is o.k. since I was a Marin County, California resident for a few years.
Kind regards

24 hour massage service Salt Lake City, Utah

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Hi, I’m glad you are taking the time to get to know me!
My name is Lourenco, I’m originally from São Paulo –Brazil. Now I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m in love with health and fitness. Being an athlete myself I truly understand the importance of a healthy, strong and distressed body and this is one of the reasons why I decided to become a Massage therapist.
I got both of my degrees (Professional and Master Body worker) at The Utah College of Massage Therapy (ranked among the top/ best schools in the nation) and graduated among the 3 top students of my class.  My strengths include: Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, and Structural Integration, to name a few.
 Straight from school I had the privilege to work for the professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake, and it confirmed to me that I had made the right choice investing over 1000 hours in my education! I continued my journey working with an extensive varied of athletes ranging from “weekend warriors” all the way to NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLS, MMA, and YOU GET THE POINT! I had extreme success among them all! However, life still had some surprises for me.  I moved from Utah to Nevada to join a Top Chiropractor’s team and a top end spa (recently ranked by Forbes as a 5-star spa in 2011). To top it off I joined Dr. Dot’s team and I know this journey can only get better! Working for these people has increased even more my satisfaction on my ability to provide an extraordinary massage to all kinds and levels of people!
I know you are curious to know HOW GOOD I REALLY AM so now it is the time to find out! Just contact us to book your massage today. I’ll make you feel like a million dollars!!!