24 hour massage service Wilmington, North Carolina

 Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Andrea/Wilmington” in subject line 🙂
Hi, I’m Andrea. I’m a woman of many talents and it seems Massage Therapy is the best one so far. My work as a Med Mal Paralegal really pays the bills but my work in massage feeds the soul.  Miraculously my degree in music puts a lyrical spin on everything and keeps this right-left brain dance of mine in tune.  I studied vocal performance back in the 90’s but didn’t have the cojones to get out of my small town so I had to get a “real job”.  After working lawsuits with the sick, injured, dead or bereaved for almost a decade I knew it was time to do something before my soul hardened completely. As a life long chorus girl I always loved the pre-performance warm ups where we turned and rubbed the shoulders of our fellow singers. I was always moved by my grateful recipient’s response.  From a young age I knew there was really something special about massage. A few years ago, on a wing and a prayer I started night classes and devoured every bit of information I could about this ancient art of healing. I am now a better person for it.  There is NOTHING like a good massage and you will roll off my table happy. I have uncanny focus.  You’ll be able to feel that focus as I search for the unrest in your muscles and joints to help sooth and promote your own body’s ability to heal itself.  You can trust me and my hands (forearms, elbows…) to work out the tough stops and smooth out the rest.  I truly love what I do and am so very grateful to help others in such an incredible way.
Many blessings…  Andrea/NC (your Dot Bot)