Massage in San Francisco, California

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Born and raised in NYC, Shanti now lives in San Francisco. Trained in different corners of the globe, she has an eclectic background of studies she uses in her massage work. Acupressure, reflexology, Swedish, Chinese Medicine studied at a graduate level, and a Master's in Somatic Psych (which is the nitty gritty connection of mind-body-psyche) are all integrated into her practice. Really able to tune into a client, Shanti has a holistic approach specifically tailored to the individual's unique needs.

Due to her skills, Shanti has also worked and been hired for her special touch to help out with feral, undersocialized, aggressive and frightened animals and has been successful in getting animals especially felines comfortable and craving human touch. She also puts abandoned shelter dogs at ease with massage.

Touch is powerful and grounding and is often what is missing when we are running around so stressed on the road or in our daily lives making a living. She has worked with humans and animals in these modalities for over a decade….