Massage in Dresden, Germany

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Hello I'm Hanni and I'd like to welcome you in the Dresden area!

I'm a certified physiotherapist since 2002, but what's important in order to
be a good therapist, I learned during numerous treatments from my patients.

To give a really good treatment you need to know more than the mere anatomy
and physiology of a human body.

You have to feel what a person needs at the current moment and – even more
important –

be able to precisely treat this case.

With a little pride I can tell you that I'm really good in feeling into
somebody's needs and handle it carefully.

Most of my clients tell me, they feel sheltered and secure as soon as I get
my hands on them.

Above that, I do have very strong and persistent fingers that enable me to
get all your tensions and muscular tension away very thoroughly.

I'm a certified therapist for Functional Muscle Therapy, Progressive Muscle
Relaxation, Traditional Thai-massage, Foot Reflexology, Ayurveda and
Ayurvedic Baby and Pregnancy Care (which I learned in India) and several
other therapies.

So whether you want to regain your strength, get you sore body soothed, take
a well-deserved break or just get the tension out of your muscles I'd be
happy to help you.