Massage in Berlin

Email me at: and put "Oliver/Berlin" to reach me fastest.  I speak German, English and Italian.


Hi, my name is Oliver. Im born 1979 in New Haven/USA. I live in Germany since I was five years old. I raised in Bavaria and live in Berlin for 10 years now. I began my career in Germany in becoming a Reikimaster 1999 and studied a little time later, what we call in Germany a 'Heilpraktiker'. This is similarly to the Naturopathist in USA. After successfully completing a four year taking education of school medicine, herbs, homoepathics, akupuncture, shiatsu and classical massage I decided to concentrate more on the body work. I love it, because you have direct responses and relievement comes immediately.

Feeling the tension of the muscles while working on them, stretching and pressing where the pain is, adjusting the joints, that's where you come right to the point. There's no need for big explanations and understandings, its just the body of the patient and my hands which work together to find a solution for the problem. Wether it's a diffuse or a well-defined pain, wether its just exhaustion or a concrete issue ('…which is in the tissue'). There can be help. My Massage-Technics are Shiatsu, TuiNa, Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Stretching and Classical Massage. Also Foot-Reflex-Massage, Ear-massage and Cupping.