Help protect the last 100 remaining Ocelots

Help protect the last 100 remaining Ocelots from the Threats Posed by a Border Fence


There are between 85 and 100 remaining in the Texas area This Fall, Homeland Security plans to build hundreds of miles of fencing between Texas and Mexico. This fence has grave consequences for the small populations of Ocelots that still remain.

Speak out now for the protection of the endangered Ocelot!

Many Ocelots travel from Texas into Mexico for water and to breed, and this fence will almost definitely disrupt this natural migration and could threaten the last remaining Ocelots.

An environmental impact statement released by the Department of Homeland Security stated, "Habitat loss and fragmentation especially along the Rio Grande pose a critical threat to the long-term survival of the ocelot. Efforts are underway to preserve key habitat and biological corridors necessary for ocelot survival."

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