Rod Stewart, Barbara Schoeneberger & Simon Cowell blog ;)

As you can see from the date on the backstage pass below, I have been really busy. So busy, a month has gone and I haven’t blogged properly. I’ve felt full, like when you eat too much, but my head is the full bit; full of blogs (full of shit?), so I am up, blogging, when I should be sleeping, to get rid of all this info rolling around my mind.  

Have you seen “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? How the prayers build up and distract him? That’s how it is if I don’t write. It gets too loud and chaotic in my head.

Rather embarrassed to say, that I think the whole tonsil operation was a mistake. I thought, since the Doctors told me, they have to come out, meant, having them out would cure everything and I’d feel perfect. Seems now that instead of getting a sore throat, it just goes deeper (any infection) to the lungs. I have another lung infection (well, Berlin mostly heats with nasty COAL, so the air here is like a whore’s heart; dirty, really cold and moist. 

I went out Thanksgiving night (will blog about THAT asap) and have been basically in bed since. I have a lot to catch up on, so..moving right along….

Peter, the tour manager of Rod Stewart is a mate of mine, even though I haven’t seen him since the Jeff Beck show. He had me come to the Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin to set up and offer massages at my first ever Rod Stewart show. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen him live since that night. I was waaay into Rod before I even had any pubic hair. I thought he was the sexiest mother fucker on earth, and I didn’t even really have a grasp yet what sexy was. Hearing him made me tingle inside; I was a fan. I mean, I’ve always loved Zappa and the Beatles, but Rod and Mick Jagger, were objects of my desire…tsk tsk.  Watching Rod on TV sing “do ya think I’m sexy” turned me into a horn dog, ditto with Mick singing “Start me up” on Mtv. I admit it, go ahead and laugh. 


I massaged the band and several roadies as well. One, named Bruce, was about 6 foot 8 inches tall, hung out with me and watched the show after his massage. He’s been on the road with Rod for years and years. Big sweet heart.

Bruce, Rod’s loyal carpenter/roadie ^ 

One of the back up singers was 7 months pregnant, but I only noticed it towards the end of the show. I gave her a foot massage for free after the show, as a tiny gift. Rod takes really good care of his crew, band and managers. I heard it’s the plushest tour one can be on, as in, one day off in between every show, which is fucking great if you are touring. The catering was the fucking bomb too. These folks got it good 😉

;Rod put on a fantastic show. It was funny as hell to see so many German men dressed up like Rod in the first few rows. Extreme fans who donned his hair color/cut and the same style of clothing too. 

Still charming and handsome after all those years..and that voice. Oooh la-la. 

I didn’t get a picture with Rod, sadly. He “gets bored hanging about backstage” as his manager Lars told me, so he leaves the venue the second the show is over. I was lucky enough, though, to get a signed Football (ok, soccer ball for the yanks) from him 🙂

After the show, a friend and I went to a birthday party I was invited to from my girlfriend Betty Deluxe (not pictured). 

If you click HERE you can see Betty in action on stage recently, dressed in blue, dancing on stage with Mika.  I have no idea why I didn’t snap any shots of the birthday girl…probably because she was so surrounded by her gay friends, I couldn’t get a picture of her even if I tried 😉

ANYWAYS, two of my other friends were there. Barbara Schoeneberger, who is Germany’s cutest, funniest and SMARTEST TV moderator and Andre’ Rival, my favorite photographer.

I just went to Youtube and searched “Barbara Schoeneberger” and was pleasantly surprised when I found a video of me on her talk show at the top of the page:

This interview took place in 2000, when she had a show called “Blondes Gift” which means “Blond poison” in German. I was wearing head to toe RUBBER. Sweating my ass off. lol. Anyways,  I LOVE Barbara. She is fucking gorgeous, loves younger men, has ridiculously beautiful breasts and is smart as a fucking whip. Her show was called Blond Poison because she normally ripped her guests a second asshole. She is cheeky as, well, me. We got along perfect, so she was really nice to me; plus, why be mean when I am massaging your feet, right?

  < yum yum, two’s better than one

After a couple glasses of wine, well, Barbara and I get kinda friendly. Andre’ Rival took this shot of us, he was in heaven. 

Look how cute she is! She is not only a HUGE TV star, she sings too and is going on tour very soon. Click HERE   to see her web site and hear her voice.

Andre’ ^ has taken LOADS of pictures of me. I posed naked for him for his book (naked celebrities under his oak tree) which was a first for me (well, apart from the body painting thingy). He is so fucking funny, I call him the Woody Allen of Photography. He has photographed so many presidents and stars, he is probably Germany’s best photographer. Love him (and his wife too). She is also a photographer and was there at the party too, but she is rather shy.

Andre’, Olaf Hajek (famous illustrator) and Barbara. What great night. Berlin can be so fun sometimes. I run into people I know whenever I leave the house, guess I know more people here then I do in the US. Well, I know a lot of folks there too but they are so spread out you know?

 I recently went to London to massage one of my favorite clients of all time, Simon Cowell. Let me tell you, the man does NOT count pennies. He goes ALL out and spoils everyone around him. Almost all rich people I know, are penny pinchers, tight wads, but not Simon. He is THE BIG SPENDER. He is hands down, the most generous client/star I have ever massaged. My flight, hotel, all my food, room service, etc was all paid (I never even see the bill) and there was a mercedes car with driver waiting outside for me whenever I wanted to go anywhere. Business class flight too. Simon insists on the best. He fucking RULES! 


Simon fucking RULES!  ^ 

  < My hotel

 I was put up in the Baglioni hotel in London, directly across from Hyde park. I was being nosy and asked the front desk how much my suite cost and they said “500 pounds per day Madam”. Daaam. I am not snobby, could have stayed at a cheaper place, but hey, I won’t say no. When I checked in the room wasn’t ready yet (I got there at 10am). So I sat at the bar and worked on my lap top and the manager there asked me if I was there for the Who. eh? No, why? The Who were having a party in my hotel that night for their new dvd they just released. You won’t believe this, but I missed the party. I massaged Simon from 10 pm to 12 midnight and when I got back, the party was over. LONDON bores the FUCK out of this night owl. WTF!!????

< Across from my hotel

I have to think of the Stones song ‘Street Fighting Man’

“But what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock n roll band
cause in sleepy london town
Theres just no place for a street fighting man

 SLEEPY LONDON TOWN indeed! No wonder my mate Joe Jackson moved to Berlin from London. Not only is smoking banned (which I love) BUT, you can’t go out after MIDNIGHT! There is NOTHING open. Ok, there are a few cheesy, and I mean CHEESY night clubs with crappy pop/techno music and people who are dying to be important, but they too close at 2 am. HOWEVER, I did find a and I mean A, as in, the ONLY restaurant that is open 24 hours a day called “Vingt-Quatre” on 325 Fulham road. I have been there a couple years ago when I was in town for Sting at Live 8. They serve everything and it’s great quality. Expensive as fuck, but I don’t mind. I gladly give out big bucks for good food anytime. Don’t give a toss about designer clothes, jewelry or cars, but food and music, now they are important to me. 

< Nice folks I met at the 24 hour place

Anyways, I didn’t see much of London, as I slept all day, jogged, ate, massaged Simon, then there was nothing open after. Great. But I earned WELL and got treated like a fucking queen, AGAIN, from Simon and his assistant Ali. I am extremely grateful. Love you Simon!  Anyone who talks shit about Simon, simply hasn’t met him. He is a fucking gentleman; a sweet heart with a massive sense of humor.

I feel ok now, got a lot off my mind, going to the lung doctor AGAIN. I leave for NYC again in a couple weeks..”start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York” yeah baby!