Bitchfest last night

 Bitchfest (my band) played a tiny gig last night in Strausberg, Germany. Click HERE to see the place. It's called Ku-Stall. Used to be a cow farm, where they bread, slaughtered cows I guess. The backstage area was nicer than where we usually play (White Trash in Berlin). We were treated soooo well. The area reminded me a lot of where I went to hgih school for my 11th & 12th grade (Ellington & Rockville CT). Farms everywhere, fresh air, everyone knows each other and they are bored out of their fucking heads so they all drink like there's no tomorrow each weekend. 


Vitri and Danielle workin' the MIC  ^

< Vitri backstage

Keeping warm before the show..

 It took us an hour to drive there. We had a fucking blast. This was my first show since having my tonsils removed, it's been two months exactly. It did affect my singing, my throat felt dry really fast and well, I think it will take a bit longer to heal before my pipes are in perfect working condition again. Anyhow, we got some footage of our rehearsal (above ) and some silly pics from backstage. 

We were joking how tidy we kept the dressing room and how we weren't drinking until after the show. How easy it must be for touring rock stars to slip into taking drugs due to the fucking boredom of waiting backstage for the show to begin.. glad I'm not a rock star ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vitri is so light, I can carry her around and not even notice