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So, nothing has happened since I "caught" the guy who attacked me, as in, no further steps. My lawyer said "give me a few days" and the cops will apparently send me a letter when they feel like it. Not holding my breath, as I know dam well nothing will happen to the guy, except MAYBE a fine. Thing is, I am almost certain I will run into the violent prick at my grocery store, as it's the only one near by and even the evil have to stuff their pie hole. 

That giant kiss above is what will be on the back of my upcoming Dr. Dot t-shirts. No, I am not going all Wall Mart on you, I get A LOT of emails/messages from folks asking me if they can buy a Dr. Dot t-shirt. This has been going on for a few years now, so I finally decided to do something about it. I found a Frank Zappa fan online,  named Mark who owns his own t-shirt business and he is an amazing artist and graphic designer. I want to have my hand prints on the front, as if I was grabbing your breast, and above it, it will say "Dr. Dot was here". On the back, are my lips. I put on a heavy coat of red lipstick and kissed a piece of paper and scanned it in high res. and sent it to him and that's the color he sent back. Not sure how the red got turned to pink but he says pink looks better, but I think we will have both available. So, in a couple weeks there will be a banner on my myspace page and web site, and if you want a shirt, you just click on it and presto. Mark will send you one (sorry, I don't have any more time to go to the post office, I barely find time to sleep or wank).

Last night SUCKED. I wanted to massage Damien Rice but they had just had two days off and (1) didn't need/want any and (2) there wasn't enough time even if they did. I was REALLY wanting to massage him, LOVE his voice, but if that isn't bad enough, the BITCHY German promoters LOVE to flex their power muscle as often as possible (in between sniffing lines) and were absolute PRICKS to me. They HATE Americans and let me know about it every time our paths cross. That president of mine has made it hard for us Yanks to go anywhere outside of the states without being loathed. Yeah, yeah, Americans suck, we know, now FUCK OFF and stop watching the Simpson's dubbed in your language and stop wearing Levis, eating at Mc Donald's and Pizza Hut if you REALLY hate all things YANK.  Get over it. I've lived off and on in Europe for almost 18 years, so obviously I am an open minded Yank and if anyone has a problem with Mr. Bush, write him a fucking letter, "we" as in, us yanks, are not your whipping post. K?

Even though yesterday was shit, today more than made up for it, ten fold. I got a call to go and massage Maroon 5's singer, Adam Levine. Tough job, but someone has to slave over his hot body, so I agreed ๐Ÿ™‚ His manager is great, he uses my massage team all over the world and finally, he got a massage from the boss. He was only supposed to get an hour, as the record label big wigs were going to take him out to din din at 7pm, but the massage ended up being a 2 hour massage as he kept saying "don't ever stop", which is music to my ears. I really LOVE my job and massaging him is an absolute pleasure. Amen. 

Naturally when we went to the lobby, the German record label folks were not amused with me, as they all knew he was late because Dr. Dot was massaging him. Oh well, he is worth the wait. He told me to stick around as he wanted another massage after dinner. His manager said "I am sure he didn't mean it." and Adam heard that and turned around and said "I will be on that table again later!". I was loving this of course. I met a few other members of the band, then they all left for the restaurant.

Shai and I were having some drinks with the manager in the hotel bar and she and I left for some grub, but by the time the starters came, I was texted and asked to return as Adam wanted another 30 minutes. It hadn't even been an hour, so he was obviously not in the mood to hang out all night and hob nob with the Executives. The 30 minute massage turned into another 2 hour massage and no, I never get tired. Would YOU get tired massaging amazing artists? Especially such a handsome one. I only know two songs of Maroon 5 and I think they are pretty good. The singer is what makes the band so popular; he has a lot of charisma and a kick ass voice. Hear me swoon. I didn't feel it was the right time to ask him to pose for a picture, but I did get him to sign a picture I printed out. They are coming again soon to Berlin so I will see them again here or back in the states. Shai is a big fan, she loved meeting them too. yay! 

Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day and us gals will ROLL!

maroon 5 autograph for Dr. Dot

^  "You're the Best!

Adam Levine"



Happy St. Patrick's Day x