Happy Holidays from Dr. Grinch


How is Berlin? Grey, cold, moist, dark at 3:15pm every day. The people on the streets can’t afford to smile, you know the same ol’ scene it always is, December in Berlin. However, in my flat, there is roaring laughter and loud music filling the air. Jasmine and I are having a great time. It is really ODD being in Berlin and living around the corner from Petra’s house and not seeing here though.  I have bust out in tears a few nights (when Jasmine is out with her pals) , but other than that, all is well. My other best friends, Andrea and Martina make it feel good to be back here.

Internet and phones make it possible for me to be anywhere and keep in touch, but seeing Jasmine can only be done here and in person, so it looks like I will be spending more time here in the new year. She will be 18 (YIKES!!!!) in June 2007, and then who knows where she will wander to. If she chooses NYC, then I will continue over there, but no one can predict the future. I will spend most of my time here in Berlin and visit NYC, as opposed to the other way around. I have my career going well over there in NYC, so I don’t have to be there 24/7 and if anything big comes up I will just pop over.

My Dad just made my day. He sent me 4 ZAPPA cd’s. Waka Jawaka, Hot Rats, The Grand Wazoo and Shut up ‘n Play yer Guitar! I have all of these on cassettes (remember those?). I have about 500 cassettes under my bed in NYC but never use them. Now I have them on CD, YAY!!! Life is grand! What a cool DAD!

We have NO Christmas decorations in my house, but there are presents. Jasmine doesn’t like the whole Holiday thing either, so it’s not just me. Be nice to each other and have a great meal, but why stress over buying things and rushing all for one day? All of my pals are exhausted and moaning that they have spent too much, this is why I am a grinch. All that pressure isn’t good for anyone. We just cook, listen to good music and chill.

Anyhow, Jasmine and I are off to the Picasso Exhibition, I wish you fun and as little stress as possible for the Holidays..



ps. There has been talk of marriage, woah!