Europe bound, again


Oh so busy lately, and now I am getting ready for my regular trip to Berlin, Germany again. I fly there on Oct. 2nd and return on Oct 29th. Jasmine gave me a list of which cds she wants me to burn for her:  Physical Graffiti (Led Zepp), The White Album (Beatles), Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking (Roger Waters), Relics (Pink Floyd), Obscured by Clouds (Pink Floyd). I thought she already had all of these, guess not. So I am busy playing DJ at home. So happy she has a good taste in music 😀

My column will start to appear in a popular New York newspaper starting in a couple weeks, so I am happy about that, yay! I don’t want to say which one yet, as it’s bad luck to speak about unhatched eggs.

NYC is awesome right now, still very warm and humid, everyone running around with smiles on their faces, it’s amazing, I love this place (even though the stench of trash is overwhelming in the heat).EW! Thinking about going to Georgia for Turkey day, haven’t been down there for a couple years, but now that my Dad is living in the USA again, I need to go and raise some hell with the fam damily 😉

I feel very restricted lately with my blog, it apparently pisses a lot of people off, which makes it a fucking drag to write. I want to be free to say what I want, but keep getting threats and people pissing and moaning to me. What a drag! Gag orders galore… booooo! As I write this the song ” I want to break free” by Queen plays in my head 🙂

Need a vacation? There is the “Ultimate Hippie Vacation” for sale on EBAY. My pal Glen, the drummer of Project Object pointed this out to me, I have to share it. Click HERE