Ask Dr. Dot

‘Ello Dr. Dot,

I moved to NYC 2 years ago from London. My girlfriend moved here to join me, but our relationship soured as my flat is too small and she didn’t know anyone, so suddenly, I was her only source of entertainment. We got along fine in the UK because she had her own place and life! I love her but we split up and now she is heading home to the UK again. Did I do the rite thing in ending it?

Englishman in New York

Dear Englishman,

Funny you mention that, as I know from my own experience, that when one leaves a country for someone else, it is never the same again AND a tiny flat will kill most relationships. It was her own fault that she couldn’t mingle and make a new life. What’s done is done and what’s meant to be will be. No use in crying over spilt milk. English in NY? You should be thinking “NEXT!”.

Dear Dr. Dot,

I am married now but my old crush from high school just found me per internet and I feel like I may be headin towards an affair. He and I had such chemistry in school I have to find out if it is still there. Will I go to hell for that? If not, can you give me some ideas on how to pull this off smoothly?

Mrs. Fling

Dear Mrs. Fling,

I said this once, and I will say it again, just because you love one, doesn’t mean you have to hate all the rest. If you simply must find out, meet up with him but don’t tell him your address or home phone number. I doubt it would be leaving your husband for, as reheated soup never tastes as good as it did the first time you cooked it. If you have a cell phone, never answer it in front of your husband, keep it on silent and never leave it around for him to snoop. You don’t want to hurt him with your fling. And, of course, if it gets hot with your old flame, avoid hickeys and  use a rubber, otherwise there could be loads of trouble heading your way. Enjoy the passion; just be wise and discreet, like men do when they cheat 😉

Dr. Dot