Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot .. I’m involved in a long distance relationship with a clingy, needy girl .. It’s like all the shitty stuff without the sex .. And it’s starting to really suck !!!

Anyway she’s coming to visit me at the end of the month; the ticket is bought and paid for.. My question is, should I cut her loose now or wait till she’s gone home????

Thank you in advance for your wonderful advice!!
Itchy fingers QUEENS

Dear Itchy Fingers,

You must be bored out of your friggin MIND to even maintain such a relationship, get a life. On the serious side, break it off NOW before she comes. Be true to yourself and just tell her you have a change of heart and you think it’s best she doesn’t come. Get some BALLS. Why waste time? Letting her go after would make KARMA search and destroy you.

Dr. Dot

Dr. Dot,

I am only attracted to “taken” men. Funny thing is, when I get them, I don’t want them anymore. This is a never ending problem, an endless hunger. I feel like I have an eating disorder, but at the other end. I am never satisfied. SOS.

Shannon   Upper East Side, Manhattan


I am guessing you don’t have many female friends. I am personally not against people being promiscuous, but mowing someone else’s grass is a no-no. It is basically raining meat in NYC; why not find your very own steak? I bet you are very unhappy in your career/job; you lack challenge and therefore find it in the game of love. Take a long hard think about your career, are you entertained? If not, work on that instead of everyone else’s man. Would you want it done to you? There is your answer.

Dr. Dot