Ask Dr. Dot ( for ‘Steppin’ Out’ Magazine )

 Hey Dr,

 Where was your column last week? Slacking off already I see. Missed ya.

 Chuck P.   


 I was busy wanking and forgot all about the mag. Not really. I have been  in Germany since October 

 2nd, and got confused; what with all that sauerkraut and yelling. I won’t let it happen again.


 Dear Dr. Dot,

 My wife always takes too long getting ready (one thing you forgot in the Things men hate about 


 No matter how much of a warning I give her, she makes us late for everything! What the hell!?


 Dear Frank,

 I am also guilty of this nasty crime. The only thing that seems to work on me, a serial tardy gal, is 

 LIE to her. If the appointment is for 5pm, tell her it’s for 4pm. Be very sly about it so she never 

 catches on. Be vague and change the subject fast if she confronts you. Some white lies save Asses.


 Dear Dr. Dot,

 I am too young (15) for this magazine, but I read it every week anyways. What can I dress as for  

 Halloween? I want to look hot, but not too slutty. Answer ASAP!

 Rachel L. 


 You naughty little wench. How about a sexy nurse, but not with those porn star heels, just cute  

white nurse shoes, or how about a mild version of Elvira, queen of darkness. You could also be a 

cute cat with a black cat suit but no cleavage, in other words, if you go tight, then no cleavage. Don’t 

do tight, short and cleavage, chose one hot angle and keep the rest rated G. Keep in mind it’s 

freezing and your feet will hurt, so heels will be hell.


 Dr. Dot