Mr. Big from Sex and the City (and last weeks pic’s)

Above, Rachel and Jasmine with an a patriot? man in Boston. Below, the  famous Quincy Market.

Above, Robyn, who looks great even after have cried all day over a man who doesn’t know how good he had it. That is us in a taxi on the way to the hotel where I massaged Paul Stanley. Below, the Kiss groupies I mentioned in last weeks blog. I think they are cute. Famous 4 

Above, Hannah, Rachel and Jasmine in bed at Uncle Jacks (after they saw the hold up). The other shot is Jasmine and I. Jasmine HATES to have her photo taken Blushy. Below, our beloved Betsy (left) and Jasmine. Betsy has been a mom for me for the last 20 years or so and I love her madly for that.

I told you I did that radio show last week for WCCC in CT, well, the guy below is the night time DJ, he calls himself Rick the Fluffer and is 22 years old. He is the son of Laurie, a very good pal of mine (read back a week). He has the deepest voice since Barry White, it makes the girls tremble with excitement- really. Oh, and he is taken, so don’t ask.

The guy below with the exotic mustache is John. He and I have been Frank Zappa pen pal friends for a few years now. Next to him, the recently free from jail Uncle Billy, who is holding my pit bull Frankie. Everybody’s got one of those Uncles I suppose. Next picture is Frankie, isn’t he GORGEOUS!? Dog 5


Satu, who is here visiting me for a week, wanted to have her picture taken in Times Square, so I pulled my car  over  Low Rider   and as soon as we got out, a bunch of drunken Irish guys crowed around us and wanted in on the photo session. The second guy from the left, who is mostly hidden, really adored Satu (and vice versa). Let me tell you ladies, if you live somewhere where there are more females then males and you want a man, get your ass to NYC, it is literally raining men.   Raining Hearts   Satu tells me this never happens in Helsinki, where she lives, so she is really enjoying herself. I guess she will take a few guys back with her for her friends too.  Hysterical 


For me, the highlight of the whole weekend  was DEFINATELY meeting Chris Noth, AKA MR.BIG!! All of us Sex and the City fans all know very well who he is. Joy, Satu and I all went out to eat tonight at Elaine’s, upper east side of Manhattan (wicked expensive by the way) and we were loud and raising hell and suddenly, the guy at the table next to us, turned around and moved his eyebrows up and down at us  Brows   just like he does on the show and my jaw dropped open and I said Mr. BIG! I know, it is so uncool to be star stuck and you would think I am the last person to be like that, but sometimes I am and I didn’t care. Satu and I moved over to their table and chatted to the guys, I think one of them is his brother, if you look closely at the guy on the left in the second photo, you will see the resemblance. Anyhow, Satu and I were both giving him (Chris) a tiny rub down, he said his back is killing him and I gave him my number, so maybe he will get a massage soon  Yes 

I am madly into Sex and the City, you know that, so this is a treat. Now if I could only get my hands on Carrie  Winky