“So Fresh and so clean” Two new Dr. Dot Assistants

I am PROUD to introduce Kati, my new CT/ NY area Massage Assistant. Kati is as strong as she looks.

She is extremely educated in healing the body and not just humans bodies, she heals animals as well! Kati is a non smoking, no bullshit kind of woman. Punctual and honest, I feel safe to leave you in Kati’s hands.

Let me know if you need a treatment next time you are in CT or NY. Read all about her below:

My name is Katie and I am a nationally certified massage therapist. I am licensed in the states of New York and Connecticut. I have a private practice in Greenwich, Connecticut and lower Westchester County, NY.
I approach massage from an integrative perspective incorporating aspects of both eastern and western modalities into my massage sessions. I am proficient at Swedish/relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and Reiki level 1. I am currently in the process of earning my certification in reflexology. I am also certified in equine and canine massage.

   Music has been an integral part of my life. I have very eclectic tastes ranging from blue grass to jazz to punk to classic rock and most everything in between. I have toured with the Grateful Dead, been to most of the lollapalooza festivals, heard many amazing fringe bands in clubs, and seen my fair share of mosh pits. Perhaps the only thing I love as much as music is travel. I have toured North America, Europe, India, Nepal, and many islands. In the course of my travels I have really enjoyed experiencing the local music and culture.

   Dr. Dot’s massage business seemed like a perfect fit for me. It melds two of my favorite things, music and massage. I feel fortunate to be a part of her team.


Hello and greetings from Berlin!

I want to introduce Maren, a strong, talented Massage/Physio-Therapist from Hamburg. If you and your entourage are heading towards Hamburg, please let me know and I will have Maren healing you with her powerful hands in no time at all!

So folks, meet Maren

 and read more about her below-

cheers 🙂 


 Hi, my name is Maren. I am 27 and come from a small town near Hamburg, in Northern Germany.After College, I  completed my education courses with flying colors and I am now a registered Physio Therapist.

I moved to Hamburg and worked in a clinic as a Physio Therapist for a long time. I became bored and saw a chance to combine my two passions, Music and Massage. Now I work for a company that  produces music for body, mind and aerobics. I practice massage there and I am constantly quenching my thirst to learn by taking more courses. I do Lymph-drainage massage, Classic Massage, Sport and Recuperation Massage. I have also completed courses in Sport Physio Massage and Aqua-jogging. I am almost finnished with my Pilates course as well.

Two years ago, I was reading a sports magazine here in Germany and read an article about Dr. Dot. Then I went to her web site and was very impressed by her concepts and ideas.Since then I have seen Dr. Dot in several Talk shows.

I wrote to her and went to Berlin to do the Massage Audition in March 2004. She allowed me to massage her and prove how good I was. I am now a very proud member of the Dr. Dot Team and look forward to massaging you when you come to Hamburg.


Hi, mein Name ist Maren. Ich bin 27 Jahre alt und in Norddeutschland in der Nähe von Hamburg geboren. Nach dem Abitur habe ich eine Ausbildung zur Physiotherapeutin gemacht und mit Auszeichnung abgeschlossen.

Ich bin nach Hamburg-City gezogen und habe dort in einer Privatklinik  als Physiotherapeutin gearbeitet.


Mit der Zeit wurde es mir dort zu langweilig und ich habe die Chance bekommen meine beiden Leidenschaften , Musik und Massage miteinander zu kombinieren. Ich arbeite jetzt bei MOVE YA!, eine Firma, die Aerobic- und Body & Mind – Music produziert, und bin freiberuflich als Physiotherapeutin tätig. Mein Wissensdrang ist kaum zu stillen und ich bin immer dabei mich fortzubilden. Neben der klassischen Massage, mache ich Lymphdrainage, Regenerations- und Sportmassagen.

Außerdem habe ich Kurse in Sportphysiotherapie und Aquajogging absolviert.

Seit diesem Jahr unterrichte ich auch Pilatesstunden.


Vor 2 Jahren habe ich in einer Fitnesszeitschrift zum ersten mal über Dr.Dot einen Artikel gelesen. Daraufhin habe ich ihre Homepage besucht und war von ihrer Idee beeindruckt. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich immer mal wieder von ihr gelesen oder sie in einer Talkshow gesehen.


Nachdem ich sie nun in Berlin kennengelernt habe, sie massieren durfte und von ihr noch wieder dazugelernt habe, bin ich stolze Assistäntin im Team von Dr. Dot

So, as you can see, I have been busy taking care of business here in Berlin. The last two days were gorgeous here in Berlin, but I couldn’t enjoy them much being so ill. I have a bacterial lung infection – which I got on the dam plane here! (and the slipped disc is getting better with time). I am on anti-biotics now, so it will only be a few more days of this coughing and laying around like a handi-capped monk.

Jasmine is doing great, learning ‘Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd on guitar and kicking ass in school. She has a 13 year old boy friend now called Leon. I met him a few times already and I approve. Clean cut, preppie looking, tall and very cute. Also, very German. He doesn’t  go to the same school as she does, but lives fairly close. He doesn’t smoke and is super polite. Guess he turns 14 pretty soon.

Moving right along.

My manager and the President of that particular company that produces TV shows ( still can’t say which one) wants me to ask you this:

If you could buy some products of mine, from  my site, what would you buy? I know that sounds so AMWAY, but I have to ask. Once I get some replies, I can tell them and then I get a TV show, so do me a favor, drop me an email and tell me what you would want to see for sale.

I suggested the following: A Dr. Dot “How to massage” DVD and a “How to do your own make up like a pro” DVD, ( naturally they would be loaded with laughs and rock stars)

Also, several Massage oils, cremes and gels 😉   How about my own make up line? Clothing line ( comfy clothing, to massage in, do yoga in, roller blade in). Snotty bumper stickers, my love/sex books, rock star diary, special massage tables made for women with BIG breast and or a preggy tummy?

If you don’t know my email adress, it is: drdot@drdot.com

I would be grateful for any feed back and as I was told, this is the last thing holding them up for getting me a half hour show. Aparently, they make more $$ from merchendising ( like the pop and rock stars do) then the actual show. Ho hum, if that’s what it takes, give me a hand please.

I am staying here now until April 14th, staying longer than planned as usual. I was going to describe to you how last Friday went in that karaoke bar, but it was SO horrible and SO smokey, you wouldn’t believe me. You would get angry reading it, so lets just say fuggetaboutit.

I have been surviving on my Sex and the City dvds, I have all 6 seasons now, and they keep me laughing!

Love from Berlin

Dr. Dot

ps. The group Chicago is extremely under-rated. They are fabulous!!