Strange Resemblance

No, it’s not MY burger. As if! My ass isn’t that boney and I don’t do clam/cheese burger shots. I am sure to get flack for this from my conservative friends, yes, I have conservative friends, but I have to have some artistic/humorous outlet or I will start to go insane. I have been getting a lot of whiney emails that I don’t Blog enough, but I have BOOKS to write and edit. I ponder cleaning up my FOR MEN ONLY book, omitting the swear works ( I don’t really want to as swearing is so fun, especially during Christmas time ( or insert your religious Holiday here). But , alas, I take the advice from the slightly older and wiser female friends of mine, Andréa and Betsy, who insist if I am to go mainstream ( think Ophra) that my swearing slang won’t fly.

If I can help more people by going mainstream (and earn more money) then I have to conform now don’t I. So this naughty cheese burger is a rebellious statement before I settle down and behave. I posed for AP (associated press you dummy) on Monday and did