Beauty Tips and more photos to annoy you with

“Don't I know you?” he asked, ( a big good looking cockey guy who was annoying me last night at a karaoke club). No, I don't, I replied (amazed that guys still ask that old lame ass question) Then he asked the question that all females hate: “How old are you?” . ” Old enough to know that is the stupidest question to ever ask a female” I snapped.

Very young girls hate that question, as they want to be old enough, and older gals hate it, as well, we just do.Any girl over 28 gets pissed off by that irrelevant question.Guys, the only time you should ask that question is (1) you think she may be younger than 18 and don't want to end up like R.Kelly did. (2) You are inviting her to a bar ( applies only to American bars) and you are afraid she may not be 21 and able to get in.Otherwise, do NOT ask that quesetion.