Saturday night, at home

Went out last night with a bunch of friends (most of them are from my band Bitchfest) and a couple others too, to karaoke and had a great time, then out to eat THEN to Tacheles again. I can't BELIEVE they now charge 3 euro to get in (this is an old squat that artists took over when the wall came down in Berlin). Funny how it is so commercialized now. The whole point of the place was to rebel and do art, now there is a cinema in there (two actually) and so many bars I lost count. Even the back of it, the sandy area, the humongous courtyard, charges to get in. woah!

I was supposed to go out tonight to see Joe Jackson's show (seen him many times before) and then to sing live karaoke with a band, but I just can't be asked. I need a massage instead. One of my Berlin Dot Bots is on his way over to give me two hours of PAIN! I need DEEP tissue badly! Poor guy. I know it is hell to massage me. haha. I pay well though!

 So I decided to take the new flat. I will miss this one BUT my bedroom window is RITE next to the freakin' paper and glass recycling and that will NEVER change so I am out of here. I can't sleep in this flat, it is just too LOUD. Cheap as FOOK but too loud. I have to renovate it and that will suck donkey balls, but it has to be done. Perhaps I will find some cheap help for hire and it will be easier, but no doubt about it, moving sucks. BUT change is always good. 


It was a crazy week, my daughter got arrested and thrown in JAIL here in Berlin (at the LKA ). She was in a protest march about the new military style that the Germans have, I guess it is very similar to that of the Nazi times and so many anti-facism/racism protesters took to the street ( I was NOT there so don't ask me ) and her poster which she designed had an anti-swatstika painted on it, like a soldier walking but his body resembled a swatstika. So she was grabbed by undercover cops and dragged into jail. They found the TINY can of pepper spray she ALWAYS has on her for protection and she got another charge for that too, as I guess it is considered a weapon and they are not allowed at public gatherings and the swatstika symbol is NOT allowed, even if it's an ANTI-swatstika symbol. Oh lord. They kept her in that cell and did NOT give her the one free phone call everyone is supposed to get in jail!? eh!

AND they strip searched her (totally naked). I thought the cops would spend more time fighting the nazi-skin head, right wings fucks than the left wing protesters. Baffles my mind. So we are now awaiting her sentence. I hope it is not too strong. Yikes!


Anyways, my door bell will ring any minute and I will get my two hour massage, aahhhhh. This to me, is better than any sort of party or karaoke. Massage RULES!


Berlin, July 2009


Some pictures I took this day and night (some were taken with Blackberry, some with camera, hence the difference in quality)


This gorgeous shot was taken by Scruff with his camera ^ He is an amazing photographer 

This is the waterfall at Kreuzberg park aka Viktoria Park, near my house. 


 Reichtag ^ (Berlin's Capital building)



 The most disgusting toilet I have seen in a long time ^ inside Tacheles

Scruff in Tacheles (he was in a great mood, don't know why he looks so serious here) 


Me and my old pal Robin ^ ( I haven't seen her in TEN years!). We all went out to eat together and it was great catching up with her. She is American and used to live in Berlin. She now lives in Glasgow and is married with a child. LOVE HER. 


October in Berlin (Birthdays and a visit from Arturo Vega)

So another birthday has come and gone (Friday was my Birthday and naturally I will just let you wonder how old/young I am )


Jasmine and I spent most of the  day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, at their Spa. Jasmine has never had a facial or anything of the sort, so it was funny to see her experience it all. The service was great, but their techniques were half ass. Not worth the 600 euros is cost, at all. They rushed us, left Jasmine's face a mess and didn't have time to do my manicure (had to do it at home). Just warning you if you were thinking of spending money on the place.. The lady who does my facials since 10 years at the Europa Center is the best, by far. I guess I shouldn't have cheated on her 馃檪

The last few days have been very eventful as my friend Arturo Vega (art director for the Ramones) has been in town. He just turned 60 but does NOT act it or look it. A youthful Libra, like myself, heh heh. I have known him since I was 15 years old. When I first started dating Joey Ramone. Anyways, Arturo is in town for some art exhibition he is taking part in. He designed EVERY single Ramones album/cd cover. He invented THAT Ramones symbol most people know, in fact, he even got it tattoed on his back:

< Arturo Vega

Some pics of us over the years…..

^ 2002 NYC

  < 2004 

I have one of us together when I was just 16 and I just tried to find it,  but it will take days to find that one pic. When I do find it, I will post it as it's hilarious.

Below are some pictures I took the other day, showing Arturo around Berlin. 



Arturo near the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz

Jewish Monument near Brandenburger Tor ^


^ The typical Brandenburger Tor (gate) pose  馃檪

 Artie loved this building with the big D on it ^ . I am pretty sure it's an Art related/performance hall- building, but don't quote me on that. 

We stood in line for ages to get to the top of the Reichtag (like the White House of Germany). The view was nice, I just wish we got there earlier, as it was kinda dark as you can see..

Unfortunately they were cleaning that glass dome, which you can normally walk around, literally. There is a winding path inside that you can scale, but we arrived at an awkward time, as they were vacuuming and mopping.  


The middle of the dome, looks so futuristic ^

View from the top of Reichtag ^

No trip to Berlin is complete without a stop at Tacheles, the broke down building that squatters took over after the wall fell in 1989. They took over, making it into a bizarre art museum of sort. One artist, Tim Roelofs, is so successful, he has his own, rather permanent, shop on the 3rd floor. I even bought a piece from there, for my Dad for Christmas (keep that info on the down low 馃檪

No, this is NOT the piece I bought for my Dad. But I find it entertaining and thought it was worth sharing.. (also by  Tim Roelofs)

There are many freaks who live and/or hanging out in Tacheles. Never a dull moment. This girl from Sweden for example, has the longest Dreads I have ever seen on a chick. She was asking me if I had any weed to share. Didn't have any on me, lol, but I gave her some spare change for posing for me and to help in her search.

Be happy she has her mouth closed. Her tooth (and I mean TOOTH, not teeth) was rather disturbing.



Arturo was not impressed much by Tacheles like most people I drag there. He said he has seen similar/better/worse places in Holland for example. I guess at his age, and the fact he hung with the Ramones for over 25 years, you pretty much have seen it all. The Ramones signed their first ever record contract in his kitchen. He has pictures of that in his flat, which is like a Ramones museum.

Speaking of Ramones museums, our friend Flo, who is probably the biggest Ramones fan I have ever met, runs the Ramones Museum in Berlin. Arturo has been hanging out there every day since he's been there. I will go and film there tomorrow..

Click HERE to see the museums myspace page.. 



I gathered together with some friends at White Trash, the night after my birthday….just to have some laughs, no big woop…



 Arturo talking to Paualo and Martina (one of my best friends & also a Libra 馃檪  ^


 Me ^ wearing the "DD"  charms (in the usa, people call me 'Double D') I bought myself for my birthday. ^ Daniel  givin' us the Dr. Evil pose.

 Sansi, my friend and drummer and his lovely girlfriend Chrissy (also a Libra) and Bjoern, an old friend of mine since many years (who sometimes also acts as an agent for me). 

It was fun, but after 3 hours of White Trash, I had to bolt with Freaky and Arturo to sing some karaoke. The first time since my tonsillectomy one month ago. My pipes are in working order again, it was so fun to sing again, and finally Arturo got to witness the madness 馃檪

Art work by Tim Roelofs ^  (notice the "woman" to the right holding her penis) Ahem, welcome to Berlin.