Massage in Belize

Hello & Welcome to “Paradise at the End of the Road”! My name is Nina and I’m a certified massage practitioner providing

  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Thai massage

at The Secret Garden Day Spa in the coastal village of Placencia. Belize. I offer deep-tissue bodywork using a blend of effleurage, petrissage, lomi lomi, & tapotement. In other words, a really GREAT FULL BODY MASSAGE!

I was born to an unwed 15 yr. old, relinquished for adoption and spent my childhood wondering “who am I”? Having a passion for theatre and dance, I studied ballet with the dream of becoming famous and recognized by my biological family. My adoptive father would spend hours massaging my sore feet but stardom was not meant to be! After teaching dance for a while, I became a private investigator and for many years helped people find their biological family. Albeit extremely rewarding, I sought meditation, yoga, and acupressure touch as an antidote to the high stress levels.

Today I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives not just spiritually and emotionally but on a more physical level. I studied with the Raynor School of Natural Therapies, Hawaii and am currently a member of the International Natural Therapists Association and continue to study holistic healing.

I am impressed with Dr. Dot’s high standards and ethics and am proud to be a member of the Dr. Dot team. I look forward to the privilege of providing a healing touch to your body & mind. Please … come relax, rejuvenate, & rebalance. Experience the difference. Contact Dr Dot and I’ll see you in Placencia. Mobile services are available to your hotel room or cabanna.

Massage in Montreal, Quebec, Cananda


Hi!  My name is Cher.  My greatest compliment has been when clients tell me that they felt my massage was like many experiences rolled into one – massage, yoga, physio, osteopathy, meditation … Incredibly complete … Music to my ears!
I’ve been trained in a number of massage modalities – Swedish, Thai, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Tapotement.   Come relax and breathe while I listen to your body, and you can enjoy the benefit of a deep tissue or a relaxing, soul-soothing massage and get that blocked energy flowing.  Either one will leave you with improved awareness, released tensions and renewed energy. The result – an improved performance level! 

I live in Quebec, on a picturesque country farm, with a babbling brook, surrounded by our lush fruit orchards that my family works and enjoys.  We love to travel and enjoy many music festivals and concerts – rock, blues, jazz and more.  I am passionate about massage and feel privileged to have the ability and opportunity to help you attain a healthier state of body. I look forward to treating you. Just email me at and put "Cher/Montreal" in the subject line and I will call/write you back asap.  Cheers!