Passing of Petra…sad sad blog

It is with tears in my eyes (and all over the keyboards) that I write the words, my dear friend Petra lost her fight with cancer last night


                         ^ Petra                                          Iris and Petra  ^                  

^ Petra                           ^ Billy (Smashing Pumpkins)      & Me


                                                                                  ^ us two with Manny (ex Stone Roses)


    ^ Iris   and Petra                                             ^ Happy times.. Petra and I out in Berlin

I am brutally beating myself up mentally because I wasn't there for her at her bedside. The last time I saw her was October 28th, the day before I left back to the USA. I went to her house and saw her and her twin sister, Iris. I gave them their belated birthday presents and I gave Petra a massage. She was really ill and when I said good bye I burst out in tears, as I knew in my heart there was a chance I would never see her again. Fuck! Life is short, show the people you love how much you love them, don't wait.

Petra was a Libra, a sweet, caring fun person. An optimist, never saying anything negative about anyone,ever. She lived life to the fullest, even up to the end. I want to post some things below, images of things she loved, things she had pictures of in her cool, hot pink and red bed room. She had a red shag carpet, hot pink furniture and heart shaped lights all around, pink curtains and a fuzzy red chair, her room screamed Rockabilly. Here are some of Petra's favorite things, Heaven has just inherited a new Angel … ๐Ÿ™

  Petra LOVED ELVIS and the Beatles too


And oooh how she loved Sex and the city! We watched it together many a nights..


                                                                                                                             ^ Petra has tons of these

   <  Petra loved the Lord of the Rings books and films and wore one of those rings

^ Petra knew Johnny really well, but never bragged. She adored him, says he is super kind and fun.

Going to bed now, will rub my puffy eyes to sleep. Now I am faced with another decision, go to Atlanta on Wednesday to see my family as planned

and then fly to Berlin on Dec 1st or change it all around and go to Berlin now. Not sure when the funeral is yet, I hear it can take weeks in Germany.

All I know is Death don't no mercy…

"Well now death don't have no mercy in this land
He'll come to your house and he won't stay long
Look 'round the room one of your family will be gone
Death don't have no mercy in this land"   Hot Tuna

Petra Hammerer, gone but not forgotten…