24 hour massage service in Switzerland


Contact me at info@drdot.com and write "Sebastian/Switzerland" in the subject line


I am a fully qualified Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, experienced in deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu pressure techniques and exercise therapy. 

I grew up in a beach-surfing environment playing a number of extreme sports and I have travelled and lived in many countries. Furthermore I completed my studies in Sydney-Australia where I decided to bring up many of my sports and fitness experiences and put them together and then doing special courses I became a professional health care practitioner also able to communicate effectively in four languages which are Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. 

Passionate for anatomy and physiology I based my therapies on a combination of a remedial multi-massage techniques and the body's self healing process, I help your body to heal itself. 

Personally I feel very comfortable working in Dr. Dot's team offering you the best massage experience from the best therapists in the world. 

I will be around main Swiss cities. Are you ready to have a massage experience? 



24 Hour Massage Service in Perth Australia

Email me at: bookings@drdot.com and enter “Romy/Perth” in the subject line to reach me 🙂

I have completed a 2 year full time massage course specializing in D.A.T.A. Massage. D.A.T.A. stands for “Dragon and Tiger Alignment” and is a deep tissue therapeutic massage using pressure points, meridian stimulus and lymphatic drainage techniques. 


It is great for tension in the muscles, stress and to reduce cellulite. Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki can be performed upon request”.