Punk Rock is still alive and well in NYC

It's always fun to drop by Arturo's loft. After all, I have been dropping by in and sleeping over at Mr. Vega's lower East Side place since I was 15 years old. Artie always has new Ramones goodies, like these expensive collector's item skulls below. He is the Art Director of the Ramones and designed every Ramones album ever made, even the famous eagle with baseball bat logo on the skull at the right, in the picture below.

If you are really curious about Arturo and haven't heard of him before, just google: Arturo Vega. He is famous amongst the Ramones fans and alumni, etc. They signed their first ever record contract in his loft, so it's legendary and still an exciting place to hang. To know Artie is to love him.  


The loft is adorned with numerous art pieces by various artist, like Dee-Dee Ramone for example. He had a wild imagination, as you can see from the paintings below:


When Dee Dee came to Berlin, he stayed at my flat with his then wife Barbara. They spent an absurd amount of time coloring in fact (with crayons!). Lots of fun indeed. Did you ever read Dee Dee's book  "Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones" ? He is so cute; didn't have enough funds to edit it, so it's unedited and hilarious!



Arturo (on the right) and his room mate James (middle) and his lovely sister (was visiting from San Fran)

Picture I took of a picture hanging on Arturo's bedroom wall ^ Johnny Ramone & Arturo YEARS ago. Look how HOT Arturo looks! He is older now, but still looks healthy, fit and much younger than he really is.  Notice Johnny looks miserable, as usual.


So after hanging at the loft for a while, Arturo, Jasmine and I all went to a ^ book release party at the Alphabet City bar, 'Manitoba's' to honor the "Official Punk Rock book of lists" by Handsome Dick Manitoba & Amy Wallace.  The party was packed with familiar faces and lots of ambitious artists, writers, photographers and other folks in the music & literary world. I found a review of the party online, click  HERE to read it.  Handsome Dick is also the singer of the Dictators and a radio personality.

( I HIGHLY recommend clicking that link to read their report of the event, it's much more thorough than mine 🙂 

Dick, me and his gorgeous British born wife, Zoe ^  

Zoe is so incredibly sexy, you just get pulled in by her piercing blue eyes and luminous skin, then she seals the deal with her charming English accent and contagious smile. She was "thrilled" to meet me and shrieked loudly when introduced "Dr. Dot!? I know you, I've read your column for AGES! I LUV YOU Dr. Dot!" and proceeded to whisk me around, introducing me to new people and  people that already knew me, but I didn't know yet, like Eric, the Managing Editor of Penthouse Forum/Girls of Penthouse, who reminded me we already know each other from a 2 hour phone interview for a piece the Penthouse Forum did on me a year or two ago. "oooooh, I forgot about that" I sheepishly admitted.


Me and Eric Danville ^ 


Eric told me it's ok to spill the beans, to pass on the great news, that as of May, my sex/relationship column, "Ask Dr. Dot" can be found monthly in the Penthouse Forum. I am over the moon about this. This certainly helps ease the pain of having my naughty column let go from the NY Press thanks to their new, wholesome (word:Boring) image. Sigh. Penthouse Forum, here I come. 

 I got to chat with Mike Edison, Senior Editor of Backbeat Books and Hal Leonard Books, which was a thrill. The man is legendary. You couldn't swing a cat without hitting a cool, connected New Yorker. I should go out with Arturo more often, it's so fun and there are always great folks around. I do admit I spend too much time at karaoke bars, whoring the mic. Karaoke WHORE!



 The legendary Photogrpaher, Leee Black Childers (yes, it's with 3 "eee's) and Zoe  ^

 Click HERE to read ALL about Leee and his part of Punk & Rock and Roll history… Speaking of history, Zoe doesn't hesitate to let you know she is an ex-PORN star who is working on her memoirs. Maybe even a reality show. She's so attractive, I'm sure many would tune in. SCHWING!

< Leee, on the left, was HOT when he was a young man. 

It was GREAT to see my pal Monte again. I have known him (And Arturo) since I was 15. Monte, in case you don't know, was the Ramones road manager. He kept everything sane & as organized as possible on the road. He was always on the ball! I haven't seen Monte for a couple years (last time was at a party for Joey's Birthday celebration at CBGB's in 2002) yet the first thing Monte says to me when he saw me was "why did you remove me from your myspace top friends!??". LMFAO, that's so funny, myspace is taking over. "you're still in MY top friends!!" he continued. "Ok, ok, I rotate my top friends, but I promise to have you back up there by tomorrow" I swore to him. I made another snide remark about how I find it totally UNFAIR that his book "on the road with the Ramones" does NOT include my name at ALL. How could that be? I was dating Joey for 3 years and hardly ever missed a weekend show! (had to go to school Monday – Thursday, skipped Fridays to be with my Punk God). Well, we all know why I am not mentioned. I was only 15 when I started seeing Joey (I told them ALL I was 19). This seems kinda creepy now, but it wasn't back then, I looked 19, acted 19 and so, to them, I was 19. Anyways. What's done is done, I'm not in the dam book! Fine. I will just write about it in mine (again). Snap 😉

Close up of Monte's jacket. I'm sure it's a collectors item…

Many more pics from the party can be seen HERE 


I do have lovely pictures of Jasmine, but she's banned me from posting any pics of her and even mentioning her. I will get my face ripped off for even mentioning her name in this blog. Sigh.  Trying as hard as I can to NOT write about my lovely, talented, honest, intelligent daughter, but I have to respect her wishes. Hoping you don't think I'm SOOOOO wrapped up in my business and activities that I forget my Jasmine; it's just the opposite, I wish I could post ALL the pics I have of her, she's so subtle, shy, humble and sweet; but she doesn't want it, so I can't. She isn't a camera hog like her mum. How can that be? We are the same at some points but completely opposite at others. I respect her completely and that's why you don't see a parade of Jasmine pics/videos.



 Random shots I took whilst about town (town, I mean, CITY!). Isn't it funny when you say "I'm in the city" people still ask "what city?". I don't feel a slight bit of guilt when I say "THE city; NYC". If you haven't been to Manhattan, then you may not understand the sarcastic, presumptuous response. 




 Is it strange to be surprised when people ask "what city?" when you tell them you are "in the city" ? If you have never been to Manhattan, you may not understand that sarcastic, presumptuous response (THE city!)


 The infamous ^  Jonesy in front of the 24/7 Apple store on 5th ave    


Icy branches amuse me  ^


I made another little video in Manhattan. Click HERE to see it  


Times Square always makes for a good photo-op.

Not that I watch much TV (in Germany I NEVER watch any TV, don't even get one channel and if I did, I still wouldn't watch it) but here in the USA they are having a writers strike (enough already peeps, get the fuck back to work, be happy you have a job). TV sucks monkey balls at the moment, hence all the time for blogging. Animal Planet + Discovery Channel are the only things worth watching. "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery channel" 

Monte Carlo by Dr. Dot


 This ^  video took AGES to make. Still getting the hang of the ol' Windows Movie Maker thingy

You could eat off the ground it's so clean ^


I mentioned before (a few blogs ago) that I was heading to Monte Carlo. I finally found some time to make the blog. Kai Ebel the famous German moderator convinced RTL to fly me down to Monte Carlo to massage a few of the Formula One drivers for a show a travel show he does. Once a year he does a huge special called "Formel Exclusiv" (it aired May 13th 2007 ).

Feeling grateful is an understatement. Ralf, the producer and the whole film crew were a blast to work with.Even Nico Rossberg, who was told by his Finnish manager not to remove his shirt for the shoot, was a great sport. He said "oh why not!" and ripped his shirt off. All of the girls who saw us filming and who saw it on TV were pleased with that decision.  


Picture perfect, blah blah blah.


I heard the Royal family (Prince Albert and Princess Caroline etc) all live on the top of that giant hill/mountain ^

Kai with an amazing set of wheels ^ 

Nico has his own  WEB SITE   (schwing) 


All in all I had a great time and I want to thank RTL for treating me so fine. I even got to stay an extra night and explore the place on my own. I visited the only Irish Pub there (I swear there are Irish Pubs everywhere) and I ate at a Mexican place instead of dining on Frog Legs like everyone else. I am now back in Berlin, enjoying Jasmine's company and the hot weather. Susan Sarandon is filming SPEED RACER in Berlin and the management has my cards now so I am hoping I get to massage her. I have been a fan since the first time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture show ( I played Janet in a live production of it- you know when actors act it out while the film is playing at the same time) so I am really into her. Cross yer fingers for me will ya?

Heading back to NYC next month, gotta get my tonsils out finally. Sigh. Not looking forward to that. I won't miss any time with Jasmine as I won't leave until she leaves on her journey (going on a massive road trip with her friends in a VW bus). Cross fingers for her too while yer at it 🙂

Working on the London blog next. I need an ass massage from all this computer work 🙁

I just want to comment on all the Paris Bashing that's been outshining the important news lately. I have met her, massaged her, hung out with her and I can confirm she is a darling. She is generous, sweet, polite and has a great sense of humor. It is so easy to judge people you haven't met. So easy to bash celebrities for fun. I think the LA cops take things way to far when it comes to the stars. It's almost as if they are so fucking bored and frustrated with their own mundane, crappy job that as soon as they get a chance to pull over a star, they use it as a claim to fame to throw the book at them ten fold. Mel Gibson was crucified and I still don't believe he said those ignorant slurs. The cop knew what he was doing making that shit up. Same with Paris. If you know LA, you know that you HAVE to drive to get around and sure, Paris could afford a driver, but I know she likes to live as normal as possible; going out without body guards or a driver. She had a couple drinks, not many and she has to go to JAIL for 45 days now?

That German cunt who jumped me in January is still walking around free, never spent even an hour in court or jail, but the masses want Paris stoned to death for driving after a few drinks. I don't even believe it was much. I know in the states the cops fucking follow you around once you leave the parking lot of a bar/club and make you so fucking nervous cause they are tailing you, that you end up doing something dumb like using the wrong blinker or something and then they jump on you. Give the girl a break, she is a sweet heart, really. She can't change the fact that she was born into the lifestyle her parents had before she was even conceived. sigh. Everyone can get sympathy, but envy must be earned. Mitleid kriegt jeder, aber Neid muss man verdienen. Amen.


Guess what Paris is hiding in her right hand? 4:20 baby.


Touching bases


RTL, one of Germany's most popular TV stations, flew me to Monte Carlo to film one of their Lifestyle TV shows which will air this coming Sunday on RTL of course (around 4pm they said). The host is Kai Ebel who is very well known in Germany for his work with Formula 1 race car drivers and boxing events as well. He is a moderator for all things sports basically. The production team treated me like a queen and I had a blast exploring the unreal world called Monte Carlo (a sunny place for shady millionaires).

 My foot, on vacation, letting it all hang out ^

^ I know it looks like I scanned in a post card, but I really took this pic with my Sony cyber-shot camera. It's really pretty  here.

 *Everyone there in Monte Carlo is getting ready for the Grand Prix races, so some of the drivers need massage..

They filmed me massaging Kai and Nico Rossberg, a 21 year old Formula 1 race car driver. He was born in Germany but raised in Monte Carlo. His father is a famous race car driver too. Nico is VERY famous in Monte Carlo and apparently we were lucky to get him in front of the cameras for a massage/interview. I will just post a couple pics now and finish this blog when I catch my breath ( I am still traveling at the moment and hate using this lap top).

 Here I am massaging Nico on a gorgeous yacht. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it ^

I have SO many pics and videos to post, I will have a flat ass by the time I am done blogging. I still have Berlin pics of Shai, Steph and I, then Lisa's trip (her first time ever in Europe) and then Monte Carlo and a few other surprises.. sigh. I am off to NYC soon too, so I have to get busy before I forget all the great things I have seen/experienced.

Loads to tell you, but I am exhausted..stay tuned

ps. Even though Monte Carlo is it's own country, stuck in between France and Italy, everyone there speaks French, considers themselves French, and acts French, so Frank Zappa's tune 'In France' is in my mind 24/7:

"The girls is all salty
The boys is all sweet
The food ain't too shabby,
An' they piss in the street
In France
Way down in France
Way on down
Way on down
In France

They got diseases
Like you never seen
Got a mystery blow-job
Turn your penis green
In France
Way down in France
Way on down
Way on down
In France

They got some coffee,
Eatin' right through the cup,
An' when they go ka-ka
They make you stand up
In France
Way down in France
Way on down
Way on down
In France

If you're not careful,
It'll stick to your cheeks
You'll smell like a native
For a couple of weeks
In France
Way down in France
Way on down
Way on down
In France

We cannot wait
Till we go back
It gets so exciting
When the poodles 'react'
In France
Way down in France
Way on down
Way on down
In France

Never try to get yo' penis sucked
In France"


Cashing in on Dead Punk Stars

I get hundreds of emails from Ramones fans, all distraught at Monte Melnicks new book about the Ramones. How he reveals some not so nice secrets and “dirty habits” of Joey and Dee-Dee. He conveniently forgot to mention my name at all ( he said it was because I was underage when I was dating Joey, which is true, but hello? We were in love!)