Massage in St. Petersburg and Tampa Florida


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Hi I am Ali,

I am a licensed massage therapist in Tampa, Florida. My specialty is deep tissue and neuromuscular bodywork. I absolutely love to work out deep tissues which is … deep rooted issues! I have firm pressure and can go deep in a session. Not only are my thumbs strong so is my intention. My ability to focus into a client’s energy field allows their tissues to release either energetically or emotionally. We are such complicated beings and I have natural healing abilities that bring forth miraculous changes.

I have had clients literally in tears saying, “thank you”, for their bodywork sessions. For someone to be healed from chronic pain, chronic migraines, muscle spasms is life changing and affirming to my work!

I am continuing my education and training in Structural Energetic Therapy (SET). I am also certified in Reiki (Level 1). Reiki is a natural healing system that allows the body to heal itself as well as balancing the body’s chakras (energy centers).

My experience in the past prior to massage is sales. I am a entrepreneur at heart. Originally from the Midwest (Chicago land area) I have traveled to many college campuses, spring break events and concert venues selling or promoting T-Shirts or credit cards! Sales on the road in the cold winter months is what lead me to relocate to Florida. I started a career in apartment leasing and management. This position gave me exposure to sports celebrities that lived here in Tampa Bay. Since then I have been on a spiritual path and have been guided to massage therapy.

My path crossed with Dr. Dot here in St. Petersburg. I happened to find her site and ad online and she happened to be here in Florida on vacation. How great for me! To meet in person the globe trotting Dr. Dot. Dot to me is a vibrant, tenacious, kind and giving spirit. I feel honored to be part of her team.



Much Affinity!