A different Georiga on my mind part 1 (part 2 found here: http://drdot.blog-city.com/greetings_from_georgia_former_soviet_union.htm )

Berlin is treating me WELL these days. Saturday night I massaged Ronald Steven Lauder the youngest son of Estee Lauder.For some reason I thought the family was French and was surprise to find out he is from Brooklyn. Ha! Super funny guy who LIVES for massage. He is currently building a massage room in his house. He told me my massage was the best one he has ever had, so maybe I will be massaging he and his wife in that massage room when I get my arse back to NYC. 

TONIGHT was even better. I massaged the best looking President on earth, Mikheil Saakashvili . < click to read more about him)..He is the President of Georgia and super fun to talk to. He originally wanted only a 30 minute massage but 90 minutes later, he told me my massage is "the best massage I have had in my life so far". Mikheil had body gaurds outside the massage room the whole time, who were all over 6 feet tall and like 4 feet wide. One spoke English really well and told me his favorite group is Metallica. Ha. He said "I am a rocker!" so we got along fine, whilst waiting for the President to finish his work out. I was excited to finally get to massage a President. I have massaged the Prince of Saudi Arabia before and a few Mayors, but this was the first President for me. 

During the massage 'Mr. President' was very witty. I was massaging his massive neck and told him "wow! Your neck is so tense!" and he answered "no kidding, I have RUSSIA sitting on it!". We both laughed so hard. I was feeling comfortable and asked him if he had ever been to Georgia, as in, Atlanta Georgia and he laughed and said of course. Then I took it even further and asked him if he's ever heard "Georgia on my mind" from Ray Charles. I was laughing while I asked him and said "these are just stupid questions reporters aren't allowed to ask you" ha!!  I told him my family lives in Georgia (they are from New England but migrated South to Atlanta, k?). He said I should come to visit the COUNTRY Georgia, and I said I was too scare, I mean, I can't even point it out on the fucking map. He assured me if I came, his security would look after me. SOOOO I may be going to Georgia this summer. He swears they LOVE Americans there. I told him that is probably the ONLY place on earth that "loves Americans".He said he studied at Columbia University in NYC and lived in Washington DC, which he said are his favorite two places in the US. 

 Even his body gaurd's faces lit up when I told them I am American. The Pres and I were cracking jokes about how serious Germans are. LMFAO!! He said "We Georgians are the complete opposites of Germans" ha!! Now I can't wait to go and discover this mysterious country that has only 5 million people in it, yet has their own Playboy magazine (you know, Playboy UK, Playboy Germany, Playboy GEORGIA!". He told me that. We talked about that because I had just told him I write for Penthouse Forum and gave him a copy (the copy which has yours truly on the cover). He asked me a lot of questions to, about where I learned massage, about my family and life. I try to avoid talking during a massage but if someone is chatty, we chat. Sometimes we were silent, as when I massage, it's hard work and it's hard to talk and massage deep tissue at the same time, I start breathing hard and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. heh heh.

After the massage, he was in a super good mood and even posed with me. I didn't even BOTHER bringing my good Sony camera as I thought, nah, he would never pose with a rock and roll massage therapist. BUT he did, so my blackberry camera had to do:

NOTE: PART 2 OF THIS CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://drdot.blog-city.com/greetings_from_georgia_former_soviet_union.htm

I told him I massage a lot of rock stars and he asked which ones, I told him a few names, Kiss, Sting, The Stones… and he said "I feel honored now!" ha ha! He is so fucking cool! Genuinely friendly, not diplomatically friendly, know what I mean? He had his body gaurds send down to bottles of Georgian wine "Mukuzani, Special Reserve, aged in French barrels for 20 months" and 100 euro tip. What a man!!!!!!!!  He now has a new fan.

Oh, by the way, when I arrived to massage the President at his hotel, there was a BIG FUCKING FUSS;  LOADS of security outside and no one was allowed in a that moment because Ms. Rice (Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor) was about to enter the same hotel. I told the cops, "the freaking president of Georgia is waiting for a massage, let me in!" ha ha. They didn't believe me at first, but after a walkie talkie check, I was escorted in. This hotel is happenin' at the moment. Not allowed to say which hotel right now…. I am behaving.