Experience Hendrix tour with Steve Vai


My friend Steve Vai ^ before the gig. He is really one of my favorite people on earth. SO FUN to talk to Steve and his playing makes for good eargasms.  


Steve took a picture of my Hendrix tattoo with his iPhone and thought we should pose with it in the picture. He cracks me up! 


Here is the whole tattoo (took this one right after I had it done) 


Steve played/sang "Waterfall" which was for me was the highlight of the whole show. OMFG. AMAZING. 


 Check this tour out, it is AMAZING:




Jimi Hendrix’s 67th Birthday bash in NYC ( BB King club)


So here are some pictures I took at the show…..


 Lance Lopez , headlining!


Me, Lance and Katelin before the show. I introduced Katelin to Lance online and suggested he let her play a tune during her trip to NYC and he did and everyone loved their jam. 


Lance's last minute set list^   (which he forgot in dressing room πŸ™‚

Lance, who normally plays guitar, told me he learned drums first when he was little. He took to the drums to let little Tallan Noble Latz (age 9) play guitar and Katelin Deutsch (age 10) play bass, during a fucking ridiculously amazing rendition of VooDoo Chile. OMFG, they received a standing ovation. Respect!!


Lance Lopez in action (sorry, this one was taken with my crackberry ^)

 Lance plays so similar to Jimi, if you close your eyes and just listen, you swear you're listening to the real thing. 

I have heard many people try to play Jimi, but Lance, in my opinion, nails it the best. Hands down. He is on fire!!


Katelin in the groove! Tal Wilkenfeld better watch her back. Katelin is amazing and is NOT a snotty bitch like Tal. (this is not an opinion, it is pretty much a known fact, Tal is arrogant as fuuuuuuuuuuuck). tsk tsk, be nice to the folks on the way up as you will probably meet them again on your way down. 


This one too ^  (Popa Chubby warming up backstage)


Lance's view of PACKED BB King club (full of lovely Hendrix fans, aaaaaahhhhhhhh)

The drummer (sorry, name slips my mind, but he was killer)


Pictures the German road manager + friend Wolf Haas

 just sent me (he manages Lance)

 Lance and I posing for some photos


Jimi Hendrix made a sex tape? I smell BULLSHIT

I just got done watching the “Jimi Hendrix sex tape ” dvd. I am sick to my stomach. This is NOT Jimi Hendrix. It is a very poor quality video of some unconscious black man. Two disgusting naked Women, presumably Russian from the looks of it, are TRYING to have sex with this lifeless man (he could very well be deceased who knows?) and the girls are looking into the camera most of the time. The man does not have any sort of erection whatsoever. He is LIFELESS and LIMP in every way possible. The DVD production company paid $10,000 EACH (to make it seem legit enough to sell) to Super Groupie Pamela Desbarres (only famous for fucking rock stars) and Cynthia Plaster Caster (only famous for making casts of Rock Star penises). These two bimbos are super enthusiastic after being paid to be, about this “definitely being Jimi’s cock! I would recognize it anywhere”.

“it’s NOT him!” https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/394304/Jimi-Hendrix-in-sex-tape-scandal

This is so vile. Jimi is not around to defend his own honor so I am doing it for him. These to money hungry has-beens should be ashamed to ever show their face in public again.

The DVD/Production company “Vivid” is even worse, offering $100,000 to anyone who can prove it is NOT Jimi (which they know is impossible) but anyone with eyeballs can SEE it is NOT Jimi in the shitty video. Read: https://blabbermouth.net/news/jimi-hendrix-porn-tape-purveyors-issue-100k-challenge

Pamela can kiss my ass for throwing Jimi under the bus like this.

Jimi Hendrix Birthday Bash at BB Kings – what a blast that was


So after a lovely Spanksgiving Thursday, I dropped Jasmine off home and headed to BB Kings (42nd street) to the Jimi Hendrix 66th Birthday Bash to see my friend Lance Lopez do his thang. I get invited to so many shows to see friends play and hardly ever have time to go see them, but this time I went ( I am a HUGE Hendrix fan). First to go on stage was Jimi's REAL brother, Leon (same mom and dad). Sadly I missed his set due to typical NYC traffic hell. 





BUT I still got to hang out with Leon, who is very friendly and charming. I heard from the others he has only started playing guitar 5 years ago; perhaps that's why he went on first? I told him straight up "I would have been one of those ladies that fucked the hell out of your brother given the chance. His music turns me ON". I have to admit, the thought of procreating with Hendrix DNA did cross my mind, for  a sec.  Heh heh. 


 The Staff at the BB King are so friendly to me, I get VIP treatment when I show up and I don't even ask for it, but I'm like, "ok".. why not? I did insist on paying though ($50) to see the show, hey, musicians bust their BALLS doing what they do, and if I really want to see a band, I pay. I know how it feels, having my own band in Berlin (Bitchfest) when 200 people show up and half are on the guest list and you earn FUCK ALL after all the rehearsal room costs, flyers, PR etc.. 


Anyhow, I got a great seat and watched Lance in awe. I just about got off listening to him play Hendrix tunes, PERFECTLY. It was like Jimi came down and channeled himself through him. The voice, the guitar lics, omfg, I wanted to get up and dance my ass off, but everyone was seated and so head bobbing and though slapping was the norm. Lance got a standing ovation after EVERY SONG!!


The guy who came on after Lance, Frank Marino MUST have received the headlining slot out of habit, as he was sloppy (some said it's because he is in his mid 60's, but that never stops BB King when he plays) and at times it really sounded to me like the band skipped crucial beats which made it sound to me like a record skipping. He did an amazing job at the star spangled banner though, I must admit. BUT watching Lance Lopez play first and THEN having to endure Frank after was just like having an outrageously perfect shag and THEN having a lonesome wank after. No comparison. Not exaggerating here folks, Lance nailed it. PLUS, Lance only needed THREE in his band, as in, him plus two, just like Jimi, to do it right. Frank needed an extra guitar player. Yawn.

It was Heaven for Hendrix fans. sigh, purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It has inspired me to hurry up and get that Hendrix tattoo I have been putting off for so long. I asked Jasmine to draw me a Hendrix head which I will have tatttooed on me, not sure where yet. Leon said he "REALLY wants to see it, in the flesh", once it's done πŸ™‚






Do to the hurried blur called 'my life lately', I forgot my camera in the car and had to make due with my Crackberry camera. Hence the crappy quality pictures. sigh. 


 Lance just sent me a text message with his set list he played at BB Kings last night:


1. Midnight. 2. Hear my train .3. Gypsy eyes .4. One rainy wish .5. Izabella .6. Them changes .7. Voodoo Chile slight return


See Lance Lopez LIVE:

Nov 29 2008 9:00P
PORT 41 NEW YORK, New York
Dec 10 2008 5:00P
GUITAR CENTER (In-store clinic) SAN FRANCISCO, California
Dec 11 2008 9:00P
Dec 13 2008 9:00P
Dec 14 2008 9:00P
Jan 10 2009 8:00P




So I am all out of watch with the blogs, I still need to do the Italy blog from last spring, the Flogging Molly, Ac/dc and Project Object blog as well as the FLA trip/Zappaween blog. OMFG. I am living in Blog shame. Stay tuned.


Dr. Dot

Hendrix’s drummer Mitchell dies




I was backstage tonight, massaging at the AC/DC show in Madison Square Gardens and was having the best time ever until I heard, during the last massage, that Drummer Mitch Mitchell died. The promoter told me when I mentioned my massage team had just massaged the Experience Hendrix tour just about every stop of their tour. He interrupted me and said "I hate to be the one that tells you, but Mitch Mitchell just died tonight". I couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. Mitch had just left a voice mail on my answering machine a few days ago, asking me to have the massage therapist (Catherine) come to his hotel room for another round of massage. He sounded a bit tipsy, sweet, but mostly lonely. 

Mitch loved massages and my team was very excited at each show, because he mentioned the massage therapist that massaged him at each show ON STAGE, during the show. Sadly, I never got to meet/massage him, but my Dot Bots did. Catherine, one of my Denver Dot Bots called me in tears when she heard the news. I am a massive Hendrix fan, listen to him on a daily basis, so this is extra hard for me to hear. The last remaining member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience has left the planet, heading to that great gig in the sky. You will be missed. My team all said, in their individual reports, pretty much the same thing about him: "He is super sweet" "He is an adorable tiny man" "A joy to work on" "Charming old man", etc. I am gutted. I will write about Ac/Dc show soon, this news about Mitch can not be overshadowed by a concert review. 


RIP Mitch



Hendrix's drummer Mitchell dies

Mitch Mitchell circa 1968

The band was one of the most influential of the 1960s

Mitch Mitchell, the British drummer in the seminal 1960s band the Jimi Hendrix Experience, has been found dead in his US hotel room, authorities say.

The 61-year-old was discovered in the Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon, in the early hours of Wednesday.

A medical examiner told Associated Press news agency the death appeared to be from natural causes but that there would be an autopsy.

Hendrix died in 1970 and the band's bassist Noel Redding died in 2003.

Mitchell, from Ealing in west London, had been touring with the Experience Hendrix Tour.

'Rock 'n' roll hero'

Janie Hendrix, chief executive of the tour and step-sister of Jimi Hendrix, paid tribute to Mitchell.

"He was a wonderful man, a brilliant musician and a true friend," she said.

Jimi Hendrix and Mitch Mitchell at Heathrow Airport in London on 21 August 1967

Mitchell drummed for Hendrix at his legendary Woodstock performance

He performed on Hendrix classics such as Are You Experienced? Electric Ladyland and Axis: Bold As Love.

The top session drummer also played with the likes of Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards and Muddy Waters.

A musical pioneer, he is credited with helping to develop a "fusion" drumming style that combined rock with jazz.

He joined the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966 and backed the rocker for his legendary performance at Woodstock three years later.

Bob Merlis, a spokesman for the tour, said his death was "devastating".

He had seen Mitchell perform two weeks ago in Los Angeles and the drummer appeared healthy and upbeat, he said.

Blues-rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who is part of the tour, said Mitchell was to drums what Hendrix was to guitar.

"Today many of us have lost a dear friend, and the world has lost a rock 'n' roll hero," he said.


Source: BBC



Mitch Mitchell & Billy Cox
of The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robby Krieger
Legendary Doors guitarist,
Eric Johnson,
David Hidalgo & Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos
with special performances by
Hubert Sumlin
Legendary Howlin' Wolf guitarist,
Chris Layton
From Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble,
Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Gales,
Mato Nanji


Sun, November 02 at 7:30PM in Los Angeles.


I would walk ten miles on broken glass to see this show. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!