Massage Delivery Service in Cleveland, Ohio



Contact me: and write "Jaime/Ohio" in the subject line.  


Hello, my name is Jaime. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduated from Ohio College of Massotherapy. My goal is to help ease tension and relieve pain, as well as provide relaxation. 

I am very passionate about my career in massage and have training in many modalities, including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology. I give massages that are based on your particular needs and that may include a combination of these techniques, because I feel every client deserves a massage of excellent quality. 

I am excited to be with the Dr. Dot team and look forward to working with you.

AMAZING Massage in Northern New Jersey

Book me at and ask put "Gabriel/NJ" 


Gabriele is an experienced and in-demand massage therapist. He has over six years of experience, starting with a diploma in Massage for Wellness from Dover Business College in Paramus, NJ. He interned at The Parisi Speed School (Pre-NFL training academy) in Fairlawn, NJ. 

He has extensive experience with Therapeutic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage. 

He brings a wealth of experience and caring to all of his clients. He has not only honed his skills at top area salons and day spas, but is a specialist in sport and rehabilitation massage therapy. 

Among his prestigious clientele includes the famous Dr. Dot Celebrity Massage Therapist, The New Jersey Devils Hockey Team, and Pro Boxer Paulie (MAGICMAN) Malignaggi where his expertise in training, rehabilitation and pre- & post- sports massages have made him a much sought-after professional. 


Massage and Yoga in Portsmouth, England UK

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Hi – I'm Cherri & I live in Portsmouth on the south coast of United Kingdom.

I started my career as a therapist in 1997 and have since expanded my expertise within all fields of therapies including beauty & holistic. My natural passions lies within holistic therapies and over the years through client feed back, realize I have the talent to balance the mind as well as relieving the physical body of stress through extreme deep tissue massage.

I am currently training as a yoga teacher as the skill will give me a greater understanding of the human anatomy and with this inspires appreciation of how to reflect this skill within all therapies that I provide.

My client base indicates my success and by being passionate & positive within my professional arena can take on the challenges that this career may bring.

My introduction to Dr. Dot through a long term Dot Bot was a welcome challenge. I share the same high quality standards with the same appreciation of music and massage, therefore am pleased to be a part of the team and will provide tailor made treatments to suit your individuality and requirements.

Massage in Madison, Wisconsin

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My name is Heather. I am a recent graduate of the Lakeside school of Massage Therapy in Madison, WI. I also studied with the East West Healing Arts Institute to add some additional eastern modalities to my massage technique. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but have also spent quite a bit of time outside of my home state. Growing up I spent my summers in Mexico with my grandparents.

My eventual migration to massage therapy started with an interest in anatomy. I spent several years in school trying to decide between psychology and physiology, eventually settling with the latter. After several years working with various demographics in a caretaker capacity I found that, while I was still very interested in the body itself, that particular line of work was not for me. I decided to follow a path that involved healing touch and more non traditional treatment options and have found myself very happy with that choice.

I am very excited to have joined Dr. Dot's team and have always had a great love of, if not talent with, music. When I am not working as a Massage Therapist I am also employed as a karaoke DJ for a local establishment on a weekly basis. I look forward to working with the variety of people that book with Dr. Dot and getting to combine two of my favorite things, massage and music, in the process!