Love, the drug?

Some folks function better when the are in love but some people turn to shit when they are in love. Like love is a flu or something that paralyzes them, clouds their thoughts, confuses them and over powers them. Still not sure if being in love is a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose if you have a good relationship to love, it may push you up, but if you don't, it will steal our face rite off your head. The hurricane called love. Like a roller coaster, all the ups and downs. pffft.

It is raining it's ASS off again here in NYC. It was sunny yesterday, but now it's a monsoon again. I feel like the final countdown is on now, slowing tying up loose ends here in NYC in anticipation for my return to Berlin in June. It still bothers me greatly to live in two different places and lead two different lives. When will it end? “I want a horse, I want a sheep, wanna get me a good night sleep, lookin for a home in the heart of the country.. gonna move, gonna go, gonna tell everyone I know, lookin for a home in the heart of the country” Macca .