Chiropractor in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hello, my name is Dr. Stephanie. I have been practicing Chiropractic for 18 years. It is such a joy to have found Dr. Dot because she helps me fulfill my Chiropractic goals.

What I know is that there is a wisdom in your body and it utilizes your nerve system to live, run, dance sing, create, etc. I also know that you are human, and the human body reacts to physical, emotional and chemical stresses by mis-aligning spinal bones. Receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments realign your vertebrae allowing your wisdom and creativity to be expressed as you were designed. This is why I find being a Chiropractor such a privilege.

My style of adjusting varies based on your needs and what your body wants on a given day. I analyze your spine and provide the best Chiropractic adjustment for you at that moment. I use my hands, pelvic levers (triangle blocks) and an adjusting instrument.

I also know that if you take care of yourself while on tour, you will recover quickly and be ready to get back on the road again. You can depend on me to help anyway I can.

Sharing Wellness,
Dr. Stephanie