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My wife got pregnant last summer and she miscarried about six weeks into the pregnancy.

She thinks it happened because we had sex right before she lost the baby. The sex was a

little rough, but everything I’ve ever heard is that there’s

 no way having sex can cause a miscarriage. There’s many other factors that could have

caused it, and she knows it. For one thing she smokes, even when she’s pregnant.

She’s pregnant again, and she’s afraid to have sex,

fearing it could cause her to lose this one too, yet she’s still smoking as much as ever.

I just don’t understand this. Doctors have told her, smoking is not good for the baby,

having sex will not hurt the baby. Yet she’s more focused on giving up sex rather than her smokes.

How can I convince her that it’s okay to have sex, but put it gently that maybe the smoking has

been the problem the whole time?

Future daddy–or not?




Sex will not cause a miscarriage. Smoking will. Smoking increases the risk

of losing a genetically normal baby. Women who smoke more than

14 cigarettes a day are about twice as likely to miscarry.

The risk of miscarriage increases with the number of cigarettes a woman smokes.

Women who smoke during pregnancy are ignorant and selfish.

Go online with her and surf, there are endless articles that prove sex is FINE

during pregnancy, and smoking is can be deadly. I feel for you buddy, I really do.




I wank nearly every day so I am worried would I run out off cum, so how many

times can we cum?

Young, Dumb and hopefully, full of cum



Lucky for you, you are a never ending fountain of spunk. Your balls produce about

about 300 million sperm every time you cum; they start brewing a new

batch as soon as you shoot your wad. It’s impossible to run out of sperm.

In fact, the more often a man cums, the more sperm he produces, which explains why

Men never use up all their sperm. Wank away my friend.


How do you feel about cheating? Even though my 11 year relationship has been

sour for the last year at least, I still expected my partner to be faithful to

me. He recently told me he cheated on me with a "hot girl" from a hole in the

wall bar, a few weeks back. I still can’t believe he went home with a woman he

knew for no more than 3 hours!!! He told me this on Thanksgiving Day, he

confided and said that he and his friend from work picked up these two sisters

at a local after hours bar then stopped to get

condoms and then went back to her house so they could pair off and fuck. He said

the guilt was bothering him so he confided and was planning on leaving me. I

completely lost it…this whole experience has taught me how much I

love him. If everything would have been peachy

between us and he cheated on me, I’d let him go, no problems. But, since I

actually feel a little responsible due to the fact that we had drifted apart, I

didn’t approach him for sex…nothing…I was able to tell him I still love him

and want to make things better between us. He told me he didn’t know if he was

in love with me anymore but would always love me. So then he said he needed a

a break to think. He moved out for 5 days, then came bawling back.

I have tried to have sex again, but he won’t.

What do you think is going on? What should I do?

I’d also like to mention that this man has a really tough schedule that he keeps

which is partly what caused us to drift in the first place, 7 days/5 nights.

We just made up, so I expected him to be more attentive towards me,

 and he hasn’t. I told him yesterday that it would be

really nice if he at least laid his arm on me at night when we go to sleep…he

does not even touch me at all!


– Hopelessly in Love



"I didn’t approach him for sex…"

Excuse me, do you have a cock? You are acting like the man in the relationship.

It is NOT your job to go to him for sex and ask him to put his arms around you.

No wonder he is distant, you are making him feel like a bitch.

He is obviously staying with you out of habit, it feels comfy.

I suggest STOPPING ALL advances towards him NOW, and I mean ALL. No "I love you", no touching, nothing.

YOU have to find out once and for all how he feels about you and if he doesn’t

show his love (he already told you he isn’t sure how he feels , he isn’t IN LOVE

with you- sorry, but you are IGNORING all of the signs. Love can make us blind, deaf

and dumb. Wake up and take off your rose colored glasses, he is an uphill battle.

  If you have any questions you want me to answer, send them my way. I always change the name for privacy.

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