Massage in Sheffield England

Email me at and put "Helen/Sheffield" in the subject line ๐Ÿ™‚


My name is Helen, I am excited to be part of the Dr. Dot team! I live in Sheffield, United Kingdom, and I have an advanced sports therapy diploma and several years experience in Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, working with various sports teams, mainly rugby. and I currently have my own sports therapy practice and also work at a weight loss boot camp in Scotland providing sports therapy and looking after the ladies and their injuries, and providing sports massage. I also do reflexology and hypnotherapy within my private practice.

The opportunity to work as a part of Dr. Dot's team is amazing! To be able to combine the occupation I love together with my passion of music is a dream come true!

I have amazing hands and lots of regular clients, and if you are planning a journey to South Yorkshire (Sheffield, Leeds, Rotherham, Doncaster etc) please feel free to book me, you won't be disappointed!

new digs

Signed the lease today for my new flat. A big bigger and MUCH safer and quieter. Can't take this place I live in ANY more. It is ground floor and anyone can just walk up to my bed room window (if they get into the court yard of the place, they can walk up to my windows and look in). A friend found this flat for me a few years ago, last minute and it is DIRT cheap but bed room window is only feet away from the glass recycling bin and hello, that is mega loud.

 Still awaiting my daughters sentencing – for taking part in an anti-racism march with other kids…. long story and I hope it blows over fast as my plate is already super full. Just killed a mosquito. Will they never learn not to enter my space? Anything with more than four legs is GOING DOWN. ha. 


Looking SO forward to the Zappanale , me and a bunch of friends are heading there together to be amongst thousands of other true Frank Zappa fans. It is the best event in the world for Zappa fans. Hands down. Going there and moving into a new flat around the same time is really going to be a handful, but it will be worth it. Been waiting for a new flat for years and I am dam picky (just like I am about music, food, men) so, it is always better to wait for something GREAT than to settle for something quick and easy. Quality, not quantity is the perfect rule.


A facebook friend sent me this video earlier, I feel like it is Christmas, aaaaaaaah…. pleasant thing to see right before I go to bed. Hey la!





Massage in Stuttgart Germany

If you want to book a massage with me, email me at and put "Birgit/Stuttgart" in the subject line.  Danke ๐Ÿ™‚



Hi, my name is Birgit. Since I can remember I was fascinated by perceiving and communicating with my hands.

My career first led me to natural science as an engineer, but my passion of perceiving and communicating with my hands remained always present. Meanwhile I run sucessfully my own high-class massage studio nearby Stuttgart. In addition it is a pleasure to me and an important part of my work, to observe appointments in hotels and on events.

I am a certified craniosacral therapist and massage therapist and specialized on classical massage and hot stone massage.

I do really love what I am doing and work with high concentration to grant every client the best massage. I am happy, proud and grateful to be part of the Dr. Dot massage team. You are welcome to book me for a classical massage or hot stone massage in my massage studio, in your hotel or backstage.

I speak German, English, Italian, Persian and a little bit of French. You will enjoy feeling fresh, light and relaxed – I am very much looking forward to meeting you!

Sweet. I want them.

It's not unusual for visually-impaired humans to rely on a guide dog – but now a shelter in Norfolk has found a blind border collie with his own inseparable canine companion.

Best friends Bonnie and Clyde were brought to the animal shelter in Norfolk after they were found wandering the streets in a rain storm.

When the pair are together Clyde, five, seems as capable as a fully sighted dog – but he won't move unless Bonnie, two, is close.

Bonnie guides him on walks or towards food and lets him rest on her when he becomes disorientated.

Cherie Cootes, who runs the Meadown Green Dog Rescue Centre in Loddon, Norfolk, said: "He totally relies on her the whole time. When she walks she tends to stop and make sure he's there – she does look out for him."

Vicky Bell, a spokeswoman for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, said she had never heard of a dog voluntarily acting as a guide for another dog.

"There's absolutely no option of homing them separately – they have to go as a pair," she said. "This is a very unusual case – it's such a lovely story.

"Some dogs take to guiding better than others because they naturally have the right temperament."

Saturday night, at home

Went out last night with a bunch of friends (most of them are from my band Bitchfest) and a couple others too, to karaoke and had a great time, then out to eat THEN to Tacheles again. I can't BELIEVE they now charge 3 euro to get in (this is an old squat that artists took over when the wall came down in Berlin). Funny how it is so commercialized now. The whole point of the place was to rebel and do art, now there is a cinema in there (two actually) and so many bars I lost count. Even the back of it, the sandy area, the humongous courtyard, charges to get in. woah!

I was supposed to go out tonight to see Joe Jackson's show (seen him many times before) and then to sing live karaoke with a band, but I just can't be asked. I need a massage instead. One of my Berlin Dot Bots is on his way over to give me two hours of PAIN! I need DEEP tissue badly! Poor guy. I know it is hell to massage me. haha. I pay well though!

 So I decided to take the new flat. I will miss this one BUT my bedroom window is RITE next to the freakin' paper and glass recycling and that will NEVER change so I am out of here. I can't sleep in this flat, it is just too LOUD. Cheap as FOOK but too loud. I have to renovate it and that will suck donkey balls, but it has to be done. Perhaps I will find some cheap help for hire and it will be easier, but no doubt about it, moving sucks. BUT change is always good. 


It was a crazy week, my daughter got arrested and thrown in JAIL here in Berlin (at the LKA ). She was in a protest march about the new military style that the Germans have, I guess it is very similar to that of the Nazi times and so many anti-facism/racism protesters took to the street ( I was NOT there so don't ask me ) and her poster which she designed had an anti-swatstika painted on it, like a soldier walking but his body resembled a swatstika. So she was grabbed by undercover cops and dragged into jail. They found the TINY can of pepper spray she ALWAYS has on her for protection and she got another charge for that too, as I guess it is considered a weapon and they are not allowed at public gatherings and the swatstika symbol is NOT allowed, even if it's an ANTI-swatstika symbol. Oh lord. They kept her in that cell and did NOT give her the one free phone call everyone is supposed to get in jail!? eh!

AND they strip searched her (totally naked). I thought the cops would spend more time fighting the nazi-skin head, right wings fucks than the left wing protesters. Baffles my mind. So we are now awaiting her sentence. I hope it is not too strong. Yikes!


Anyways, my door bell will ring any minute and I will get my two hour massage, aahhhhh. This to me, is better than any sort of party or karaoke. Massage RULES!


New John Lennon song penned from the grave?

A new JOHN LENNON song could be published from beyond the grave – 30 years after his death.

The lyrics to the song Tell Her Now were penned by the murdered Beatle in the 1960s, but no music was ever written to go with them.

Now it has been revealed his son JULIAN is working on a project to write music for the song and to publish it.

The lyrics are part of a private collection which Julian accquired after his father was killed on December 8 1980.

The song consists of two verses and a chorus:

"Little girl I've come to stay

"And this time I just have to say

"I love you

"If she turns you down and you're rejected

"Try again the best you can

"Call to see her when you're least expected

"Tell her now she'll understand."


Julian said: "I don't believe the lyrics have been used anywhere.

"If the time was right, if it felt right, then I would consider looking at the lyrics and maybe trying to work with them and write something.

"But obviously only in honour of Dad. I guess in some respect it would be like coming home."

It is not known exactly when John penned the lyrics.

However if they date from 1966 the girl he speaks of could be YOKO ONO as John met her for the first time in November that year.

The lyrics are on display at the Beatles Story in Liverpool as part of a new exhibition, White Feather: The Spirit of Lennon.


Berlin, July 2009


Some pictures I took this day and night (some were taken with Blackberry, some with camera, hence the difference in quality)


This gorgeous shot was taken by Scruff with his camera ^ He is an amazing photographer 

This is the waterfall at Kreuzberg park aka Viktoria Park, near my house. 


 Reichtag ^ (Berlin's Capital building)



 The most disgusting toilet I have seen in a long time ^ inside Tacheles

Scruff in Tacheles (he was in a great mood, don't know why he looks so serious here) 


Me and my old pal Robin ^ ( I haven't seen her in TEN years!). We all went out to eat together and it was great catching up with her. She is American and used to live in Berlin. She now lives in Glasgow and is married with a child. LOVE HER. 


What happened to the band ‘Happy Head’? I love their song “Baby USA”

a tiny piece of america
nearly blew me apart
driving on the wrong side
of my english heart
i found myself caught in mid-stream
i had a dream of a brand-new start

phone lines lie across the atlantic
i guess it's time to fly trans-romantic

are you lonesome Baby usa?
i heard you cry 3,000 miles away
go west young man you said
and i was on my way
don't shoot-i love you baby usa

once upon a time my world
was an open book
the pages turned but i stayed put
now like a pilgrim on
plymouth sound
i'm america bound hand and foot

that's the pull of love's

a continental drift in my direction
a yellow cab from here to eternity
a fifty-floor building points
to all things heavenly
down the roots of high anxiety
there's just another story
from the naked city

don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa


Lyrics by Happy Head