Massage in Zurich Switzerland

Hello my name is Antonia and I am 29 years old.

Since 9 years I live in the beautiful Zurich. Originally, I grew up in St. Gallen.
I am a certified Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist.

Russian Television News Station uses my video footage

I guess News Stations don't even need to interview people anymore they just help themselves to footage and sound bites to build their own stories. At least they didn't speak in a negative way about “Misha” or me in this clip, like the Georgian News did. Imagine that, the Russians being nicer to Misha than the Georgians, lol. Would LOVE to let this crap die, but more of it keeps surfacing.

People need to understand, EVERYONE deserves a great massage. Massage doesn't just feel good, it increases blood circulation, boosts the immune system and helps one sleep better at night. People have been giving and receiving massages for over 2,000 years. What is the big deal?

I just happen to use a unique massage method called the Bite Method sometimes, but I wonder where they got the idea that I bit the President? NO WHERE in my blog or video's does it say this. Trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces, tsk tsk.

Massage in Zurich Switzerland

Hi, my name is Mladen. I am from Zurich and work here as a professional masseur.

Since I’ve been doing fitness sports for more than 8 years and have learned a lot about body and muscle functions, I was always thinking about starting a career as a professional masseur. That way I would be able to help people to loose the pain in their muscles, to get new energy and to feel relaxed.

So I decided to start my career as a professional masseur, accomplished very successfully my studies and became a Dipl. Wellness-Masseur. As soon as I got my diploma I started working as a sports masseur for football teams in Switzerland. I worked also in a Sauna as a Dipl. Wellness-Masseur and am working now downtown Zurich as a Hamam-Masseur.

I am specialized in deep tissue, foot reflex, shiatsu-akupressure and trigger points. I also invented my own massage which is a mixture of deep tissue and other energy points, that get lost energy back and free the muscles from pain in very short time! My massage is called Djomi-Massage.

When I’ve heard about Dr. Dot I knew that this is the right team to be in. Because only the best join her team, and she know who is the best, since she works with passion and talent and I do that too!

I am available 24/7 in Zurich & agglomeration and am available for tours if required. Just email me at and put “Mladen/Zurich” in the subject line to reach me fastest.

Kid “ROCKS” New York City

It is 9:30 am and I am STILL UP! NYC is sucking all the juice and energy out of me but I am getting a lot done. Too much I guess. I don’t have the time/energy to write a full blog right now, but Kid Rock was in town because he sang with the Allman brothers Friday night at the Beacon Theater. He texted me the next morning for a massage. I was fast asleep but got back to him a bit later as you can see below. What a HILARIOUS guy he is. OMFG. Down to earth, generous, polite and funny as FUCK. Anyhow, I will try to write more soon, but I have to get my ass to bed.

ps. My German cell has only rang twice since I have been here. When I land in Berlin, it taakes a couple WEEKS to get back into the loop, get my friends and clients going again. In NYC, I am not even out of the fucking plane and my blackberry is practically on fire from too many calls, texts, emails. I am immediately back in the loop/swing of things. Clearly the best place for me to be for my career/business is NYC. I do love Berlin too, but omg, I will never decide. going to bed for real this time. Surprised

Ask Dr. Dot March 27 2009


Ok, here is my problem. I love women. I love women a lot. Maybe too much. The problem is
that most women can only get me excited one time and one time only. I look at them completely
different as soon as the act is finished. I don't even want to ever talk to them again.
I feel horrible. Like I am a bad person. I am 40 and see no sign of slowing down. Any
idea why I feel this way? Am I a fucking asshole? Am I a freak?
Johnny Apple-seed


I feel the same way sometimes. You aren’t a “bad person” in fact being “fruitful and multiplying”
is what being a man is all about, genetically. I am sure a lot of people feel that way,
maybe not to that extreme, but a tad, it’s just they can’t do much about it, as relationships
and social responsibility renders the ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ routine. As long as you are
completely up front with your conquest before you dive in, and they are cool with your motto,
why beat yourself up over it? Maybe someday you will meet your match and fall in love. Hopefully