My friend Chris Jagger will peform in the UK soon…

Chris is a sweet heart. It's hard being a musician when your big brother is Mick Jagger. Chris never asks for help and has his own cool style. His band is called "Atcha".

He is fantastic, I have known him for years and highly suggest checking out his band if you are in the area


The guilt is going to kill me

I am so f*cking busy since I landed, massage clients of mine are kind of fighting over who gets the next massage. They have been waiting for months, so new clients sadly have to wait a bit. This one man has been asking for a massage the last couple days and I told him he could have one next week. Now I feel like a prick. Look what he wrote me today:



"We had spoken / e-mailed several months ago. I had read some of your advice in the New York Press. I had written to you and you always responded to me in a very funny and considerate way. As a normal man, your picture attached to your
work always drove me crazy. Anyway, I'm in the Army Reserves and my unit is
being activated. I am leaving the city today and will be head to Camp Shelby,
Mississippi on September 3rd to get ready for our deployment. for the past few
weeks, I've been doing some things in the city that I had thought about but
never did. For example, earlier this month I went to my first Yankees game.
I've been hitting restaurants that I've seen but never tried. Things like that.
Yesterday I got this wild idea that perhaps I would be able to meet you so I
took a chance and decided to write. I should have planned ahead but I won't get
into my organizational abilities. Unfortunately, I will have to wait many
months until I get the opportunity to meet you.

Thank you for getting back to me.


 I hope he makes it back to the US alive. 

Fuck George Bush and the Government for sending so many people to fight wars he started. I was thinking something last night that will sound like me nagging AGAIN, but it's my blog and I will vent if I want to. So there. One thing that pisses me off SO MUCH about the USA is the fucking AIR CONDITIONING. It is SO FUCKING COLD in all restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, cars, homes, hotels, omfg!!! I went into Blimpies last night (sandwich shop that originated in Hoboken, NJ) and ordered a healthy sub on whole wheat but it was BELOW zero in there (all employees wearing heavy sweat shirts, jeans, hats) that I HAD to take it to go. I ate it in my fucking car outside. I turned blue just waiting for them to put the sandwich together, couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there.  You go out to eat here and it's colder than a meat locker. THEN they serve you ICE WATER. OMFG. I don't know ANYONE in Europe who has an air condition and my friends all think I am a diva because I have a fan in my room. A tiny, plastic fan, mostly to drown out the noise of my annoying neighbors who love to recycle their glass bottles at 8 am. My friends whine about how much electricity my fan is using. ha ha. If they ONLY knew what goes on over here in yank land. 

 Jasmine told me during her school orientation she had to wear a jacket, hat and scarf as she was freezing. What the FUCK is wrong with this place? Every apartment I have been in has at LEAST two air conditioners running full power, full time. NO WONDER there is an energy crisis. Come on people. It is summer, enjoy the summer weather. You HAVE to bring so much clothing with you when you go out here. It is HOT as FUCK outside, but if you go ANYWHERE indoors, you freeze your cunt off. Most Americans are over weight, which makes them sweat and feel extra hot, so they "need" the air conditioning so they don't sweat like a pig. If everyone would eat less, use less energy, the world MIGHT start to like us. BUT NO, we were NEVER taught to think this way here in the USA. No one teaches you to turn off lights when you leave a room, turn down the heat if you don't need it, recycle, etc. They just consume, consume, CONSUME without thinking "hey, maybe I should do my part and save electricity and energy and recycle as the world is only getting more and more crowded and someday energy supplies may deplete!". You would think the massive BLACK OUTS they have would wake people up. BUT NO! The Government would never hold a press conference and say "come on people!!! recycle or fucking die!!" because we have to keep up the "land of the free" charade. 

Land of the FREE: Free to waste, free to ignore, free to consume without any concerns of the rest of the world, which, like it or not, do effect everyone. I find myself wearing MORE clothes in the summer here than I do in the winter. It's out of control. THEN there are the dryers. Everyone in the USA has a dryer to dry their clothes. I don't know ANYONE in Germany that owns a dryer. NO ONE. We hang our shit dry and it's no big deal. Clothes last MUCH longer that way anyways. I even hung Jasmine's cloth diapers dry every fucking day. Took a while, but it feels great to conserve. It's hard coming back here to the land of waste, I mean, plenty. 

Cracked me up the other day (more like a smirk of disbelief) when they were discussing on the news how Californians are the first folk in the USA to start taking care of their left over food wastes. AS IN, instead of throwing your orange peels and left over food in the normal trash, they put it all in a special container, handed out to them by the town office and it gets picked up and used as fuel/soil fertilizer. NO FUCKING SHIT Sherlock. I have been doing that, just like everyone else in Germany and most of Europe for YEARS. In the USA, they even have garbage disposals built into their sinks and they STILL throw left overs in the trash, which is why we have land fill problems. We have to wake up here and change the way we do things. It's so annoying how far "we" are behind here in the USA. Very sad. I apologize for our ignorance. Sorry. 


The kind of stuff that makes my job oh so worth it..

Woke up today to hundreds of emails to plow through, yet this is the one that made me feel all warm inside. sigh:



"Aug 28, 2008 3:19 PM


El Paso


Hey there Dr. Dot!! I graduate in one freakin month from Massage! Yay! Anywho, I am the "Black Sheep" in my class. Lol, I am edgier, I am open, opinionated, and fun. After realizing how Motivated I am to excel, my way, in a predominantly "stiff" massage world, my teacher told me about you. He said "youre more her speed" lol. I noticed you dont have anyone in El Paso on the Dr. Dot board, so after I graduate I'm gonna kick my own ass if I dont at least give it a shot to be a part of the Dr. Dot experience.
So be on the lookout for me! And thanx for showin the world that massage can be Therapuetic AND Fun!!! Keep it Rockin!



NYC is still fabulous

The last few days I spent in Berlin, I was living off of 4 to 5 hours of sleep and loads of extra stress. I had ONE hour of sleep the “night” before I left for NYC so when I got on the plane, I was craving shut eye something fierce.

Finally back in NYC and started massaging as soon as I hit the ground.

Got a message that Adam of Maroon 5 wants a massage ASAP…


This was taken the last time I massaged Adam ^ and you can see his left arm wasn’t covered yet in his new tattoo:

Maroon 5 is on tour and I am handling their massage needs (sending out Dot Bots to any show they want a massage at) but Adam is in town just to finish his sleeve tattoo ^ above. I think it looks fucking awesome. Forgot the name of the tattoo artist, but I know it wasn’t done at Last Writes (where I had mine done).


Closer look ^

Anyways, after I massaged Adam I had to rush over to massage Billy Idol’s manager. I have also been taking care of the Billy Idol tour, massage wise. Going to see his show tomorrow here in the city. Super excited as he has Brian Tichy on drums, I LOVE watching Brian play. OMG!!

Jasmine starts University tomorrow, another OMG. We are preparing and getting ready to move her into her dorm tomorrow early. Sleep is a thing of the past for me. Still getting over 400 emails per day too. I can hear my heart beating, it’s that loud. Heart attack approaching soon, stay tuned. lol. PLUS all of my regular clients all want a massage (They say they have been waiting months) and every friend and relative all want to chat on the phone, I am gonna snap. Hoping things settle down soon, but that is never the case when you are anywhere near NYC. This place is alive and kicking and the energy it radiates is contagious and can not be stopped. The weather here is AMAZING. Hot, sunny, nice breeze!! FINALLY I got a bit of summer. YAY!!
Jasmine wants to go power walking, gotta go


ps.NEWESTย  Maroon 5 tour dates:

Maroon 5 2013

02/25 Grand Rapids, MI- Van Andel Arena
02/27 Kansas City, MO- Sprint Center < Dr. Zach
03/01 Moline, IL- I Wireless Center
03/03 Omaha, NE- CenturyLink Center Omaha
03/04 Saint Paul, MN- Xcel Energy Center
03/07 Calgary, AB- Scotiabank Saddledome
03/09 Vancouver, BC- Rogers Arena
03/11 Seattle, WA- KeyArena at Seattle Center
03/13 San Jose, CA- HP Pavilion at San Jose
03/15 Los Angeles, CA- Staples Center
03/16 Las Vegas, NV- Mandalay Bay Events Center
03/19 Houston, TX- Toyota Center
03/21 Dallas, TX- American Airlines Center < ABBY
03/22 Tulsa, OK- BOK Center
03/24 Nashville, TN- Bridgestone Arena
03/26 Birmingham, AL- BJCC Arena
03/27 Atlanta, GA- Philips Arena < ALICE
03/29 Sunrise, FL- BB&T Center
03/30 Orlando, FL- Amway Center
04/01 Jacksonville, FL- Jacksonville Veterans Mem. Arena < BRANDI
04/03 Washington, DC- Verizon Center
04/04 Philadelphia, PA- Wells Fargo Center
04/06 Rosemont, IL- Allstate Arena

Leaving Berlin for a while :(

Going mad here trying to pack for my trip to NYC. I will be there a few months, not even sure how long this time. I do NOT want to leave Berlin. I love it here now. How crazy is that? I always do things ass backwards, ugh!!

Anyhow, I interviewed Joe Jackson for the Exberliner magazine, the English magazine for Germany; same one I have been writing my sex column for since it began 6 years ago. Joe is very private and I was surprised he agreed to do the interview at all and NOW, I am proud to say, it is the cover story and his picture takes up the whole cover of the September issue. Guess I will only be able to see it online as I am leaving to NYC in a few days. 

Recently I have had many friends pass through Berlin and I showed them around a bit, as much as I could. First, Norm, my buddy from San Diego and bassist for the band Hard Echo came to Berlin-

then Tina, Robin, John and Shirley who are ALL  into Frank Zappa as much as I am, came this past Monday, and they brought two friends along with them as well (they all went to thZappanale , the same Zappa festival I went to last summer). I sadly didn't make it this year, but will be there next summer, hopefully. They passed through Berlin and we all went out and explored and quoted Zappa all night, wicked fun!!


Here are some pics..

Hard Echo in the house!!  ^ (Norm is the Blonde and "Prince Harry" is on the right ๐Ÿ™‚

Standard tourist spot, the bombed "blue church" on the Ku'Damm ^


Tina and I at Potsdamer Platz ^  

 Robin and I ^ at same tourist trap (gasp, pieces of the WALL! oh my my)



Robin, Shirley, Tina and John a the Brandenburger Tor (gate) ^

John, from Chicago, is a massive Zappa fan and knows Cynthia Plaster-Caster personally (hoping I can get a good deal on the Jimi Hendrix cock replica (below)  Laughing


Raising ^ HELL in Murry's Irish pub at 1am (they had to be at airport by 5am, YIKES!) 

 Looking forward to going back home to NYC, to see Jasmine and then up to CT  for my class reunion and THEN to Boston to visit friends, family and loved ones and my DAWGY Frankie is in CT waiting for me too, but I am truly gutted to leave Berlin. This time its really hard because I know Jasmine will be studying for 4 years in NYC, so coming back to Berlin won't be so urgent. I know people all over the world, but I have more real friends in Berlin than anywhere else. It takes YEARS to earn someone's friendship here in Berlin, but once you do, you can trust them with your house keys, bank card, child, everything. My heart is truly torn in two (Berlin/NYC). Funny thing is, Joe Jackson is in the same boat. He too loves Berlin and NYC and he too, can't decide. So we both go on, living in both places. It's great knowing someone else in the same boat. sigh.


I have to go pack


 Dr. Dot 

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My kinda guy

He got fired from Burger King for taking a bubble bath in their sink, while on the clock. BRILLIANT idea! ha ha

 Hey, at least he BATHES, which is more we can say for Kentucky Fried Chicken employees.  Wink