More Zappa drama ( this time, Pro- Gail)

Here is Ed Mann's (Zappa alumni) opinion on this whole situation. (Not sent to me, but forwarded to me)


Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Gail vs the Germans

Hey Everyone
re: this event

I have to say that I agree with Gail – ARF fucked up royally, Just meeting Ahmet is in no way making an agreement with ZFT, nor is having Napoleon sing with Sheik Yerbouti any form of tacit endorsement by ZFT, and for ARF to mention those things as some sort of defense and their "18 years" of all they have been thru with ZFT, ARF did not see this coming? THAT is Dumb.

To be clear: ARF Head is a capitalizing promoter, just like any other promoter. The leader is a super duper capitalist who knows how to make gazillions Euro. Yes he has poured money into Z-nale but he is also building an institution which someday will make him lots of money, he is a guy who understands investment and return, just like Frank did.

I have read some responses in which z-fans react with this pre-enabled hate towards Gail and ZFT about "being ripped off for ticket money because of Gail" – This is not Gail acting out against the fans, this is the result of the promoters/ARF lack of professional procedure which then leads to bad experiences for fans. For an event this Big – naming a street for her husband, ARF should have contacted Gail formally long ago when this was in the planning stages (they have been into this for a couple of years), offer to fly her over and put her up in a grand hotel, ask her to speak, show her every respect, pay her a great fee, and then get on with it. This BTW is not unusual, the surviving spouses of many great composers required similar – fees, etc.

ARF operates in a big self created arena that is all about celebrating and making money off of FZ's persona. I recognize that they love FZ to death too and I understand the healing effect FZ's work has on the post WWII German populace. But if anyone wonders why there is such animosity toward ARF from Gail, I think this example serves to illuminate the big "why"….and now that the event is happening ARF is doing the crybaby thing and pointing fingers at Gail? Really Really Dumb.

It is big-time non-pro fuck-up shit like this that just makes it worse for the Zappa community at large.




From: yellowshark
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 9:11 AM
Subject: Re: Gail against the Germans

Dear Ed,
Many thanks for these bright prospects, you’re wishing for Zappanales and Arf-Societies future in your email dated July 26, 2007.
We more than hope your guess – we’ll get a return of investment in the near future – comes true! This will be the safest and only base for all music – and zappa-interested people – worldwide, to enjoy more sophisticated and successful Zappanale festivals in the coming years.
We are honoured to read, that you really compare our voluntary work with Frank Zappas professionalism and cleverness. You’re absolutely right, saying that we acted naive and really unprofessional when we first tried to make contact to Gail and the ZFT, but even we are learning more about this year after year.
Do you really believe a more professional behaviour would have had any influence on Gail's reaction to our simple request of cooperation? I don’t! All she said in a telephone call (oh yes we talked to her personally) is the only chance for cooperation is:
If she gets total control about who’s allowed to play and all musicians have to subordinate their program under her creativity.
Thanks again Ed, maybe we see you back on stage in Bad Doberan one of the next years! If all your good wishes for us come true, we should get the chance to get you financed again.
By the way, Arf-Society has never had, or will have, any influence on Gail's behaviour. All we do is support her business, as allowing to sell her products at the festival through traders, who are all members of the Arf-Society, without asking any charges for this.
All of our Zappanale-CD’s and DVD’s are officially registered by the German GEMA, to keep the composers rights and the ZFT is paid by this.
Come on Ed, who’s got the return of investment?
We better should tell the fanbase about this.


Thomas Dippel
President Arf-Society e.V.


From: Ed Mann
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: Gail against the Germans

Greetings Thomas,
I do absolutely mean what I wrote and yes I do believe that the building of a Brand is what is going on. Wolfhard knows well how to invest and make money and one day Z-nale will be a money maker…any fans that choose to volunteer are unpaid workers toward this end result. Wolfhard KNOWS how to make money. In the case of Z-nale, FZ is his Brand. And I do believe that the years of problems between Gail and Z-nale has turned to Gail vs. the entire Zappa alumni (save Terry and Steve). Z-nale has played a part in making that worse and it has been going on for so long that now things are worse than ever. Sorry to say this; I do not intend to hurt anyone, but this is the truth as I see it. That ARF did not see this coming (from Gail) for the upcoming street-naming event amazes me. I do believe that before things were in place, the right kind of organization, professionalism and respectful pre-contact with Gail would have resulted in a positive effect.
So to be positive, take this for what it is worth, ARF would be well advised to bring their activities up to professional standards and not let unskilled volunteers be given the authority to make critical ARF decisions. The way I see it now, as a result of the street naming event and how things have transpired, and Gail's reaction to it – progress has been set back a good 5-10 years for the entire Zappa community.
I am just being honest with you.

Best wishes


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Frank Zappa street in Berlin (the unveiling ceremony)

Just a preview of one of the upcoming massive blogs. I was at the unveiling of the one and only Frank Zappa street tonight (well, last night in Berlin). Sheil Yerbouti, a Zappa tribute band headlined and the very famous and talented Zappa alumni, Napi (above ^)  joined the band. He plays with many Zappa tribute bands and he always steals the show πŸ˜‰

I read an open  letter from Bobby Zappa  to the fans which gave  his blessings for the Zappa street ceremony. I also joined Sheik Yerbouti and sang "I am the slime" with them. Much fun. I will finish this blog in a few days, I still have to do my Dublin blog. I have loads of pics to crop and upload and all that writing too.. and I have to get ready and pack for the upcoming, 18th annual Frank Zappa fest called Zappanale. Battling a lung infection again, wondering if Steve Vai passed that flu onto me accidentally in Dublin, if so, I would have to say I have the Steve Vai-rus. heh heh.


Sorry Dweezil, didn’t mean for YOU to be offended.

Dweezil read my blog and emailed me; he is disappointed by my comments, which were aimed at Gail, not him.


It is a fine line I walk, trying to speak (write) my thoughts without hurting anyone, but yet, I am not one to brown-nose either. Most of my blogs are very complimentary, but sometimes they hurt and disappoint. I strongly believe in the words and music of Frank Zappa and believe bands and fans have the right to play his music (they should pay the royalties of course).

I hope someday the whole mess between Mrs. Zappa and the Zappa fans and festivals comes to  a peaceful solution. I think Dweezil should headline at the famous annual Zappa festival in Germany, like Ozzy headlines his Ozfest, but that's just a dream I guess.

I adore Dweezil and always will.  I have yet to do an interview without mentioning Frank Zappa. I do more PR for ZAPPA then anyone around. I have done since 20 years.

A few Zappa fans (one is actually a Zappa alumni that wishes to remain anonymous) have responded to this blog today and I thought I would share that with you….



My favorite line is when Bobby called Gail "mean spirited, untalented and money-hungry." In my opinion the most horrible thing Gail does is alienate the kids from their aunt and uncles. I know you keep in touch with Dweezil. Ask him why he hasn't spoken with Candy in 14 years, even though Candy has tried to get in contact with him. Ask him why Carl had to sell his jacket on Ebay two years ago just to pay rent. IT'S FRANK'S BROTHER FOR GOD'S SAKE! I was a mild supporter of Gail until this. For Christ's sake it's just a goddamn street! I don't know. Take care, James.

Gail= Mommy Dearest  



Thank you Dot,

You brought it to the point!

All we want is cooperation, our biggest dream is to have Dweezil on stage,
and I'm shure he knows this deep in his heart.
He never will have the chance to find a better promoter for his music in the
zappascene than us.

These are my true words and wishes! I love what he's doing, I went to his
shows in Germany and will go again this year.
He needs to get undepentend from his mother, to realize a career he's
supposed too.

Tell him!
Thomas ARF Society 
3) (from the Zappa alumni)
Fuck that!!
EVERYONE has asked over and over and over for 'permission'
bottom line--- YOU CAN RELEASE MUSIC and the ARTIST
GETS paid, period. they cannot control it!!
Like you said -- that's why the beatles music, zeppelin etc can  be  
you simply pay the publishing amounts, it's all legally worked out, you
simply look it up (online) enter all the info about your cd sales,,,,and
This  (Dweezil's response) is a lame response on his part- very naive. and he
NEVER addresses your very good points
 He Dweezil, if you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'EM!
The one thing I agree with Dweezil in his letter is that Gail has every
right to protect Frank's music, but why is she so determined to
alienate his fans? I know that when ZPZ plays a concert the money goes
back to the ZFT. But, like you suggested, if Gail could give a little
I'm sure Arf-Society would gladly give a percentage of their profits to
Gail. It just take a little cooperation on both ends.
I hate this unholy war, but your response to Dweez was pretty cool. It does
seem that he (too) is somewhat misinformed. I'm not sure what he means by the
"many inappropriate things" the Arf Society have done, but I'm pretty sure they
haven't ever made a profit from staging Zappanale. Not ever.


As regards the t-shirts, for the last four events these haven't
featured any trademarks that I can discern (I'm wearing last year's right now,
which simply says "2006 Zappanale" on the front, and lists the bands that played
on the back). A few years ago, they had what I thought was a psychedelic bird,
that was probably in fact an abstract tache and imperial, but certainly nothing
like the copyrighted ZFT version (took me a year to work out that's what it
might be). Prior to that, for the star-studded Zappanale #13, they had a bad
drawing of Frank on the toilet, which I'm pretty sure the ZFT does not have any
claim to and which, if they did, their attorneys would be knocking on your door
about right now! In any event, as you rightly point out, fans wearing these
shirts simply promote FZ's music. As for the festival discs, I compiled last
year's in my precious spare time for NOTHING and I know that the Arfs ensure
both the CDs and DVDs are officially
registered by the German GEMA to keep the composers rights and the ZFT


bottom line is: Zappanale is put on by fans for the fans. The Arfs may be a
little naive, but if they were to get totally professional the event would
lose most of its charm and probably a lot of its hard-core fans.

Half of Ahment, Frank and 3/4 of me ^

Ask Dr.Dot round 162

These are questions sent to me per email. This is NOT me just randomly speaking/writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So many people have written to me thinking the question below was about me; written by me. HELLO! Can't they READ!? DOH!


Next week I turn 40, a pretty major milestone. I have gone through my life so far
 and failed to find a good man. All the men I have been involved with have mostly
 turned out to be wasters or assholes. I look around at my friends and most are
 happily married, or divorced and resettled with a partner. I am attractive, and
look young for my age (fitness instructor) but I just attract assholes. I am
depressed that I am as old as I am and have no reliable man in my life. It seems
 to me that love is like a sale, if you turn up late all the good stuff is gone.
 Most guys that try to hit on me are sleazy with no class; they would not make a
good partner. I guess what I am asking have I left it too late?
What about having kids? It feels like there is so little time left. I want to
come home to somebody; I don't want to end up 70 rocking away on my own by the
fire. I am too old to play games.

Birthday Barb

 ^ Madonna was hot at age 40 (& still is)


40 is not old. Realize your main goal. Is it mostly having a child or a man? If it
 is, there are many ways of getting pregnant to get that part underway. I am wondering
 where you meet these sleazy assholes and how you dress. The environment you hang
 out in and the way you dress tend to dictate what kind of men you attract. We have
 the advantage of adjusting our selves according to what mood we are in. Example given,
 if you are horny and just want a fuck, you can go out to a local bar wearing a short
 shirt, low cut shirt and lots of make up to give off the "I’m in heat" vibe. The next
day, you could wear a long skirt, decent top and hang out in a cafe and give off a
very non sexual vibe. Be the partner you wish to attract; as in, if you want a sporty
guy, put yourself in a sporty atmosphere and so on. Finding a partner online is now
a common thing but you have to be very specific as to what you want. "Good looking
mature woman seeks grounded man to start a family with". No need to beat around the
 bush when you feel you are running out of time. You can find love at any age, but
having kids may make you feel pressured by your bio clock. Trying to help you without
 know where you live, what your financial status is (you could always buy an egg
later on) is a bit difficult but all in all, Birthdays tend to bring anyone over 30
 down for a month or two but don't fret, many people have kids over 40 (or adopt) and
you can find love at every age. Who says it has to be a man that will make you happy
anyways? Chin up girl, you are still younger than Madonna.

Why are woman attracted to "bad boys"? What are they doing that attracts woman?
And what’s the best sexual position that a couple could use if the woman is trying
to get the deepest penetration?

Wee Little Willy

There is something irresistible about tough guys

"Bad boys" don't go out of their way to be bad. They just don't give a shit. They
 don't call and thank the woman for the great sex; they don't call when they say
they will call; they flirt when they are out on a date with other girls; they cheat,
 lie, steal, ridicule and are just plain insensitive. They attract women with low
self esteem, who subconsciously feel they deserve to be treated badly (probably
because one or both of their parents, namely DAD, wasn't there or didn't give a fuck).
 Doggy Style will make your tiny cock seem like an Anaconda if you can keep it hard, that is.

OMFG! I was going down on my girlfriend, and she was loving it, we where almost 20
minutes into it then she pulled my head and said "you gotta stop or I’m gonna shit on myself"!,
 and I asked her if she was serious and she said she was, and we ended it, but I wanted to
 know is could that really happen? How common is that?
Scared Shitless

If you fuck/suck after having an Indian or Mexican dinner, it can happen.
She may have felt a fart coming on, but wasn't sure; but like she said, it's best that you
got the hell out of there when you did. I used to hang around with the British Soldiers in
Berlin (we all make mistakes) and I saw many guys shit themselves while and/or after drinking.
One of my friends told me that while fucking her drunken ex-boyfriend, she realized that
 he shit himself and it got all over them and the bed. So alcohol usually contributes to
shitty situations. Avoid eating a few hours before sex so the bowels remain empty. And,
once you eat, a lot of your blood goes to your stomach for digestion, leaving your genitals
 short on blood supply. You can get off better when you are tad hungry and all the blood can
 engorge your naughty parts and there will be less, well, shit going on.

 I'm in my early 30s and I've been messing around with this MILF for the last month,
we rarely use protection (I know it's not wise), really she's more like a GILF, because
she'll be 60 in a few months, but anyway she recently informed me that she might be pregnant,
there's a lot of problems that I have with her telling ME that, but one of the questions
that pops in my mind is, isn't she too old to conceive a child?  I mean how likely is
that that a woman her age can get pregnant? Aren't her eggs to old?
Granny Shagger

It's as about as likely as finding a snowball in hell. I think she may be enjoying a
bit of wishful thinking. Some Hollywood stars get pregnant around age 50 (Geena Davis
 or Marcia Cross for example) but it's because they are artificially inseminated with
 someone else’s egg fertilized by their man's sperm (or anyone's sperm). But this
 procedure cost an enormous chunk of change that I doubt your horny GILF has stashed
in her coffee can. Once a woman stops having her period, she can't get pregnant anymore.
Have you ever asked her about her period? Has she ever mentioned it?
Don't panic just yet.

I need help! It’s been a year since my lady of 15
years dumped me and moved away. I can't move on! I’ve
tried everything! Riding my bike, making art, fixing up
my place going to shows drinking so much I fucked up
my liver (I’m sober now.) I can't sleep. Sometimes I'm up
for 3 days straight even though I exercise and take
sleeping pills. I’m a normal horny straight 36 year
old with modest needs but I can't seem to meet anybody
or get back in the saddle. My roomates gay and he offered
to set me but I’m hetro. It's been 15 years! I don't
how to talk to women! Dumb right. I’m confused, lonely
and really have lost my will to live. I love my ex
but she ain’t comin' back. Should I focus on work and
just chill? I know this column is usually for sex talk and
such but I was hoping you might have advice on
matters of the heart. How I can forget and just say "fuck it!"
and move on. I even started doing graffiti again just
to get a rush and a high but I’m to fuckin' to old
to be tagging!
Buried Alive in the Blues

I feel you, but we ALL have to have our heart broken once
and to break someone's heart once in order for love to really work out.
We have all been there, where life doesn't seem like living anymore and no
one else can compare. The good news is, life does go one and time does
heal ALL wounds. Go on and have a good long cry and write down the good
things about her and the bad things about her then tear it up and throw
it away. Have a long
bath, long jog or walk and concentrate on making your body nice and healthy.

If you are happy in your job and where you live, your body and health should
be your main focus. If you hate your job and your home, maybe it's time for a
whole new life; a big change. Maybe you can move and start over. You are still
younger than Brad Pitt for fuck’s sake.
Stop wallowing in your self pity; we have ALL had this shit happen to us.
There are people all over the world with worse problems. Concentrate on the
positive things, like your age, health, freedom, etc.

Try not to listen to your gay room mate; most gays aren't specialists on giving
a hetero man pep talks on how to meet women! They prefer to try and convince
you to turn gay instead.

Don't try to forget her, just remember the good times and learn from any
mistakes that were made. You haven't really lost anyone unless they are dead.
Listen to some Frank Zappa and he will help you see it's not such a big deal,
particularly the song "Broken Hearts are for Assholes". This will shed some
light on the subject and help you move on with a smile.


I met a guy but I am being warned off by my friend for an odd reason. He is
cool smart and wicked hot. My friend said I shouldn't
go out with him because he is a redhead. She has told me a lot of rumors
about them. She says they are more promiscuous and that they have a wild
temper. She also said that they are extremely stubborn. She had a redhead
who was a good kisser but he was always in trouble and was
unpredictable and crazy. So far this guy has been pretty cool but what my
 friend said is bothering me. He does have an interesting personality he is
either loud and entertaining or really quiet and it changes on a dime. I
like that about him but does it mean he’s insane? Or is my friend trying
to sabotage it? She
seems to like him as well.

Riding Little Red in the Hood

< I'd hit it

She’s had “a” red head and now she’s an expert?
And since when is “Unpredictable” a bad trait? Do you want a boring, predictable
push over that follows a certain routine? Perhaps you should get a cat, not a man.
Red heads tend to have a temper due to all the harassment they get at school for
being different, but it's shallow and ignorant to say they are the more promiscuous
than blonde or brunette men. That's like saying Blondes are stupid.
I say try him out and tell your friend to calm the fuck down. Besides, all that pent
up frustration and temper comes out nicely in bed. 

 I’m a 60 yr. old single man but look about 15 to 20 years
younger; women I meet just assume I’m younger and I’m in the
entertainment field, should I tell them or just let them assume since I am in a
very vain business working or in social scenes? I use to own my own adult party
club for almost 20 years and it really was an alternative lifestyle for me since
naked was the code of dress and seeing sexual acts was the norm. I became so
jaded that only threesomes, two bi-women and me or anal sex seems to appeal to
me, I have been on the sidelines so to speak for a couple of years and about to
come into windfall of money! I feel that my sexual attitude will work against me
in trying to meet a single lady who is not into my sexual views. What is your
take on this?
Hef Wannabe

You have two different issues to address here: your age and your sexual appetite.
Lets talk about your age first.
Even if you are chatting up women 20 or even 30 years younger than you, I
really doubt they would bring up the topic of age. Even a woman half your
age is at that point where women don't like talking about their age, so you
have that to your advantage. If they ask you your age, they know you will
be asking theirs and we don't want that so you are pretty much in the clear.
If they come straight out and ask, they are probably too ignorant to fuck anyways
and/or you could answer then with a snappy: "I am younger than Mick Jagger"
or "Old enough to know what I'm doing" or something coy like that.
Don't lie about your age, just answer the question with a question and a smile
on your face. Age doesn't matter. Charm and manners matter.
Secondly, many men would love threesomes, anal and to at least take part in one
orgy, but not all women have the same wild sexual views/aspirations that you have
 being the naughty sex connoisseur that you are. You have seen and done it all
 and have a tiny sexual attention span.
Women over 35 are usually at their sexual peak and open for experimenting.
I wouldn't exactly request a threesome on the first date; slowly show your freaky
 side to new women you meet. No need to lie or pretend, just avoid telling them
everything up front (your erotic film career etc). Telling them you work in the
 film industry would suffice at first.
At your age, using your wealth as an asset to lure women isn't tacky, it's just
reality; everyone uses what they have (looks/giant genitals/money/power) if they need to,
but showing all your cards too quickly could attract gold diggers, but if you don't mind,
then you really have nothing to worry about. Embrace your dirty old man era with gusto.

Just yesterday me and my boyfriend had sex (I was a virgin). We both had fun but there
 were a few things I was wondering about. He didn't exactly "Pop my cherry" which
 worries me slightly because it kinda hurt when he was going in but I didn’t bleed
 and neither of us ended up cumming. We tried two different positions for about an hour.
 He said from what he has read it only takes about 5 minutes. I may be new at this,
 but that sounds like rush hour traffic to me. 
Sandra Dee.

Sometimes it takes women years to figure out how to orgasm. He may have not cum because
 (1) He was nervous (2) He already wanked his dick raw before meeting up with you.
Popping one's cherry isn't a giant bloody production like you imagine.
The Hymen is a fold of mucous membrane up there that is easily ripped once you have
been penetrated. Some girls bleed and others don’t. Some break theirs if they shove
a tampon up there too violently.
You may want to buy some lube and use a tiny bit on your clam to ease entry pain.
It may hurt but the longer he spends on foreplay, the more he gets your juices flowing,
 which makes penetration easier.
 Before you can expect to cum with a partner, you have to figure out how to make yourself
 cum, which I have written about many times already, just find my Ask Dr. Dot
archives online.

I’m 30yrs old and for the last few years I've had a craving for older women,
 I think it’s more like a fetish, because I have relationships with women my age,
the older women are not just 5 or 10 years older their 20or 30 yrs older then me,
when I’m shopping for escorts 90% of the time I’m looking for milfs, one of my
questions over the phone are"whos the oldest one you have"?….I want to know where
 can this have stemmed from?…and can this get out of control?…I mean the other
day I saw that a re-run of the Golden Girls was on, and stop and masturbated to it.
Gilf Hunter

I call this the Harold and Maude syndrome. If you haven't seen this cult film yet,
 please do. Perhaps when you were young, your Grandmother, or another older lady
Showed you love and more attention than anyone else; this could have sparked your
 infatuation with Granny types. The fact that it's so taboo may be a turn on as
 well as the fact that older women really know what they are doing and what
 they want. I’ve always craved younger men; we all have our preferences. Maybe
it turns you on knowing older women get excited over young flesh? The possibilities
 are endless and I don't think it's a negative fetish, I think its fine. Any
 fetish that doesn't include children, animals, money, drugs or murder is fine in my eyes.


“Only in it for the Money” ?

"Hi friends,


read this, you won't believe it. As I know Ed Mann got a letter too, I'm waiting for it.


Indeed, she hates the fans, she hates Frank, paranoia took control like with Wild Man Fischer.


I got Eugene's permission to make it open, I can't post at


See you soon!




Hello Arfers

I am with Jimmy Carl Black at his home, we play this weekend at Schipoorst (Faust) festival near Hamburg.

Jimmy had told me about this stupid situation with Gail Zappa. We just had our own trouble, she insisted two Zappa pieces be removed from the new Jack and Jim CD coming on the Boxholder label in USA: fine versions of Mom and Dad and Willie the Pimp which I no doubt FZ himself would have appreciated because of the spirit of adventure and excellent quality banjo and guitar playing.

In doing this, she violates my understanding of the American copyright law, specifically the compulsory mechanical liscense that cover artists must apply for and also MUST be granted by the publisher once the composer has released a recording of the song.

Although I know no exception to this law, Gail Zappa will not allow her lawyer to communicate with me, all I want is an explanation of why she is allowed to violate this law.

You may be amused, although I am not sure (??) that in our correspondence she told me the Mothers of Invention as we know them do not even play on We're Only In It For the Money, only four mysterious musicians who Frank told her about but she will not reveal who they are.

The reason the Mothers are pictured on the album was pressure from the record company, a marketing ploy.

Gail, you see, wants me to believe that her husband was such a patsy that he would do whatever the record company says. Meanwhile, we wonder, who played on the record, then? A young Elton John? Neil Diamond?

The Monkees?

Meanwhile, I wish you the best of patience with this problematic human being.


Name withheld to avoid more shit from Gail.


please note:



July 23, 2007
Ridgewood, New Jersey USA
This is an open letter to Thomas Dippel, President of the ARF Society and co.organizer of the annual
Zappanale festival and to all Frank Zappa fans on the occasion of the street naming event in Berlin
on July 28, 2007:
Dear Thomas and all Frank Zappa fans everywhere:
I am writing this letter on behalf of Frank’s original remaining family members, our brother
Carl and our sisters Candy and Ann to show our support and deepest gratitude for the special
honor that the ORWOhaus musician’s collective have arranged in Frank’s memory.
We are genuinely touched and extraordinarily pleased that the world famous city of Berlin has
agreed to permit the street renaming in our brother’s honor on July 28th. We are thrilled to
know that there will be a street in the Marzahn district of what was once East Berlin that will
be formally dedicated as "Frank-Zappa-strasse". This is an honor we humbly share in his
memory and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event possible.
When I first heard about this event I remember reading the comments that Andreas Otto,
spokesperson for ORWOhaus, made about Frank to explain how his organization made the
decision to arrange for this honor. He said that:
"Frank Zappa was one of the best all-around musicians in the world; (he was) a guitarist,
composer, and band-leader. He was celebrated for his uncompromising pursuit of musical
exploration and excellence, and also for his courage using his music and lyrics to make
society see its faults and hypocrisies. He didn't do it just for media attention; it was part
of his highly creative and unbending character. He stood up to his own government
against politically -motivated censorship – he testified with great intelligence in the US
Congress, and he refused to hold back his own outrageous sense of humor. We of
ORWOhaus had our own battles trying to save an unused building and turn it into an
active music center, and we decided that Zappa was a great example of how a musician
can have an influence so far beyond the notes on a page. We hope Frank would be proud
to have his name as an address for so many musicians."
I know that I can speak for my brother and sisters when I say that Mr. Otto’s comments have
captured the essence of our Frank’s unique talent and motivation and that I am absolutely
certain that he would be very proud to have his name as an address for so many musicians.
And no, he didn’t do it just for media attention , or even for the money. He did it because he
had the integrity and strength of purpose that those who knew and loved his music looked up
to. Those character traits served us, myself included, as examples of how to deal with the
mean spirited, untalented and money-hungry people in this world who use threats and
intimidation to get their way. And I can think of no better way to keep Frank’s legacy alive
and out of the reach of anyone who would demean his memory for profit than to let the world
know of this special honor.
Our very best wishes and deepest gratitude to the ORWOhaus collective for their kindness and
generosity in connection with the street renaming of Frank-Zappa-strasse.
Bobby Zappa

The Arctic Monkeys and The Coral do Berlin

 When I showed up backstage with my massage table, I noticed another female massage therapist was already there. I thought "oh jeeze, there's gonna be a cat fight here" but no, it went over well. The record company got it wrong and instead of ordering a chiropractor like the manager needed, they ordered another massage therapist. The lady was called Becky and she is English, living in Berlin. She said "you know me already Dot, I applied to work for you about 6 months ago". Aaah, yes, indeed. Guess we never found the time for the imperative audition. She and I had more than enough bodies to rub down between us. The crew, management, and two bands (and some caterers) all needed massages, so I was happy she was there.


The Coral and the Arctic Monkeys played football (ok, for the Americans "Soccer" ) before the show. Lots of talented, English Testosterone in the air. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


 I head from several people that just a couple years ago, the Arctic Monkeys used to open up for the Coral. Times have changed indeed. I have faith, though, that the Coral will bounce back and headline like they should all over the states. Apparently they have new management and they will do a better job promoting the talented Brits. They are from just outside of Liverpool… super cute accents. Like butter.

I was working hard but I was in heaven the WHOLE time.


^ Didn't realize the drummer and singer were brothers when I first met them…

I'm sure girls go mental over this guy ^

The members of the Arctic Monkeys are rather quiet and a tad shy. As the night wore on, they did come out of their shells a bit more. They are Sooooooooooooooooo young. 


The Coral has a unique sound, very melodic, kind of a 60's sound, hard to describe. They appeared on the Conan O'Brien show not too long ago, so they are no strangers to the states. I am routing for them. 


Steve Skelly, the singer of the Coral brought me up on stage to watch the Arctic Monkeys set. The Monkeys watch the Coral and vice versa, they support each other and get along great.

It was kind of embarrassing for me to be on the stage as it was very light and there were no speakers to hide behind, so the crowd could all see us. I had my massage oil bottle around my waist and my massage shirt on… no way to hide all that. I was surprised how many people were on the stage during their set actually. I guess the younger the band, the more people are on stage. I mean, at the beginning of the Stones career, you can see old videos of them playing live and there were LOADS of people on the stage.. managers, techs, fans, groupies, etc. NOW, only the BAND and the techs on the side are allowed up. I am sure in a few years that will happen with them as well. I mean, a certain person who works for that band, not mentioning any names, was walking around, not really making an effort to hide much, stretching and leaning against an amp, etc. HELLO!? I find that all very amusing. 

It's like men trying to get their recognition. They are paid to work behind the scenes but secretly long for a bit of that spotlight. It's cute. It's far from the first time I've seen it and I am 1000% sure it won't be the last. 

It's rare that two bands who tour together get on so well, so it was refreshing to see and a great vibe backstage.

Some of the British (and Irish) guys that I know here in Berlin called me asking me for free tickets to this concert. I said "are  you sure you want to go? There will be thousands of young, hysterical girls screaming all night" and they said "exactly, that's why we want to go!". Couldn't get them in anyways, as it was really sold out and well, ass, gas or grass, no one rides for free. 


Like I said in the youtube video, Nick is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Not just one the outside silly, I mean, he is a wonderful person. It was difficult for me to behave. sigh. 

Thee guys are LOADS of fun. The music they had blasting out of their dressing room was mostly oldies, stuff like Johnny Cash, the Ronettes, the Proclaimers and lots of other stuff that I can't remember now, sadly πŸ™

It all sounded GREAT though. The perfect soundtrack to the perfect evening.  

^ Ok, let me explain so you don't get the wrong idea. Steve Skelly wrote "Thanks for the "LOBE JOB" because I massaged his face and ears and paid special attention to his stressed out ear lobes, like I do. He coined that phrase right there and then. Steve could very well be a stand up comic, he is fucking hysterical. My face hurt when I went home from laughing so much. LOVE THESE LADS!

When they first met me and found out I was American, and saw on my flyer that I had massaged the Undertaker, they went mad. What is up with the Brits loving American Wrestling so much? Lol. It's so strange, they LOVE it. The wanted to know ALL about the Undertaker. cute. 

Steve LOVES the Ronettes and Aretha Franklin. I was also pleasantly surprised when I went to their myspace page for the first time and saw "Frank Zappa" listed up rather high on their list of influences. yay! 

Lee plays a fucking mean guitar. He has a very distinctive sound, one which I heard a few times when the Arctic Monkeys played, not during their wild punk riffs, but sometimes when they slowed down, I heard Lee's influence on them. I have to assume the Coral influenced them a bit, being that they are almost 10 years older than the Monkeys and that the Monkeys opened for THEM not too long ago. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. sweet πŸ™‚


John ^…. another cutie pie. Wtf? Is it raining hotties in the UK or what? 

After his massage (not this one, but the proper one on the massage table in the other room) Ian said "That was the BEST massage I've ever had Dot!". Now those are the words I love to hear.  He wasn't joking when he said he gives a great foot massage. He gave my foot a quick squeeze and I thought I'd died and went to heaven.


The Coral on tour:

Jul 28 2007 Lancashire Cricket Ground     Manchester
Jul 29 2007 Lancashire Cricket Ground     Manchester
Aug 18 2007 V Festival     Chelmsford
Aug 19 2007 V Festival     Staffordshire

(and some time in Sept. NYC central park) 


and online:


The Arctic Monkeys on tour:

07.18.07 Lisbon Coliseum Lisbon
07.19.07 Auditorio Del Parque De Castrelos Vigo
07.21.07 Festival Internacional de Benicassim Valencia / Benicassim
07.22.07 Les Arenes de Nimes Nimes
07.24.07 Paleo Festival Nyon
07.28.07 Old Trafford Cricket Ground / LCCC Manchester
07.29.07 Old Trafford Cricket Ground / LCCC Manchester
08.03.07 Hordern Pavilion Sydney
08.04.07 The Tivoli Brisbane
08.05.07 Splendour in the Grass Festival Byron Bay
08.07.07 Festival Hall West Melbourne
08.11.07 Summer Sonic Festival / SummerSonic Osaka
08.12.07 Summer Sonic Festival / SummerSonic Tokyo
09.01.07 Ibiza Rocks Ibiza
09.08.07 Virgin Festival – V Festival Toronto

09.09.07 Osheaga Music and Arts Festival Montreal
09.14.07 Austin City Limits Music Festival Austin TX
09.15.07 Austin City Limits Music Festival Austin TX
09.16.07 Austin City Limits Music Festival Austin TX 


and online: