Ask Dr. Dot


Hey there Doc,
    I’m a 26 year old ladies club entertainer. The day I was given a job at this
club where I perform, the owner told me that it was coz of, what she called "a
wonderful body and a huge cock".
    The owner is 35, single and usually tells me to have sex with her to
please her. I have to do it to keep my job. But lately she is telling me to
bear her a child or leave the job. I won’t have trouble getting another job (I
have had offer from clubs in other cities) but I wanna stay here as my Mistress
lives in this town. I also have a great fan following with all of my shows
having full houses.
    So the problem is that I can’t leave the club due to my fans and Mistress
and if I stay i have to get this lady pregnant. Even though I know that she will not
get a stripper as well hung as me( I am 13 inches when hard) in this town but still I
don’t want to take chance. A few weeks back she even auditioned  
a new stripper but coz of the pressure from the crowd (they were all inches
behind me)  she didn’t hire him. I love this city and the fact that women like
me so much here. I don’t have problem fucking her as it’s part of my profession;
in fact I’ve even had sex with the women my boss pays me to "service". But making
her preg with my child is something I don’t wanna do. What should I do?

Randy Randy


Oh God you do have huge problems. Sounds like everyone is fighting over your big ol’ cock. Poor baby, it must be HELL. I really hope you are saving up for a pension/retirement fund as such a job is definitely not a long term career. I find this situation hard to swallow, it sounds like a fantasy you made up (first sign of a bluff: any guy with a 13 inch cock, who wants to make a living with his body wouldn’t waste his time with stripping, he would go straight to porn where the big bucks are), but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and answer you.

If you are sure that you have so much power with your mega meat, then get a job at a new club as soon as possible! Staying with your power hungry horny boss will just lead to a giant mess no matter what. The whole situation sounds like a nice round for the Jerry Springer show.Dying to know which city this mess is taking place in. I will cross my fingers that all works out fine for you and your cock.



I have been married four years, my husband and I have a child together
that is almost one. Recently he has been working out of town for about a
month. He calls me pretty late one night sounding upset saying we need to
talk. Then he tells me that he’s been receiving and sending text
messages to a very good friend of mine. It then comes to my attention that these are
sexual messages that sound a lot like the things he says to me. He said he is sorry and

begged me for forgiveness but  I still am not
sure if I know the whole truth ( how long it was going on/ how many texts &
pics were sent back and forth). How can I start to forgive my husband and can I
really forget what they have done to me?? Should I try to work things out with
him or leave him regardless that we have a baby?? Can sex ever be the same
knowing that he said those special things that he said to me to her whether he
meant them or not?? HELP DOT!!


First of all, I am wondering how the FUCK did he get her number and vice versa?
Don’t you know that you should NEVER leave your man alone with  your gal pals?
You can give him another chance since he was honest and up front about it
. Better that he
told you then you finding out another way. Tell your "girlfriend" she is a
back stabbing whore and she will burn in hell.Accept no excuses from her, you don’t

need "friends" like that around you. Tell him if it happens again, you and the kid walk no questions asked.

Thank him for being honest and tell him to make new lines for you as you are not
having his old lines he used on that bitch. Tell him to get a fucking
imagination and use it with you and that he needs to focus on his priorities or he will lose them for good.
When and if you resume having sex with him again, perhaps it would be better if there were no words during sex. Tell him
"please, I don’t want to hear any lines, as they may not be original, just
shut up and fuck me!". Sounds rude, but it will work.
Everyone deserves one chance to fuck up, he just used his up. But you have to
promise yourself to keep your word.
Child or not, you have to keep your self respect.

 Hopefully he is treating you good, that is the important thing! You could demand a vacation for his idiot behavior,

this will make you both feel better; you won’t feel like an ass for forgiving him, he will feel he is earning his way out of the dog house and you can hopefully start over fresh and clean.


My girlfriend’s vagina gets so big during sex, like a paint can!

I guess paint can is kinda rude, but thats what we call it, in blunt terms, her
opening gets WIDE (like a opening to a paintcan- I’m not small, but not as big
around as a paintcan). It gets so slippery that is feels like my cock is just a hot dog tossed

 down a hallway. It only gets like that when she’s really into it and a
‘gusher’ occurs. So I guess shes ejaculating.?? but my girlfriend who is SUPER
clean, wants to know what is a gusher,( its definitely not her pee!)  and she said its never
happened before me.

Wondering Willy


The gushing of juices is her cumming (ejaculating). The clit is just a tiny penis, sorry,
but it’s true. We all start out the same, and the clit grows into a penis for
the man and stays small for the female (and some very unfortunate men).

Grab a towel when she cums and wipe her dry, then continue as usual.
Go deep in her, then tell her to cross her legs (while you are still in there
deep) and it will feel really tight!
She should clench her legs together really tight while you fuck her, you can
do this in the missionary posistion or while she lays on her stomach. It
feels amazing and makes you feel like you are shagging a virgin.(this won’t work

so well if you have a very short dick).
Keeping it dry and having her squeeze you will fix your problem (some guys pray for their girl to be wet,

 it means you are doing it oooh so right) .

She could kegel, (a pussy exercise that tightens the muscles). Tell her to
stop her flow repeatedly when she urinates. That is the kegel exercise. This
will help get her "paint can" tighter.

(Is it just me or would Mr. Cock and the Paint Can woman make a great couple?)