Curse of the Sopranos and Beyonce Knowles gorgeous behind

I have never seen the Sopranos ( that show on HBO?) BUT I know about the show, because, EVERYDAY since I have lived back in the USA ( 18 months) people come up to me and tell me “You look JUST like that girl from the Sopranos” or “Oh, I thought you-

-were her!! Adriana from the Sopranos” So, let us have a look

You decide, do we look alike? I wish I could figure out how to write NEXT to the photos, but the BLOG format won't let me.So now, let us talk about Beyonce's gorgeous rump.I don't understand why the world makes such a fuss about Jennifer Lopez's ass, because Beyonce has obviously more back than J.Lo. Baby's got a bootylicious back side and she should have it insured.Just thought I would mention my admiration for curvy women.I was in CVS tonight, in the “diet pills” section, as my pal told me he is so thin and trim thanks to these pills.

Beauty Tips and more photos to annoy you with

“Don't I know you?” he asked, ( a big good looking cockey guy who was annoying me last night at a karaoke club). No, I don't, I replied (amazed that guys still ask that old lame ass question) Then he asked the question that all females hate: “How old are you?” . ” Old enough to know that is the stupidest question to ever ask a female” I snapped.

Very young girls hate that question, as they want to be old enough, and older gals hate it, as well, we just do.Any girl over 28 gets pissed off by that irrelevant question.Guys, the only time you should ask that question is (1) you think she may be younger than 18 and don't want to end up like R.Kelly did. (2) You are inviting her to a bar ( applies only to American bars) and you are afraid she may not be 21 and able to get in.Otherwise, do NOT ask that quesetion.

Photos from the CT and MASS trip as promised…

Bit by Bit I will add photos now, starting with Lisa's strange white cat, she pays 50 bucks a whack to have him(?) shaved into a LION, the cat normally has super LONG hair,she has it cut all over, very short, except the tip of the tail and all around the head, to make it into a mini-suburb lion cat. I can't believe no one steals this gorgeous walking piece of furry art! That is what people in the Suburbs do to get their thrills, shave their cats, get wasted and have a LOT of sex.Can you blame em? It is called the simple life ๐Ÿ™‚This other Photo below, is the Tattoo I was writting about a couple weeks ago.It is Arturo, the artist who did EVERY Ramones album cover and invented this cool logo for them. He added his own name there, and got rid of one of the Ramones names.To find out why, go back and read what I wrote in the blog titled RAMONES.The photo below is Arturo – check out his site:

More photos from the last couple weeks

I upgraded this BLOG thing and now I can add photos so much easier.After we digest all of these photos, I will get back to deep writting, meaningful scribbling, lots of stuff I need to write about, like MaMa's boys who can't leave home, Tips for girls, and why the Germans are so dam angry.Meanwhile, here we go:Before my trip to CT/MASS I had the honor of baby sitting Arturos old Boxer, Diesel.He was the most POLITE dog I have ever baby sat, what a dam CUTIE!! Anytime Arturo, Anytime!Ok, you probably think by now, this is Dr. Dot's dog pound, but they need their 15 minutes of fame too! Below is Toby, he was rescued from the dog pound from my Uncle Jack (whom I am not speaking to rite now-read back to “burning bridges in CT blog). Toby is cute, blind in one eye and tries to get blow jobs every night from Bonnie the Sharpei dog.Toby is also the loudest fucking dog I have ever met, sounds like an Ewok( star wars) on speed.

Toby ^

Dot=the Forbidden Girl Friend ( with the sleep disorder)

Dot=the Forbidden Girl Friend ( with the sleep disorder)

Saturday afternoon, couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous day.Sky is blue, not humid at all, warm and breezy. I am in Connecticut (CT) home of the bridge burners ๐Ÿ˜‰ This time I am staying with Lisa, a woman my age ( don’t even GO there!) who I have known for 19 years. I met her first in the parking-lot of The Bear, which is now a full blown strip club called Kahoots.She is officially my auntie Caron’s(lives now in Georgia) best friend, but since she has been practically family for so long, we are friends too ( Dot has to borrow other peoples friends-too busy to make own). Lisa is a cat person, I woke up this afternoon, she was gone, drove 2 hours to a beach party, and since I drove 2 hours last night to get here, I passed on the idea of driving again. So I woke up and was surrounded by very furry cats. Lisa leaves her door(s) open allowing the cats to go in and out as the please, but the front door closed. I noticed a line of other cats, most with little furry presents in their mouths, like a Mole, a few mice etc. I wasn’t sure if these are Lisa’s cats, or neighborhood cats, but I let them in anyways, after all, they went out hunting to get in! I sent them back out after a while to go get me some lettuce, I don’t eat moles! So now there are about 7 cats in the house. The house is CLEAN as hell and doesn’t smell like cats, so she is the perfect host. Now that I finally figured out how to get online, I am all happy! The first night I met Lisa, I was 16 I think, I was madly jealous of her with her piercing blue eyes that rival Liz Taylor or Carmen Electra. Big breasted and brunette. I was in a truck, belonging to a guy named Peter. I shouldn’t have been in his truck as it was public info that he has a girlfriend, but Peter was FINE (think Matt Dillon a LONG time ago- FINE). He was obviously VERY friendly with Lisa too (and what guy wouldn’t want to be?)So, even though I have no jealous veins in my body now, back then, being the bleached blonde, big breasted competition of Lisa, I was ALL catty, my claws were out when she leaned into Peters truck with her big assets.MEOW-hissss!!!! But, I figured out, Lisa is a man’s girl, she just hangs with guys, sure she has gal pals too, but she is like me, we understand guys and are fun to hang with, what started as a catty encounter( she wasn’t pals with my aunt at that time) turned out to be a very long lasting friendship. My aunt who runs a catering company had Lisa and I both work for her when I was in the 11th and 12 grade of high school, there were bonded, leave it to food to bond people. Lisa is hard working, juggles 3 to 4 jobs at once and has now grounded a talent agency called “Go Girl Productions” I have already passed some bands onto her. She owns her own place and is a good catch-likes ’em young too. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, being here, next to good ol’ Henry park, the only big park worth mentioning here in Rockville ( I graduated from Rock Ville High-went there my junior and senior year) so this is somewhat my old stomping grounds. Who hasn’t parked up there on the hill ( there is some kind of tower on top of the huge hill, an old lookout tower) everyone parked there to make out and meet to discuss where the party was. My dad (no the Italian guy!) used to bring me sledding there when I was 5 years old. When it snows, you can slide forever it seemed.

Then when I was a bit older, one of the many times we lived back in CT, I would swim in the pool here at Henry park, looks so dam small now- was HUGE when I was small. I always call old gal pals when I breeze through town. One in particular, I shall call “V-O” is now married to a very controlling husband. He got a look at me at their wedding and since then has made it next to impossible for us ( me and V-O) to hang out. This is nothing new.

Think of all the places I have lived, Maine, NH, RI, TN, CT, VA, GA,MASS,Berlin,Louisianna,and then add in the many different cities of each state we lived in ( Maine: Brunswick, Bath, Springvale.CT:Manchester,Ellington,Rockville. TN: Memphis and I forgot the name of the navy town there.NH: ALL over Dover , E.Rochester. RI: Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth ( and that more than once- first when I was 9 , then again at 13.It goes on and on, so no wonder people are a bit weary to passing through folks like me.

The boyfriends/husbands prefer to keep their women away from Dr.Dot, as they know I am not chained down(I do have a guy, but keep it mysterious) and look fit/cute and like to go out and raise hell. They imagine, what would it look like MY girl, out with Dr. Dot, backstage at Iron Maiden? or Aerosmith? MEN MAGNETS? I never had any bad intensions with my gal pals, never brought them out to pawn off on many men, or to sell to rock stars, I don’t know what they are fucking afraid of, but it sucks.

It is hard enough for me to have gal pals, moving around all the time and being busy with Jasmine, but to top it off with insanely jealous/overprotective/meddling boyfriends; it is next to impossible to keep a gal pal. Just because a girl is in love, does it mean she has to give up her girl friends? Isn’t it always the men who complain their “Old Lady” won’t let them go out with the guys? Bullshit. It is the opposite from my point of view. The men who “own” my old girlfriends act like I have a huge dick and want to steal their female property away from them. Wimps. I got a call today from a woman I know in NYC, who I met at a street festival, I was massaging for a big Juice Shop, they paid me to massage their customers if they bought a protein shake from them that day. I shall call her “ROSEY”. Rosey and her much older guy, looked like a thin Jerry Garcia, read: Santa Claus on a diet, came to me for a massage.