Greetings from the 20th annual Zappanale Festival

For me the Zappanale fest already started in Berlin with Project Object playing at the DOT CLUB on August 13th. It was so awesome and my buddy Joe Jackson came and stood in the audience the whole time and watched. He said he enjoyed the show, the band was good but he said, as I said, the sound could have been better. The club is HOT as FUCK and smokey too- with bad sound. NOT good. But Project Object, of course, did the best they could do and nailed it. 


My good friends Dirk and Bully came to the show too and refused to accept free tix, they wanted to support the band! Snarky, a myspace Zappa group friend of mine came all the way from Virginia to see the show (and the Zappanale too)

Dirk, Bully, Snarky McBullhorn ^

Dot at the Dot Club. I felt at home here apart from the cig smoke, cough cough, I am NO fun, innit!? I LOVE the shirt I am wearing, my friend Robin Gelberg gave it to me, I treasure it. 

Oliver (in the middle) owns a bar called the Jansen Bar in Berlin and they have Frank Zappa night the first Tuesday of each month. Ike was happy to pose with Oliver and the Jansen bar bar-tender who swears he isn’t gay (inside joke). Check it out:

 Rather bad quality but here is a video of one  ^ of my performances at the Dot Club in Berlin



Not much time to write, just posting a few pics I took last night. The Zappanale gets better each time I come, I LOVE it (“it’s a way of life” 😉



To see the blog I wrote about the last Zappanale I went to two years ago, go to:






Bruce Bickford is here at the festival, if you don’t know who he is, you must not know the Frank Zappa film “Baby Snakes”. Google him, he is a legend- or just click link below:

 Super cool dude ^


All of Jimmy Carl Black’s kids are here. Met them all and his widow is here too, will post pics asap. 


Project Object from behind 😉

 CREW SLUT at the Zappanale ^ (I knew a better quality version would turn up 🙂




And I FINALLY met the famous Paul Green. We run in the same circle, never had the pleasure until tonight- wicked fun guy..


 And it felt like MAGIC to be in between these two legends, Don Preston and Robert Martin (they just met for the first time tonight!)

Haven’t seen Don for two years, it is always a pleasure. Haven’t seen Robert since 1988! We had a LOT of catching up to do and he gave me 2 hours of fitness and advice about what to eat and what not to eat (he is a strict Vegan). He is 61 and is still ripped, you should see his abs. Check out his web site, you can see videos of him doing one legged squats, he is amazing!!



Robert’s shoes fascinated me to no end ^  I told him if they made them for women, they could paint the toe nail part red to make them sexier. ha. 

Eric Svalgard ^ and Eric Slick of Project Object



 Eric Slick and Robbie “Seahag”  ^  (Guitar for Project Object) 


Project Object fucking RULED!! I performed as “Mary” for them during Crew Slut and Wet t-shirt night. Always an honor. Ike Willis is in top form, Don kicks ass, Andre’ gets better all the time, Eric Slick on drums, wow! Robbie Seahag on bass, Eric Svalgard  the crazy blond on other keyboards and Robert Martin came out and did a few numbers like Whipping Post and NAILED IT!!! Gregg Allman would approve. 

Gotta sleep, ttyl


 ps. Here is me below as “Mary” for the Crew Slut song/performance (would love to see a video of that, it was hilarious!)


Thursday night at the Dot club and Friday night at the Zappanale I played MARY in the songs Crew Slut and Fembot in a Wet Shirt (still waiting for someone to send me some pics of that)




I was slinking around each Project Object band member during the song and in this shot ^ back to back with Robert Martin


Robert Martin again ^ and I


“Hey hey hey all you girls in these
Industrial towns
I know youre probly gettin tired
Of all the local clowns
They never give you no respect
They never treat you nice
So perhaps you oughta try
A little friendly advice
And be a crew slut
Hey, youll love it
Be a crew slut
Its a way of life
Be a crew slut
See the world
Dont make a fuss, just get on the bus
Crew slut
Add water makes its own sauce
Be a crew slut
So you dont forget, call before midnite tonite
The boys in the crew
Are just waiting for you
You never to get move around
You never go nowhere
I know yer probly gettin tired
Of all the guys out there
You always wondered what its like
To go from place to place
So, darlin, take a little ride
On the mixers face
Be a crew slut
Just follow the magic footprints
Be a crew slut
Hey, youll love it!
Be a crew slut
Its a way of life
I aint gonna squash it
And you dont need to wash it!”   FRANK ZAPPA

Back again with more pics from Saturday night at the Zappanale:

 Project Object leader ^ and his lovely lady















OMFG, Roberts hands are AMAZING!! Wish he would do my feet 🙂


It is really hard to get good in concert shots. But I get some good in person pics. You can’t capture their music in pics anyways and my camera is too crap to make any decent videos of the shows


Eric Slick (drummer genius) on stage after his performance with Project Object ^ 


SUNDAY (last night of the Zappanale) below:


Was fun hanging out with Bruce again. He told many private things about himself, it was awesome to get close to such a genius mind. He is so kind and gentle; makes you want to protect him.


Ike and I have known each other for 21 years. His mind is still sharp as a whip and his sense of humor is as amazing as his voice. LOVE HIM!



Ah, to be a fly on the wall- wait, I was there. Super Fly. ha. 

The Zappanale is 4 days/nights of Zappa fun, but everyone is SUPER tired by Sunday night. Terry looked so fucking fit, wow. He claims he is “getting fat” but I didn’t see any on him.


Zappa alumni Sandwich part 2 (or 3?) keep em coming..



 Wolfhard is the founder of the Zappanale, started it 20 years ago. Super nice guy and he is a MASSIVE Zappa freak, he doesn’t do this festival for anything else but the love he has for Frank Zappa’s music. Thomas is the president of the Arf Society (google it, I’m too tired to write about it 😉



Wolfhard is rather shy and keeps to himself, not one to ask for pics or autographs, but he did want one with Bruce. They are both amazing people. 



 When I left the festival I noticed a rowdy bar still open in Bad Doberan and went in and it was PACKED with hard core Zappa fans (Zappateers). One of them, from the UK, had this hair cut goin’ on. Ha. 


Will TRY to ad more text and pics soon.


Haven’t really wrote much about the music. Not much to say apart from you can never get enough Frank Zappa music. Some were bored with Terry Bozzio’s 90 min drum solo set but hey, he IS Terry Bozzio and well, RESPECT! One thing that REALLY gets on my tits about the Zappanale is you have to listen to the same fucking songs over and over and OVER again because it seems to be impossible to controll what each band plays so they ALL play Frank’s top ten hits (I am the slime, dirty love, etc etc.) Project Object did the BEST version EVER of Whipping Post with Bobby Martin and hello? Some Austrian Band (Sex without Nails) did it the very next night. Jesus, have some fucking respect will ya? Give it up. I hate that. I think all bands should pick their songs from a Zappanale lottery 6 months before the festival and NO ONE should be allowed to repeat a song!!

What about Truck Driver Divorce? Or Lucille has messed my Mind up? There are HUNDREDS of songs to choose from yet we have to endure the same fucking songs repeatedly (which is ok if you are drunk and stoned out of your Zappa loving mind) but I am NOT so it bothers me and the other few sober cunts there. FOR FUCK SAKE!!! I asked the powers that be (Thomas and Wolfhard) about this and they said they DO try to control it BUT the bands “do what they want once they get up on the stage”. How can they play repeats? Are they retarded? Don’t they know how many SONGS Frank Zappa actually has? pfft. 


If you want a different view of the Zappanale, keep your eye out for Andrew Greenaways web site, he will surely cover it once he is back in the UK and sober:  



Jimmy Carl Black’s lovely but very sad, widow “Moni”


Gong TORE UP the stage. They ROCK!





new digs

Signed the lease today for my new flat. A big bigger and MUCH safer and quieter. Can't take this place I live in ANY more. It is ground floor and anyone can just walk up to my bed room window (if they get into the court yard of the place, they can walk up to my windows and look in). A friend found this flat for me a few years ago, last minute and it is DIRT cheap but bed room window is only feet away from the glass recycling bin and hello, that is mega loud.

 Still awaiting my daughters sentencing – for taking part in an anti-racism march with other kids…. long story and I hope it blows over fast as my plate is already super full. Just killed a mosquito. Will they never learn not to enter my space? Anything with more than four legs is GOING DOWN. ha. 


Looking SO forward to the Zappanale , me and a bunch of friends are heading there together to be amongst thousands of other true Frank Zappa fans. It is the best event in the world for Zappa fans. Hands down. Going there and moving into a new flat around the same time is really going to be a handful, but it will be worth it. Been waiting for a new flat for years and I am dam picky (just like I am about music, food, men) so, it is always better to wait for something GREAT than to settle for something quick and easy. Quality, not quantity is the perfect rule.


A facebook friend sent me this video earlier, I feel like it is Christmas, aaaaaaaah…. pleasant thing to see right before I go to bed. Hey la!





Gail Zappa war continues: Zappa Family Trust trying to stop Napoleon Murphy Brock tour (the torture never stops)

Update on my last blog titled "Gail Zappa loses in court today"


Firstly, the ZFT has finally lost its battle to curb Arf-Society
activities in organising the annual Zappa music and more festival in Bad
Doberan. Basically, it could not prove that it owned any rights to the name
‘Zappanale’. Therefore, the 20th festival will go ahead as planned (see
updated details here). This has not deterred the ZFT from issuing another
‘cease and desist’ letter, this time regarding the ‘Napoleon Murphy Brock
performs Zappa with the Paul Green School Of Rock All-Stars’ tour. The letter
states that “none of you possess any license, permission or authority to
publicly perform the songs of Frank Zappa”. Over 3,000 fans have now signed
the petition to try and stop this sort of nonsense – are you one of them?

I thought The Zappa's wanted to reach the younger generation with Frank's music?



Don Preston , Napoleon Murphy Brock and Dr. Dot   ^

Gail Zappa lost in court today against the Zappanale / Arf Society


(basically what this article says is that Gail lost her several year long war against the Zappanale/Arf Society folks. She was trying her best to prevent the annual Frank Zappa tribute festival from taking place and from using the name ZAPPANALE. But she lost because she could not prove that the name ZAPPANALE belonged to her, not enough proof or power in Germany to coin that phrase. So, the 20th annual Zappanale Festival, which hosts MANY MANY Zappa tribute bands and Alumni from around the world over three fun filled days, will go on as planned this coming August. They (Arf Society) have tried MANY MANY times, even had me help, to make peace with the ZFT to join forces and make something that is already great, even better, but they (Zappa Family Trust, aka Gail and Dweezil) don't want any part of it and spend lots of time fighting against it. Pretty silly.

I say: If you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'em! 



Zappa-Witwe verliert «Zappanale»-Streit am 21. Januar 2009 17:00 Uhr


Die Witwe des US-Rockmusikers Frank Zappa hat einen Prozess um das deutsche Musikfestival «Zappanale» und den Bart ihres Mannes verloren. Das Düsseldorfer Landgericht wies die Zivilklage Gail Zappas am Mittwoch ab. Gail Zappa Gail Zappa hat verloren. Die Witwe wollte verhindern, dass das Festival weiter unter dem Namen «Zappanale» ausgerichtet wird. Sie sah darin Markenrechte verletzt. Auch das Logo, das einen stilisierten Bart Zappas (1940-1993, «Bobby Brown») darstellt, verletze Markenrechte, hatten die Zappa-Anwälte behauptet. Beides sah das Gericht anders: Die Klägerin habe nicht nachweisen können, dass sie ihre Wortmarke «Zappa» in Deutschland ernsthaft nutzt. Die Website in englischer Sprache mit Preisen in US-Dollar für Zappa-Devotionalien reiche als Nachweis nicht aus. Bei der Bildmarke, dem stilisierten Bart Zappas, seien die Unterschiede zum Festival- Logo so groß, dass keine Verwechslungsgefahr bestehe. Die 19. «Zappanale» hatte im vergangenen Jahr in Bad Doberan (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) 6800 Besucher angezogen. Der Vorsitzende der Festival-Veranstalterin Arf Society, Thomas Dippel, zeigte sich nach dem Urteilsspruch «sehr zufrieden». Die 20. «Jubiläums-Zappanale» könne wie geplant in diesem Jahr stattfinden. Man werde freiwillig den Zusatz «Zappa Music and more» anfügen, auf den man sich bei den Vergleichsverhandlungen mit den Zappa-Anwälten geeinigt hatte. Die Verhandlungen waren dennoch gescheitert. Die Witwe Zappas hatte in ihrer Zivilklage gegen den einzigen deutschen Zappa-Fanclub erklärt, sie habe in den USA den Eindruck gewonnen, der Name ihres Mannes werde als «Hingucker» für zum Teil völlig andere Musik benutzt. Der Rechtsvertreter des Fan-Clubs, Johannes Vogel, betonte, das Festival sei eindeutig «zappaesk».


Comments about this posting, taken from my myspace bulletin, below:

From Comment
donvision Jan 22, 2009 9:24 AM
what did she lose? her looks?
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joe Jan 22, 2009 5:11 AM
sometimes the will of the people is actually served, glad to see it in this case. it sucks to see someone who wants to drag everyone down and make her loss everyone's loss. glad this fest isn't in america, judges here are so ugly and hardup they probably woulda gangbanged her and she woulda won the case , and fuck fuckin dweebil too
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl02_Body'), {frequency: 5});
MO Jan 22, 2009 2:29 AM
i have always disliked gail…shes a money hungry widow living off of a great mans fortune and talent!! i wish i could make it to that festival though R.I.P F.Z.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl03_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Blue sky! Online Now! Jan 22, 2009 2:06 AM
Dweezil is not Mr. Frank Zappa. I am sure they wanted to shut everyone up so Dweezil could dominate. Dweezil Zappa does not conduct the band the way his father did. He was supposed to do a show at the Wakarusa music festival in Kansas last summer. I was in back stage camping for the event and witnessed the sound check. WEIRD. ZPZ was supposed to play at the end of the day when A HUGE rolling cloud of thunder and lightening doused the show with heavy Hail and Rain. Enough said. Thank you Dr. Dot
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl04_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Angelum Jan 22, 2009 1:38 AM
I would really like to hear Gail's "reasons" and give her a chance to speak out about why, we the audience, should be restricted from celebrating her husband's talent and music. I am wondering if she is so adamant about not being able to hear Zappa on the radio for example…?
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl05_Body'), {frequency: 5});
david Jan 22, 2009 1:38 AM
I played Black Napkins today and i saw The Mothers and FZ live. I hope to god she never finds out or i'm fucked.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl06_Body'), {frequency: 5});
WPLJ Jan 22, 2009 1:19 AM
Smitten Then Bitten…….Too bad Gail…..Sorry 'bout your luck…(LMFAO)…now get over it!!!!!!! LOL
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl07_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Loki Jan 22, 2009 12:49 AM
Their whole issue seems to be regarding Frank considering himself a composer. Things are much more formal, legally and business wise about performing orchestral works than they are with rock or jazz styled works. Thing is my impression was Frank satirised the rigid formality of the orchestra world as much as he satirised the absurdity of rock n roll. I really hate how Gail thinks she is the only person who "gets" Frank Zappa's music and ideas. My father was an accountant but my mother doesn't know anything about accounting. I'm sure his clients wouldn't want her dealing with their finances.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl08_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Eric Jan 22, 2009 12:40 AM
FRANKly, she seems to have nothing better to do than have/create issues with such events/activities regarding her late husband's great musical legacy. She should lighten up, encourage others to celebrate FZ and not deter these events from occuring. Perhaps if some of the garnered monies from the event went to a Cancer research foundation she might be more inclined to join in.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl09_Body'), {frequency: 5});
From Comment
ѴÏ€†ØЯ¡Ã Jan 21, 2009 10:39 PM
My only beef is with the font. Had to right click/highlight to read it. 🙁 Some ppl like to argue and fight throughout life. Gives them a "cause" to stand up for, right or wrong. (See "Middle East")
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Mike Jan 21, 2009 9:51 PM
Hey Gail… "Don't make a fuss, just get on the bus, and be a crew slut"
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Jock Of Rock Jan 21, 2009 9:40 PM
I do not want to disrespect Frank's wife… but it is sooo hard not to! It is hard to imagine FZ being behind all that Gail and Dweezil do to discourage his music being played and heard… isn't that the point of it all anyway?? Play and listen to FZ music people…Everyone!! Miss you FZ and thank you Dr. Dot!
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl03_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Dr. Benway Jan 21, 2009 9:29 PM
I have mad respect for Frank and the rest of the family, but honestly I cant stand Gale. She sues her husbands own fans all the time for wanting to celebrate his life and achievements and keep his memory alive. I think she's ridiculous.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl04_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Greg Rhodes Jan 21, 2009 9:19 PM
A friend of mine was the coordinator for the "Annual Frank Zappa Hoot Nite" in Austin, Texas (the proceeds of said event were always donated to the American Cancer Society) and they were hit with a letter of cease and desist merely because they didn't have permission to use the name Frank Zappa. I don't presume to speak for FZ, but that seems like exactly the sort of thing he would have found both frivolous and absurd. Sad.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl05_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Zoon Noetikon Jan 21, 2009 9:03 PM
Couldn't you find a better pix of Gail?
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J.D. Jan 21, 2009 8:42 PM
Paul McCartney doesn't own the rights to the Beatles songs, they were bought by Michael Jackson.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl07_Body'), {frequency: 5});
MR. JOHN EDGAR Jan 21, 2009 8:42 PM
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Manchik Engineering & C… Jan 21, 2009 8:25 PM
Y A A A A A A A Y ! Gail Zappa is one greedy bitch! The ZFT should let EVERYONE celebrate the music and life of Frank Zappa.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl09_Body'), {frequency: 5});
From Comment
Dream Weaver Jan 21, 2009 8:14 PM
This is your side of it; I'd like to hear it all from Gail's p.o.v……..
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Decay Jan 21, 2009 8:13 PM
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Steve C Jan 21, 2009 8:11 PM
Who owns the rights to all the Zappa songs?
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Curtis E Johnson Jan 21, 2009 8:08 PM
It is such a shame that Gail is so intent on trying to stop the people That love Frank, and his work, Enjoying his art. When Frank was alive. his work, and the people who bought it, and payed to see him live. Gave her and her family a very safe financial base to allow them all to live a massively more affluent life than most. No one wants to take anything, from Gail we all would like her to enjoy Good health, wealth, & happiness. There are massive vaults of unreleased recorded material at the house, that really should be allowed to be heard, not hidden away and allowed to decompose (magnetic tape that old is gonna start going mushy even in an air conditioned room) People want to buy it So Cmon Gail Zappa, the Kids just wanna rock and we dont mind paying for the privilege, AGAIN! Look at your house, if you don't belive me. Frank is an icon You were lucky enough to have him to yourself in life. .Now in death he belongs to all of us.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl04_Body'), {frequency: 5});
dwayne jones Jan 21, 2009 8:03 PM
I wonder if she will soon realize how much these efforts hurt FZ's legacy and will ultimately work to not spread his music.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl05_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Tim Jan 21, 2009 7:30 PM
wunderbar! (aber lass mal die farben… da kriegt man ja augenkrebs oder sowas ;))
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl06_Body'), {frequency: 5});
GB Jan 21, 2009 7:27 PM
I am happy for that! And reading the German text aloud was a good exercise for my tongue. Thank you!
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl07_Body'), {frequency: 5});
scott Jan 21, 2009 7:22 PM
And the relevant quoate of the day is…"JAZZ IS NOT DEAD IT JUST SMELLS FUNNY"…boogie on, Igor…
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From Comment
BillyAzlin Jan 22, 2009 6:27 PM
When we're all dead, the MUSIC will still BE!!! All these shenanigans will be for nought! Music Is Best!
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Jestersdomain Jan 22, 2009 6:04 PM
Zappa rules! I have over 60 of the albums he put out. I can't believe anyone would try to stop people from celebrating this great man and his music.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl02_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Two Fist Popping Corn Jan 22, 2009 4:33 PM
Damnit! it's a fucking honor to have people play your husband's music and have large groups of people come check it out. the man's dead and gone already. let the people celebrate his legacy how they want to. and stop putting out frank's music at absurd prices. every time i check out the zappa website or get one of those emails from "the barflys" i think to myself, "WHAT THE FUCK!" i have no idea what these guys are saying. and their pissing all over franks legacy. either they really are bar flys and have drank too and don't need to be marketing fz product, or someone's lost their sense. not too mention that they have lost my cents. thanks to bit-torrent, who needs zft! thanks for the rant doc.


From Comment
Jimmyjammz Jan 22, 2009 10:20 PM
why try to take away something that frank himself gave to us,love,what is the problem,do you need to controll everything that has a frank-dollar attached to it,let the fans express theyre love and interest in frank,my god get a cosmic clue gail,we all love the zappas.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Jenn Jan 22, 2009 7:48 PM
It is truly sad when it is for the good of Zappa's name and music, not for slander and other crap….man, like you said, if you can't beat em, join em.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl02_Body'), {frequency: 5});


Zappaween 2008 with Bogus Pomp (starring Ike Willis)

I have heard about ZAPPAWEEN the last couple years and never knew what it was exactly. I thought it was similar to the Zappanale but new. I skipped this past Zappanale (Frank Zappa tribute festival held every year for the past 19 years in Germany) due to a certain someone causing havoc for me. So I was itching to be around other Zappa fans and celebrate Frank and his music. I booked a flight and room and headed down to St. Petersburg, where ZAPPAWEEN is held. Robin and John (also avid Zappa freaks) met me there. I arrived a day early as they drove all the way from Atlanta (John flew to Atlanta from Chicago). I am NOT into road trips anymore (did enough of those following the Grateful Dead around for a few years back in the 80's ). 


I stayed at the Days Inn which I found online, not having a CLUE as to how that area is set up. I just wanted something close to the venue where ZAPPAWEEN takes place. Now you would think, having such an event, that happens once a year, that it would be bigger, you know, with a few Zappa tribute bands and perhaps tips on Bogus Pomps web site (they are the band that puts on ZAPPAWEEN every year) for Zappa fans who come to the area just for this event. But no. In fact, even up to show day (Nov 1st) their web site still didn't even have info on THIS YEARS Zappaween on it (I guess they are so busy they didn't get to it). I thought this event was a couple years old. But NO, it has been going on for FOURTEEN YEARS already. This surprised me as Robin, John and I were there a couple days early, HOPING to meet other Zappa fans and hang out with them, you know? BUT NO. NOTHING. 


I called a Zappa fan I know from Tampa which is rather close. I don't know him well, just an online Zappa buddy. I asked him "where do the Zappa fans meet down here?". He snapped at me "This is NOT ZAPPANALE DOT! This is ZAPPAWEEN and we don't meet up, it's just that one show and that is it!!". He was so snippy about it, Robin, John and I sat there in the cheesiest fucking bar ever with our jaws dropped at his response. Not just the tone (he continued to say "You should all be in bed, like I am, FUCKING!"). Oh, ok, whatever. So, let me get this straight. Zappa fans come from all over the world (one girl came all the way from Germany but we didn't meet her until the show started), yet no one organised a meeting point or pre-Zappaween party? Why? What the fuck. 


Let me try to explain to you how incredibly BORING St. Petersburg and Treasure Island (the actual beach area) IS. There are only THREE BARS on Treasure Island (all SUPER SMOKY) and walking into them is like walking back in time, and not a good time either. After hearing a few stories from "locals" we found out time seems to STOP when you escape to this area. No one was FROM that area, they are all from NJ, Chicago, Boston, etc, people who seemed to have ran away from the cold and their mundane busy lives. One waitress, who felt the need to tell us about all of her past husbands and addictions, was from NJ and has been there for 15 years. Her hair, clothes, make up and lingo that spat out of her pie hole were all set in that time, styled like life was 15 years ago. It reminded me of watching the Berlin wall come down November 9th, 1989 in Berlin. I watched the people come through the wall, dressed so old fashioned, as they didn't know any better. This was the same vibe. The music, hair, clothes, everything. It was so strange! We were all gob smacked. We just could NOT get over this time warp. Fucking BIZARRE.


Anyways, I still can't get over the fact, that after 14 years, there is no "where to go before and after Zappaween to meet other Zappa fans in St. Petersburg" web site or at least a tiny section on the Bogus Pomp web site "Zappaween Tips/stuff to do before/after". I guess I just am the type to see potential in things and wonder why no one else does. What harm could it do to have a pre-Zappaween party to get all excited for the show? Also, there is only ONE band at the Zappaween. One band, one show. So the whole Zappaween lasts about three hours. This would be worth the trip if you lived in the area. 

Anyways, the hotel I stayed in was frowned upon by the rental car dealer. They asked me where I was staying, I told them and they all stopped talking. They told me NOT to go out a lone at night and "it's very dangerous" in that area. DAM, you can never tell when booking online. Apart from the pubic hairs on my sheets left from last guest and half full can of coke left in fridge, it was ok. Vama, the manager (in the pictures above and below) treated me like a queen when she found out I do massages. I massaged her for free and she let me get away with everything. Front row parking, etc. The room only cost $50 a night, so I guess you can deal with some random short and curlies in your sheets ( I slept with jogging pants and long sleeved shirt on to avoid touching sheets). She even upgraded me after the first night to a suite and that was nicer. The maid was the problem. She weighed about 400 pounds, always had a cigarette in one hand and did NOT want to work. 



Vama ^ and I bonding 

I was so fucking shattered when I landed in St. Petersburg as I literally had TWO hours of sleep the "night" before. I was up until ten am, slept til noon (two full power hours) and then had to rush to airport. Rented a car and could barely drive I was so tired. On my way to hotel, I saw a Thai restaurant and stopped in to eat. It was PERFECT. "Thai Orchid" is the place to eat in St. Petersburg if you like Thai. I even brought Robin and John there the next night (I'm a creature of habit). After dinner, I was so tired I could barely see, but  instead of crashing when I got into the seedy room, I went out for a walk in the danger zone.I tucked my hair up under my hat and wore unattractive baggy clothes and headed out to stretch my legs. I was saddened to witness the poverty around me. I thought THIS is America? Sidewalks and streets haven't been repaired in years, in fact, bushes and weeds were growing out of all the cracks. 

Shop after shop, fast food joint after fast food joint were closed down, overgrown with bushes and trees. You could smell how desperate people have become in this area. The nasty hotels all along the road were housing for many family's. I could tell the people lived there, that they were not just passing through. Some places boasted "$33 per night or $150 per week" and of course they all offered an hourly rate (lots of ratty looking hookers lurking about outside of each hotel). HOWEVER, every few blocks was a brand spanking new, sparkling clean CVS or Walgreens. Oh LORD they are doing so well. Why? Because Pharmacy's will always do well, because the Government wants us all hooked on prescription drugs. The commercials never stop. I went into several of these CVS's and Walgreens on my nightly walks, mainly to buy Reese's peanut butter cups , but also because they are open 24/7 and safe. What a massive contrast: CVS every few blocks, obviously thriving, with a Walgreens directly across the street from each one, surrounded by obvious poverty. Tsk tsk. It makes me ill. 

One night after our boring fucking trek into the local bars (which turned UP the crappy music on the juke box and turned the Zappa and Hendrix we picked out down super low), Robin, John and I walked together to CVS (I think the peace pipe made us extra giddy) and we had a fucking blast in CVS. The woman behind the counter got to know me by now and I loved making her laugh out loud every night. This night, I told her I would give her $100 – or any other store employee if they could tell me the MEANING of what "CVS" actually stands for. No one in the whole freakin place knew what it meant. ROBIN DOES! How fucking random is that!! Robin KNEW!! It means "chorionic villi sampling" omfg. It's a test that is done that is done to check for birth defects. WOT???? Robin works in a woman's help center. LMFAO!!!!!! So, if you want to fuck with CVS employees, go and ask them what CVS stands for. 


 One advantage of me arriving so tired, is I went to bed at midnight and got up at TEN AM. I had time audition a new Dot Bot. Alison came to my hotel and massaged me by the pool side. On her massage table, out in the sun. It was lovely. I hired her, she is amazing. You will see her online very soon. She just massaged Jason Mraz for us yesterday. 

I did manage to get to the beach during daylight hours (beach was ten minute drive from hotel). I jogged along the beach and watched the sun set. It was breath taking. Made me want to move there, but then again, those bars, those freaky locals and that time warp effect woke me right up. If I ever go there again, I will surely stay RIGHT on the beach, which costs twice as much but the hell, you only live once. If you're gonna do it, do it right. 



 ZAPPAWEEN has an annual costume contest and ^ John dressed as Vito Paulekas (freak?) posing here with Robin in front of the State Theater. 

 I just dressed as Mary, the crew slut (or did I?) I love my Jetson Boots.   Robin and I lovin' life. 


 Jerry Outlaw's girlfriend, Deborah,  did 

a great job dressing up as Amy Winehouse



Zappa fan Dave Black  dressed "Potato headed Bobby" , posed with his cutie pie girl friend and Robin. 



Ike was the star of the show for sure. Everyone was scared he wouldn't show or whatever, like with the Zappanale (he missed the plane) but he was there, in full force and nailed it. He is a jolly soul. Smart as whip too, don't let that goofy grin fool ya. 

 "Not by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin"

 Dan Campbell , violinist, fiddler and guitarist, was one of my favorite

parts of the show. At one point he was fiddling so fast, I swear I saw 

smoke. I couldn't help but imagining him wanking; thinking how good he

must be at it. I asked him after and he assured me he is a pro. 


 The Bassist looks like an older version of one of my ex-boyfriends, also 

a bassist. He was on fire. Seriously. 




Jerry O. and Shane Blank bending those strings ^


 A view from side stage ^

Byron Hogan, Cello player and Pat Buffo ^ (even though Pat is sporting

pig tails and a dress, he is so lumber-jack manly, he can pull it off and 

still make the ladies, including me, swoon. 

   Shane Blank , guitar prodigy, age 14, jammed with Bogus Pomp and jaws hit the floor. 



Mr. Zappaween himself, Jerry Outlaw, founder of Bogus Pomp. When I got into the gig, Jerry was on stage, changing guitar strings on his guitar. The audience was just chilling to the house music (led zeppelin, janis joplin and many other classics) while Jerry was sweating his balls off to get done in time. You can tell he has his plate full but works all year long to pull off Zappaween. To say the band was TIGHT would be a severe understatement. In fact, between Bogus Pomp and Project Object, ZPZ hasn't a snow ball's chance in hell at recreating Frank Zappa's music the way it is supposed to be played, like these two bands; with passion. REAL passion. Not just "I need to do this to pay my bills cause my own band doesn't cut the mustard" – passion. 


Dressed as the "Spider of Destiny" (google it) won the contest and won the guitar. 


Billy the Mountain came in second place I think… I found it strange they

didn't invite the costumed freaks on stage for voting. They were just called

to the front row; which was lame as no one but the band could see and judge


   This Tomb Raider babe had the men in a "petulant frenzy"


 Guest vocalist, Pat Buffo ^ impressed me greatly. His rendition of 50/50 and Zombie Wolf gave me goose bumps. The mother fucker can SING. He has his own band called Rebel Pride


Acting out "Dirty Love" (the way your mama makes that nasty poodle chew) -see the white poodle near my rump?



Ok, during the show, I received an email on my crackberry from Jerry Ford one of Jimmy (rip) Carl Black's best friends. The email came around 11pm and it said that Jimmy Carl Black had just passed away in his sleep. My reaction was LOUD, shocking and undeniable. In other words, I couldn't have hidden this emotion. Robin and John simotaneously went "WHAT? What's going on!??" The music was so loud, I couldn't hear them nor then me, so I just passed my crackberry to them to read. We all flipped out with watery eyes. What a downer. We were in between heaven (amazing Zappa tribute band) and hell (hearing of Jimmy, original Mother of Invention) passing. 

Matt Koegler , fellow Zappa freak suggested keeping that news to myself, as not to bring everyone down, but I just had to tell Ike. I mean, wouldn't all the Zappa fans want to know as soon as possible so we could all send him loving thoughts? I waited until Ike had a break and went back stage and brought him out side to tell him and show him the email. The above picture was taken a few minutes after, when Robin came outside to help console him. Perhaps the tears in my eyes prevented me from focusing my camera properly or perhaps my camera has just gone to shit. Not sure. 

   Holy FUCK! Some people have a lot of free time. Looks amazing doesn't it???

 So Ike decided he would announce Jimmy's passing when he got back on stage. He went on stage, whispered it into Jerry's ear and then Jerry broke the bad news. But instead of bringing everyone down, Jerry said it in such a way and dedicated the rest of the show to Jimmy, that everyone celebrated his life, rather than being bummed out about death. At least Jimmy wasn't suffering from the torture of the cancer any longer. RIP Jimmy, my friend. At least no one can sue him any more for playing Frank Zappa's music. Pffft!


Can you BELIEVE how amazing these pumpkins are? The carving must have taken HOURS. There were two of them at the show and they looked even better when the lights were out. They glowed. They seemed surreal. 


I am dam proud of that picture. Great colors, mood, yes!

The two love birds were alone on stage after the show, showing love and I just asked them to pose. So sweet. Poor Jerry must need a whole year to recover from all the stress and energy it takes to put on Zappaween. I think some of his friends should help out a bit more, like with the web site, and lugging the equipment in and out as I saw him doing most of the work, but maybe he likes it that way. 


 Although the actual Zappaween/Bogus Pomp SHOW was fun, I have to admit I prefer Zappanale. There are 4 days of Zappa-packed fun, with Zappa fans from all over the world (total sausage fest) and the scenery is gorgeous too. Zappaween is three hours of fun. No comparison. Fourteen years of Zappaween and still no place to hang out before the show? wtf? You know I love comparisons. So lets just say, you have two amazing lovers. Both well equipped. Both can make you cum. But one fucks you for four days, a four day fuck fest, you know the kind, were you stink of sex for days in a row. The other, comes in, makes you cum really fast and leaves. Zappaween is the quickie; Zappanale will make you sore for a few days. Both are fun. It's a matter of taste and time I guess. 

Ike and John after the show. The mood was somber again after the smoke cleared and Jimmy's name came up again. There was mad love for Jimmy at the show that night. He will never be forgotten. Such a talented sweet heart. Missed by many many fans, friends and loved ones. 


Comment from Robin:


Dec 6, 2008 9:55 PM
great florida/zappaween blog…will add a story or two soon…like how i had NO VOICE…and that DINER we went to at 3am…what a trip that was!! omg…our dr. dot massages at the pubic hair motel…with the highest *mildew* rating!!LOL! although blurry, i like the shot of ike and me sitting outside after learning that JCB had died 🙁 your previous poster is right, for such heavy news it was great to be with you and john and ike and all the fans…RIP jimmy…RIP frank… peace and music…robin

Leaving Berlin for a while :(

Going mad here trying to pack for my trip to NYC. I will be there a few months, not even sure how long this time. I do NOT want to leave Berlin. I love it here now. How crazy is that? I always do things ass backwards, ugh!!

Anyhow, I interviewed Joe Jackson for the Exberliner magazine, the English magazine for Germany; same one I have been writing my sex column for since it began 6 years ago. Joe is very private and I was surprised he agreed to do the interview at all and NOW, I am proud to say, it is the cover story and his picture takes up the whole cover of the September issue. Guess I will only be able to see it online as I am leaving to NYC in a few days. 

Recently I have had many friends pass through Berlin and I showed them around a bit, as much as I could. First, Norm, my buddy from San Diego and bassist for the band Hard Echo came to Berlin-

then Tina, Robin, John and Shirley who are ALL  into Frank Zappa as much as I am, came this past Monday, and they brought two friends along with them as well (they all went to thZappanale , the same Zappa festival I went to last summer). I sadly didn't make it this year, but will be there next summer, hopefully. They passed through Berlin and we all went out and explored and quoted Zappa all night, wicked fun!!


Here are some pics..

Hard Echo in the house!!  ^ (Norm is the Blonde and "Prince Harry" is on the right 🙂

Standard tourist spot, the bombed "blue church" on the Ku'Damm ^


Tina and I at Potsdamer Platz ^  

 Robin and I ^ at same tourist trap (gasp, pieces of the WALL! oh my my)



Robin, Shirley, Tina and John a the Brandenburger Tor (gate) ^

John, from Chicago, is a massive Zappa fan and knows Cynthia Plaster-Caster personally (hoping I can get a good deal on the Jimi Hendrix cock replica (below)  Laughing


Raising ^ HELL in Murry's Irish pub at 1am (they had to be at airport by 5am, YIKES!) 

 Looking forward to going back home to NYC, to see Jasmine and then up to CT  for my class reunion and THEN to Boston to visit friends, family and loved ones and my DAWGY Frankie is in CT waiting for me too, but I am truly gutted to leave Berlin. This time its really hard because I know Jasmine will be studying for 4 years in NYC, so coming back to Berlin won't be so urgent. I know people all over the world, but I have more real friends in Berlin than anywhere else. It takes YEARS to earn someone's friendship here in Berlin, but once you do, you can trust them with your house keys, bank card, child, everything. My heart is truly torn in two (Berlin/NYC). Funny thing is, Joe Jackson is in the same boat. He too loves Berlin and NYC and he too, can't decide. So we both go on, living in both places. It's great knowing someone else in the same boat. sigh.


I have to go pack


 Dr. Dot 

Frank Zappa quotes on the Zappanale

Let us, at this time, remind ourselves of the following exchange which took place when the editors of the US fanzine, Society Pages, met with Frank in January 1991 – and they discussed Matthew Galaher’s attendance at the first Zappanale:

SP: There is this group called the East German Arf Society…

FZ: (laughs)

SP: …and they have gotten together for a couple of annual meetings.

FZ: That’s great!

SP: Actually, one of our friends took a trip to Europe, met with these people, went to one of their little meetings, and was really taken with the whole experience of it.

FZ: That’s amazing!



18th Annual Zappanale

                                                                                                  ^ Napi primping for his performance

 Finally, a street named after Frank Zappa. I asked myself, “why, why Marzahn?” In case you didn’t know, Marzahn is a part of Berlin that is a tad dangerous if you are a foreigner. There are some neo-nazi’s lurking about still, if you know what I mean. It’s on the outskirts of Berlin and well, I would normally never, ever, go there. I found out though, why Frank Zappa street was born in Marzahn. 

The Orwo Haus is the reason. The Orwo Haus is the biggest recording studio in Europe and (some are sure) the whole world. 150 bands at a time can (and do) rehearse there daily. From the out side, it doesn’t look like much, no one would imagine what is going on inside. Well, you can read more about it HERE  if you want. Blah blah blah. 

< Harry

Napoleon (Napi) steals the show wherever he is. You gotta love Napi. Laughing

Around 3,000 people came from all over the place, on July 28th ( I know, this blog is long over due) to celebrate the unveiling of Frank Zappa street. Many bands played and headlining was Germany’s best Frank Zappa tribute band “Sheik Yerbouti” . Napoleon Murphy Brock joined them as their special guest. Nappi gets around 🙂


You can see many more pics from that event if you click HERE 



I was asked to join them for their Encore, a hot version of “I am the slime”. I was freezing my tits off. When I left my flat, it was steaming hot, so I wore open toed shoes, a skirt and t-shirt and even after 18 fucking years living in Berlin, you would think I would KNOW by now you have to literally drag a bag of clothes around with you as you never know how the weather will be/change.  Me= dumb-ass.


I was literally shaking from being so cold that by the time I was asked to come on stage and read a letter from From Frank Zappa’s brother, Bobby to the crowd, my lips were purple. But, like a trooper, nothing keeps  me from spreading the love and music  of Frank Zappa. Nothing.  

^ Robyn & Dot

 Another HUGE Frank Zappa fan ^ (I don’t mean she is huge, I mean, she is a big fan, well, you know what the hell I mean).

She flew all the way from the USA along with a tour run by a man named Scott.

They all came together for the street naming and the Zappanale.  



Like I was saying, NOTHING prevents me from preaching Zappa music. In Germany I am often invited onto talk shows and written about, as they find my career fascinating (so do I ). And every single interview I have ever done, since 1997, I have mentioned Frank Zappa. He crowned me “Dr. Dot” long ago, so that is usually how his name is mentioned “How did you come up with that name?” they ask. Then I tell them about Frank, how my Dad is a massive Zappa fan and how much his music means to me. His music is the BEST (well, I am also insanely into the Beatles, so it’s a tie). 


This is my new Zappa shirt ^ My pal Mark drew it and made it for me. I won’t mention were you can find him online as I have  a suspicion a certain family may not like Franks face being sold on anything without their approval. Sorry.


That man ^  in the above picture with me, is Thomas, the President of the Arf Society. What is the Arf Society you ask?

Founded on the 20 March 1993, the Arf-Society is a
Frank Zappa fan club based in Northern Germany
with an international membership.”

It’s best you just click HERE to read all about them.  


Wolfhard K. actually founded the Arf Society but Thomas is the pres. since a few years (Wolfhard is a busy man). Wolfhard and Thomas are extreme Zappa fans and have been putting on the annual Frank Zappa music fest which they call the Zappanale. This year was the 18th annual Zappanale and they invited me to help out a bit and to join Project Object on stage for some fun. So I accepted and I will try to find the words to explain how happy I am that I went. 


Project Object (my favorite Zappa tribute band) ^

What’s missing from this picture? Ike fucking WILLIS, that’s what. Where was Ike? His name was on the posters, the tickets, the press releases. A driver was sent to pick him up in Berlin, all the way from Bad Doberan, which is a 3 hour drive. He did not get off the plane as planned. In fact, he never even bothered to get in touch to tell them he missed his plane.

Why would Ike miss his plane? Because he is having an unfortunate struggle with cocaine addiction. I am not leaking any private information here. Everyone who is hip to the scene knows this. In fact, just about everyone who has met Ike in the last few years, has lent him $50. Ike owes EVERYONE $50. It’s rather ironic that Ike, who was Frank’s right hand man for YEARS and his best friend, ends up a crack addict. Frank was shrewdly against drugs (well, cigarettes are indeed a drug too, but anyways..).

In my opinion, drugs suck. I have never tried cocaine and can’t stand being around people who take it or even talk about it. BUT I can imagine why Ike does this drug. Not making excuses for him, but imagine your best friend dying, how horrible that must be and then on top of it, having to sing his songs almost daily to a crowd of his fans. Frank’s shoes are impossible to fill, and being on the front line,  almost daily (well, nightly) singing the lyrics your best mate wrote must do your head in. It must be hell. Hell in paradise.

Making a living doing something you love is paradise, but in such a circumstance, it can be difficult. If you are sensitive (most artist are overly sensitive) then falling into such a trap, is understandable. Not good by all means, but I can see why it happens.

Fame, drugs, money, (or was it the music? ) heh heh. I just hope Ike gets help and fast. He could end up dying, like other artists have done, thanks to that pesky, overwhelming, addiction People should plan a huge intervention and toss him into Rehab. SO MANY famous artist are having trouble now a days. Amy Winehouse is throwing her fucking career in the toilet too, just like Ike is. It’s so sad. 

But anyways, with or without Ike, the Zappanale party went on. 

The first night ( Thursday) everyone meets and greets in preparation for the Zappanale party following the next day.

I LOVE that sweatshirt I have on. I got it in 1988 in Boston. It’s held up pretty well. It says “Broadway the Hard way” on the  sleeve.

So this was night 1. I was a tad tired, but knew I could handle the up coming 3 nights of partying. It was so fun to meet some of the Zappa-teers (huge Zappa fan organization) and see Nappi, Andre’ and the guys again.. 

Andre’, guitarist/vocalist and founder of Project Object with his sweet heart, Cheri. ^

Andre’ preaches Frank big time. He doesn’t earn jack shit touring with his band, he does it for the love of Frank’s music.  

This is the list of all the bands that played at the Zappanale ^



My hotel ^   it is really strange. There is no one at the desk all night, you could have a massive party in the living room they have off to the side of the lobby  and you could drag that party into your fucking hotel room and no one would care; completely the opposite of the uptight rules they have in Dublin where you can’t even have someone come up to your room to help you with your bags. You have to give it to the Germans, they are liberal Fother Muckers. 


The Park across from my hotel. I heard this is where the first ever Zappanale took place. But it got too big for it’s britches and moved to a huge field.. 


The town of Bad Doberan is clean, quaint, gorgeous and very tolerant of the annual Zappa festival.  

< Dressed for my “Mary” skit

I finally got to meet my pen pal. Andrew ^ and I have been corresponding online for years. He runs a UK Zappa news/fan web site called “Idiot Bastard Son”. He has intervied many of Zappa’s alumni and I did one for him too a while ago. He was as funny in person as he is online. But then again, most Zappa fans are intelligent, special  and funny, just like Frank’s music. 

  < Bass extraordinaire


Project Object were one guitarist and vocalist short ( Ike) but you would have never known it! They were fantastic! 

Don Preston , the man in the purple velvet jacket on key boards, was one of the high lights of the whole Zappanale. He plays with Project Object on tour most of the time, but is busy with many solo projects. I am sure he is over 70 as he is one of the original members of the Mothers of Invention.  

Project Object doing their thing ^ 

One of the few females at the festival was serving beer. I brought that plastic urinal with me, thinking they may not have anything to throw water on me when I play Mary. I got this urinal in a bar in Berlin called  Cafe’ Klo (Klo is a nick name for Toilet in German). Everyone drinks out of these urinals in that bar and you can buy them as well.  I don’t drink beer, but they do hold a lot of beer, so I made good use of it and kept my pals well watered with all of those unwanted beer tickets I was given..

This is Andrew’s pal Ian ^                    Andrew wore this ^ shirt, thinking Ike would be there.  

 Andre’ is a master on guitar ^  


This is not the first time I have played “Mary” on stage with Project Object. I like participating anyway I can. I asked them to learn “Valley Girl” so I can sing that with them next time our paths cross.

Here are the lyrics to the song “Fembot in a Wet T-shirt” in case you are one of those people who don’t know the album Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa..


  Act I


After a few weeks on the bus, being porked by
Toad-O’s road crew, and being too exhausted to do
their laundry on a regular basis, MARY is dumped in Miami.
With no money (and no other famous rock groups due into
the area for at least three weeks), she tries to pick up a few bucks
by entering the Wet T-Shirt contest at The Brasserie…

Looks to me like something funny
Is going on around here
People laughin’ ‘n’ dancin’ ‘n’ payin’
Entirely too much for their beer
And they all think they are
Clean outa-site
And they’re ready to party
“Cause the sign outside says it’s WET T-SHIRT NITE
‘N’ they all crave some Hot delight
Well the girls are excited
Because in a minute
They’re gonna get wet
‘N’ the boys are delighted
Because all the titties
Will get ’em upset
‘N’ they all think they are Reety-awright
‘N’ they’re ready to boogie
‘Cause the sign outside says it’s WET T-SHIRT NITE
‘N’ they all crave some Pink delight
When the water gets on’em
Their ninnies get rigid
‘N’ look pretty bold
It’s a common reaction
That makes an attraction
Whenever it’s cold
‘N’all of the fellas
They wish they could bite
On the cute little nuggets
The local girls are showin’ off tonite
You know I think it serves ’em right
You know I think it serves ’em right
You know I think it serves ’em right
You know I think it serves ’em right
I know you want someone to show you some tit!

At this point, FATHER RILEY (who had been recently de-frocked
for not meeting his quota, and has grown his hair out and
bought a groovy sport coot and moved to Miami and changed
his name to BUDDY JONES) steps onto the crowded bandstand
in his exciting new role as a WET T-SHIRT CONTEST EMCEE…

Ah, thanks, IKE…
Here at The Brasserie… Home of THE TITS… huh huh…
And it’s the charming Mary from Canoga Park
Up next in her bid for the semi-finals…
Hi,Mary…howya doin?

Having been fucked senseless by the boys in the crew, MARY does
not recognize the former religious personage from her nights in the
rectory basement during which she acquired her basic manual skills…
confounded by his sport coat, she replies…


Realizing that she no longer recognizes him… or even appreciates
the patient religious training he had given her in the past, BUDDY JONES,
like a true WET T-SHIRT EMCEE type person, proceeds to say various
stupid things to waste time, making the contest itself take longer, thereby
giving the mongoloids squatting on the dance floor an opportunity to buy
more exciting beverages. . . liquid products that will expand their
consciousnesses to the point whereby they might more fully enjoy the ambiance
of Miami By Night…

Where ya from?

Ah, the bus…

Which one?

You know…the last tour…
You know…

Oh.. .you were the girl that was stuck to seat 38 on Phydeaux III…
why don’t you get in position now and take a deep breath, because
this water is very, very cold, but it’s goin’ to be so stimulating. And
Mary’s the kind of Red-Blooded American Girl who’ll do anything…


I said anything… for fifty bucks
That’s right!

I really need the fifty bucks you know I gotta get home!

Yeh, I know, your father is waiting for you in the tool shed… that’s right,you
heard right… our big prize tonite is fifty American Dollars to the girl with
the most exciting mammalian protruberances…

MARY: Here I am!

as viewed through a thoroughly soaked, stupid looking white sort of male
person’s conservative kind of middle-of-the-road COTTON UNDER-GARMENT!
Whoopee! And here comes THE WATER!


No, you’d squeak more if the water got on you …sounds like you just got an
ice pick in the forehead… AND HERE COMES THE ICE PICK IN THE FOREHEAD…
a million laughs, Mary! Anyway; good golly, what a mess…she’s totally soaked..
totally committed to the fifty bucks.. .That’s it just step into the spotlight.. let the guys
get a good look at ya honey!

Here I am!

Whaddya say, fellas?
Nice setta jugs?
Now Mary, how’s about shakin’ it around a little…

Oh my goodness, look at her go!

Oooh! I’m dancing!
I’m dancing!

Ain’t this what living is really all about!
Here’s your fifty bucks, Mary…

Oh great! Now I can go home!

Home is where the heart is.

MARY: “On the bus!”


That water was fucking freezing, so the look of shock/horror is authentic. heh heh.  

<  “ Oh great! Now I can go home!”< “with leather?”

The headliners of the whole Zappanale ^.

I haven’t seen Chad since 1988!! He is so shy, so soft spoken. SO SWEET!!! His whole band is sweet in fact. I loved hanging out with these guys. They played an all instrumental set. No Zappa tunes at all, although at certain points you could hear a tad of a Zappa riff, like they were teasing us. They were brilliant. I suppose everyone was expecting them to whip out at least one Zappa tune, but they didn’t. 

Perhaps Chat wants to stay on Dweezil and Gail’s good side. At least now they can’t bitch at them for playing any Zappa music! 


Oooh they sounded like butter. Lovely! x 


^ you can see from his smile how sweet and genuine he is



Eric Slick ^ plays drums with Project Object. He is a genius (started playing drums at age 2 🙂

His Mom, Robin Slick, is a famous writer. Check out her blog HERE  


The English band, Monty and the Butchers ^ were soooooo fun to hang out with. A million laughs indeed.  


Jorg, the film director, who happens to be holding the mic, films each Zappanale. They make a dvd of each Zappanale. They interviewed me for the dvd. I was obnoxious as usual.  

I was lacking sleep, which I really really need right now, as I am literally running on fumes. My tonsils are beyond infected and I was told a year ago they have to be removed but I never find the time, so I have been living on antibiotics and feeling like shit for about two years. I know, it’s stupid. A vicious cycle, but I just never find the time. So if I get less than like 7 hours of sleep, I feel dizzy, sore throat, all that wimpy shit. I was devastated when I was told I had to be up and ready for an interview on stage Saturday at noon. I know this sounds like a diva talking but it’s not. I am just a night person and seldom fall asleep before 7am. Hard habit to break at such short notice 🙂

Jim Cohen, who has been the host for a few years at the Zappanale, was to interview me Saturday at noon. He does a representation each year on the Saturday of the Zappanale  (the Zappanale always takes place in the first week of every August fyi) . He interviews guests and talks in great detail about Frank Zappa. He is a walking encyclopedia of Frank Zappa trivia/facts/info. 

I was there, on time, and went through with the interview. I did most of it in German as it takes place in Germany, but said somethings in English too for the English speaking audience. What I am getting at, is this weekend is a marathon. You won’t be resting, you will be ON the whole time, partying, talking, laughing, dancing and by the end of the weekend, you won’t have a voice anymore. I swear I am still hoarse from the festival and it was a few weeks ago. Found that out the hard way last night at karaoke.  



Eric Svalgård  ^

The other Eric of Project Object and I signing the symbol for the Arf Society.  


Monty and the Butchers hamin’ it up during the grand finale’  ^


The crowd (above) and the sound men ( are nice guys, but have to work while everyone else is raising hell, hence the glum faces) 


 Chad and Andre’ ^

Don and I discussing his amazing threads his wife sews for him. What a sweet heart! ^ 



Christian ^ was my driver for the whole festival. The Arf Society was obviously trying extra hard to please me 🙂


 Musician soup ^ …………. backstage at the Zappanale was heaven on earth

Hasi ^  a Zappateers member, from Austria and I in the Zappateer tent. This tent is out in the camping area at the Zappanale festival. Everyone in the camping area pretty much parties straight through, with no sleep, from Thursday to Monday morning. It is a non-stop Zappa themed party. The Zappateers tent is the center of it all. I was welcomed with open arms and even knew a few of the people hanging out in the tent.. It was super fun, but I had to hang backstage most of the time, as they had tiny tasks for me to do. 


What are the Zappateers? ” The Zappateers are dedicated collectors of Zappa live shows.”

It’s best to click HERE to read more about the Zappateers.. 


These two lovely gals ^  know every word to every Zappa song and I love them. They were a fixture in the Zappateers tent and later on stage for the Grand finale too. They are seriously dedicated Zappa fans. They are also big Project Object fans… YES! x 


Sunday when I woke up, I thought, “FUCK THIS!” I am too tired to go to the Zappanale grounds again. I thought I would just sleep all day and hide until my ride took me back to Berlin. WRONG ANSWER. Thomas, the president of the Arf Society called and said “where are you hiding!?? We need you on stage at 9pm!”  Eh? I thought my work was done. Guess not. So I dragged my ass out of bed, well, off the floor as I always sleep on the floor in hotels, as I am a walking sleeping disorder. 

Painted my face a bit and tried to get motivated for yet another night of partying. I am only used to going out like once a week, sometimes once a month. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t go out much at all. I am a hermit. It looks like I go out a lot because I blog about it every time I go out. I can only handle two drinks and hate smoking so I am a light weight and need a day to recover when I party (I have always been that way, so don’t laugh to yourself as you say  “it’s called getting old” under your breath). I have always been a light weight. sigh. ANYHOW, where the hell was I?

Oh yes, my lovely driver came and basically had to pry me out of my room as I was really dragging my ass by Sunday. But like magic, once I set foot on the Zappanale grounds, I woke up like a freshly watered flower.  


So, I was wondering, what was my chore of the day? Why was I needed on stage at 9pm? Another Wet T-shirt thingy? A massage for Chad? Was I entered into the Zappa trivia game without my knowledge?  


< Napi

Um, I know he works for the Zappanale, I think he is the director of transportation but don’t quote me on that, but at any rate, that is Napi posing with a man I think may be Hendrik.  Surprised  (Lets play “name that German!”)


Chad & Andre’  ^



Kurz, Italian Frank Zappa fan and musician (he let me draw that stache on his face 🙂




I was attacked by a sharpie pen ^ 


Naturally after 3 nights of camping, the Zappanale guests, artist, campers and workers started to smell a bit. I mean, it is hot, humid, dusty.. everyone is sweating and drinking.. you get the picture. I had a close wiff of Matthews (bassist/vocalist/founder of Monty and the Butchers)  underarm. Me likey. I LOVE the smell of a man’s sweat. Fuck deo and perfume and show gels. I want to smell the MAN, not the fucking brand. Nothing I hate more than a man wearing perfume, cologne, aftershave, deo etc. I want to smell the truth baby!

Well, it’s only fair…    ^ 

Sunday night, we were ALL TOAST. I couldn’t believe that Monty and the Butchers hadn’t seen the Zappa statue of Bad Doberan yet!

The drivers brought us there and we had a little photo shoot. The one with the glasses (passed out) is Joe. he plays horns some times for Project Object. What a laugh that night was! 



Me posing with the Zappa statue. There was a LOT of controversy surrounding the statue. Gail Zappa didn’t approve it and is still not happy about it. The Arf Society had to fight tooth and nail to convince the town of bad Doberan to even allow the statue to be erected there. All the drama!! It’s so sad how everyone  behaves after an icon dies (James Brown, Zappa, Elvis, John Lennon, etc).I hope to fuck the dead idols are looking down, watching the behavior, keeping tabs….

I want to close this now and mention once more, how AMAZING the Zappanale was. I will be there for sure next year. This festival has been going on 18 years, and I hope it keeps going on for many more years. It has a special vibe to it, so much love for Frank, so many cool people, so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! The area is amazing too, it’s magical, in fact I couldn’t think of a better place to have such a wonderful meeting of minds. Thank you Arf Society for the lovely time, I will never forget it.

ps. If you haven’t seen them yet, I made 3 videos (well, one long one, broken up into 3 bits) of my Zappanale experience.

Click the links to see the videos:


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3