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Hi my name is Paul. Live in Toronto, Canada. I been a bodywork practitioner since 2010. And certified massage therapist .also specializes in deep tissue Swedish massage, sports injury and reflexology.With a combination of massage. A truly rare and magical experience that will leave you feeling relaxed聽 and energized.

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Dr. Pawan is a licensed chiropractor in the Province of Ontario, Canada. He has been in practice for 3 years thus far and specializes in soft tissue muscular rehabilitation with certifications in Graston Techniqe, Myofascial Release Technique, and NIMMO trigger point therapy. He has treated patients of a vast variety, including dancers, athletes, motor vehicle accident patients, sports teams, and those suffering from chronic wear and tear injuries.

Dr. Pawan takes a holistic approach to treating his patients, integrating nutrition, soft tissue muscular rehabilitation, and lifestyle changes along with traditional chiropractic manipulative adjustments. In order to give long term relief to his clients, he believes you must treat all aspects related to the injury, rather than just giving a simple adjustment.

In his spare time, he is a singer, dancer and choreographer. These pass times allow him to understand the mechanism of injury and key areas to address when treating singers, actors, musicians and dancers.

In his 3 years in practice, to date, he has worked in MVA /extended health clinics, sports injury clinics and Spinal Decompression Centers. All clinics were/are of a multi-disciplinary nature, which he believes is the most effective setting for a patient to receive the optimal level of care.

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Dr. Dorothy…….


Is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Mathematics and Biochemistry. She is also a graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, which is located in Toronto, Canada, where she currently resides.

Dr. Dorothy developed a fascination with Chiropractic from an early age. Having been a competitive child athlete, she suffered many injuries. After many years of unrelenting back pain and overall discomfort, she sought Chiropractic care, which, in many ways, has dramatically changed her life. Not only was she able to manage the pain from years of repetitive overuse, but she also gained an appreciation for the body’s ability to heal, and insight into the power of prevention.

In her spare time, Dr. Dorothy enjoys playing sports and music. Her experience both as an athlete, and also as a trainer for sports teams, has led her to additional certification in special soft tissue techniques such as Active Release Technique ® and Graston Technique ®. These techniques help to break down scar tissue and adhesions that develop on injured or overused muscles, which many athletes and musicians develop after many years of practice and performance.

Dr. Dorothy is grateful to be a health care professional that appreciates individuality and promotes not only a healthy body, but also a sound mind, and a warm and happy spirit.


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Massage in Toronto (meet Dina )

My name is Dina and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I spent most of my youth involved in competitive figure skating only to discover later on another true passion… snowboarding! My education as a massage therapist began early in my constant attempts to try and heal my own injuries.

I’ve been practicing the art of massage in a clinical setting for over ten wonderful years. To have the opportunity to help assist clients manage, reduce and heal painful injuries and/or discomfort has been a very liberating and educational experience.

I’m a huge fan and practitioner of Myofascial & Trigger Point massage, a deeper, corrective type of soft tissue release combined with specific on-table body stretches. On the other hand I am just as inclined to provide a lighter more rhythmical massage experience geared towards the stress-laden muscle tension created primarily by our taxed out nervous systems. I incorporate essential oils in most treatments drawing upon my 6 years as a Certified Clinical Aroma-therapist. In addition, I am a Registered Massage Therapist and certified in LaStone (hot stone) and Bamboo massage.

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