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Hi my name is Sarah and I live in Nashville

My passion is to help individuals heal from injuries or to relax from a long stressful day. I have years of massage experience and will customize my massages to assist in the client needs. I specialize in deep tissue, reflexology, swedish, sports, prenatal, with stretching included. I live in the Los Angeles area and will drive to you. My dream is to travel the world where I can practice massage and learn new techniques. I am excited to be working with the Dr. Dot team and I look forward to meeting you.

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Hi I’m Mae! I’m fairly new to the Memphis are but not to massage. I studied in Salt Lake City at the Utah College of Massage Therapy where I attended both the Professional and Master Bodyworker programs. From there I worked all over Alabama spending the last five years on the coast in Mobile where I owned my own business until moving to Memphis. I am certified in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Cranial Sacral and Sports massage. I truly love my work and hope that is shows both in my technique and passion.

Massage Delivery Service in Knoxville, Tennessee


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Licensed Massage Therapist &
Medical Massage Therapist
Instructor of Basic & Advanced Medical Massage Therapy
Craniosacral Therapist  
Myofascial Release Practitioner- Specializing in female hip / pelvic dysfunction & scar tissue removal

Specially Trained in : Ashiatsu, Hot Stone, Thai, Facelift Massage , Parafango & Spa Wraps, Neuromuscular Stripping, sports massage,Oncology Massage & Myo-Gyno Female Release
I have worked with numerous physical therapists & chiropractors that compliment the overall Therapuetic massage I give. John F Barnes & Upledger Trained & Nationally Certified through the NCBTMB.

24 hour massage service Nashville,Tennessee



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I have been a massage therapist since 2001 and specialize in sports massage and deep tissue. I have always had the “give back” mind set so a career in massage fit that portfolio perfectly.

I have had the opportunity to work with, in my opinion, some of the best Chiropractors and Orthopedic Surgeons in the field. To be a part of someone’s process of healing is a beautiful thing and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

24 hour massage service Knoxville, Tennessee



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Hello! My name is Kendra and I am a 2004 graduate of the Roane State Community College Somatic Therapy program in Oak Ridge, TN.

My main focus is a combination of neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage with a little myofascial massage thrown in! Every massage is specifically rendered for what is needed for you to obtain the optimal benefit massage has to offer. I hold a strong belief that finding and healing the root of the problem can lead to a healthier way of life.

I have had the honor of providing relief for clients with job/ sport/life related injuries, such as, but not limited to, frozen shoulder, vertigo, sciatica, scoliosis, migraines, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

I have also studied Ayurvedic massage and practices, a 5000 year old Vedic way of life that focuses on bringing balance to each and every aspect of life and living; which further confirms my belief that healing is best achieved through total awareness of mind, body, and spirit.

I am very passionate about massage and the amazing results one can reap from regular massages. I am very excited to be a part of Dr. Dot's team and look forward to helping you!

24 hour massage service Nashville, Tennessee




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Hello, my name is Jerri. I am excited about being a part of Dr. Dot’s team of highly qualified Licensed Massage Therapists. 

About 16 years ago I pursued a dream of becoming, a Licensed massage therapist. I graduated from the Cumberland Institute for Wellness Education. I have since worked in the industry with my own Day Spa. 

I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Neuromuscular, Pre-Natal, Chair Massage, and special Hand and Feet Treatments. 

Being from the Music City area, and growing up with country and southern rock. I have enjoyed all that Nashville has to offer. But my music tastes go so much further and beyond the traditional Nashville sounds I was raised on. I have been to almost every concert that has made it to this area and even visited and talked to some of the performing artists when I have gotten the chance. So you can see that I am a fan of all types of music, from many different back grounds. 

I have lots of experience; I love the work and all the fantastic people I have met along the way. This work is my life long goal, and I can’t wait to be a real member of Dr. Dot’s family of truly unique and specialized individuals. 

If you need a Licensed Massage Therapist, I will be happy to meet your needs. If you just want to chill out or if you need pain relief, I can help you!

Massage in Nashville, Tennessee 24/7

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Hello, I’m Jarolyn, Licensed Massage Therapist. I am from the Philippines but have resided here in the U.S. since 2006. I am dedicated to providing a good, quality therapeutic massage because I value each and everyone of my clients and I believe in natural healing and the healing power of touch. Having a massage does more than just to relax your body and mind. It is a drug-free, non invasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, so it not only feels good but it can cure what ails you. 

I earned my degree in massage therapy in June of 1998 and I’ve been practicing ever since. I have served as an instructor of massage in a technical college during my practice in the Philippines, I have also worked in several spas in different countries, and some Chiropractic and Rehab establishments in my area. I am professionally trained in a broad scope of Western, European, and Asian modalities. Extensive knowledge in Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology, Thai massage, Lomi lomi massage, Deep tissue and Trigger Points. I am combining the modalities or techniques depending on my clients wants or needs. For over 12 years of practice I have helped a wide range of clients, all with different needs and cases, different lifestyles and backgrounds. I am really gifted and blessed to be an instrument to make people feel better. since massage is my passion nothing is more rewarding for a massage therapist than for her clients to feel better. 

I am excited to utilize my extensive clinical, training, abilities, caring nature, professionalism and passion in therapeutic massage to the most talented people who bring joy and life to the world through music. I am extremely honored to be on Dr. Dot’s international team, since I know that Dr. Dot is known as the best massage therapist in the music industry and only wants the best of the best on her team. 

I’m looking forward to work with u soon, have a great day.

Best massage in Memphis, Tennessee

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Hi, I'm John, I'm originally from Cuba and I'm based in the Memphis, TN, where I practice full time for a local spa. In my practice I specialize in Deep Tissue & Swedish, and practice Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage as well as many other modalities that may be integrated into my massage routine depending on my clients needs and wants.

I'm certified in both CPR and first aid. I'm very familiar with the aches and pains experienced by both performers and crew having nine years experience as an IATSE stage hand having worked on films, concerts and Broadway shows and over thirty-five years experience as a drummer for many bands. Although I have a bachelors degree for business I decided that relieving stress was better then experiencing it. I studied at a well known career college in Memphis where I graduated with academic excellence awards.

I love what I do and I'm dedicated to providing top quality therapeutic massages. I look forward to relieving your stress and relieving any sore and tired or overworked muscles on your person. I'm very honored to be a part of Dr. Dots massage team as I know she only hires and works with the best.