Massage Delivery service in Tallinn, Estonia


Book me: email me at and write “Nelly/Estonia” in the subject line

I’m Nelly.
I think massage is having tango in my hands: two people communicating via body language. Trusting, breathing and relaxing, so that the intuition and flow can pave the way for healing and wellbeing.
I design your session according to your needs and preferences using a mix of techniques (classical and sport massage, bioenergetic breathing, stretching, reflexology, Trigger point, deep tissue and sensorial integration techniques) to work holistically for your better feeling and greater awareness of self.
My experiences?
I have worked as physical and massage therapist since 2007. I am into health, handicrafts and body sciences. I like to have world in my hands and feet!

My client range vary from the world’s best fitness athlete, actor, musician, model, politician to desperate pregnant housewife.

As being part of Dr.Dot’s amazing therapy team, I aim to be a great representative for Estonia.

I’ll be happy to be in your service either at backstage, venues or hotels here in beautiful Estonia.

24 hour massage service Tallinn, Estonia



Book me: and write: "Jaanika/Estonia" in subject line 🙂


My name is Jaanika and I represent Dr. Dot in Tallinn, Estonia. I am a licensed massage therapist and I specialize in:

    •    Deep tissue massage;
    •    Swedish massage;
    •    Thai foot reflexology;
    •    Thai massage;
    •    Singing bowl massage.

I have worked as a massage therapist for 10 years in various 5-star spas all over the world.

I have studied massage in Estonia, London, Thailand and Nepal. I have received many qualifications in the field of massage and there are many more to come.

There is one thing I have realized– it takes me a life-time to learn the art of massage – there is always something more to learn and some other therapies to master.

For now, all I can promise to you that you will receive a GREAT MASSAGE. And that is why you are going to book with me, isn't it? ☺