Massage in Sydney Australia

Hi , I'm Nikki. I have been a massage therapist since 2000.
My work is a combination of several different modalities, providing a massage that is both therapeutic and extremely relaxing. Taking techniques from Swedish, Deep tissue, Remedial, Lymphatic Drainage and sports massage, then adding energy work from Shiatsu, Reiki and integrative massage. I have developed my own style that is as unique as it is effective. I like to combine deeper techniques that really get the blood flowing with subtle, gentle techniques that allow the body to relax. Also, I pride myself on my ability to tune into my client's tissues and feel the minute changes that occur there, enabling me to respond to the body rather than intruding on it. Each of my sessions is individually tailored to meet the client's needs.

If you want to book a massage with me, email me at and put "Nikki/Sydney" in the subject line, thanks

Stop Bush From Taking a Last Stab at Endangered Species


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Stop Bush From Taking a Last Stab at Endangered Species The National Environmental Policy Act is a safeguard that forces agencies to look before they leap, considering the environmental implications of federal projects. It guarantees that relevant information will be made available to the public that may play a role in both the decision-making process and the implementation of decisions.


But the Bush administration, trying to hastily shove the regulation changes to the Endangered Species Act through before it leaves office, is disregarding the safeguards put in place — its new Environmental Assessment completely ignores the impact of climate change and pretends there are no alternatives to changing the Endangered Species Act. Additionally, the administration is giving the public only until this Thursday — November 6th — to comment.


We'll be collecting comments to submit, please add your comments by Tuesday to ensure that they get there in time. Don't let the Bush administration ignore the impacts of its decisions just because it's in its final days. Take action now: Submit your comments today by filling in the information below.


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