Massage in State College Pennsylvania


I'm Angie and I have been practicing massage therapy since I was 15 and certified since I was 22. My first "client" was my friend Pudge, who was the high school’s third baseman. Pudge was a big boy and I thought if I could massage him, I could massage anyone. I went to massage school after I graduated from Penn State. I learned about my massage school because it's in State College, the town surrounding Penn State, and decided I would attend when I finished college.

I've been backstage to offer massages since 2003 when my good neighbor/chiropractor Dr. Joe connected me with John Mayer’s two-day stop at Penn State University. I've worked for many awesome shows and concerts in Pennsylvania and Virginia since then.

I learned of Dr. Dot when I worked with New Kids on the Block in March of 2009. I thought it was really cool Def Leppard was the first band she massaged.  They are my favorite and I had the privilege to work with them when they were on tour with Journey. I auditioned with Catherine in June and was very excited to join the team in July.  

I have my own business in State College, I am the massage therapist for many Penn State sports teams and I am a proud single mother, so I'm very busy. However, I'm willing to travel to most places in PA, VA, WV, NJ and anywhere in MD, DC, and NYC. I love to go to places I never visited before and going on tour is awesome. I also love to meeting new and exciting people.  

If you would like to book a massage session with me, email me at and put "Angie/PA" in the subject line, thanks.

Help End A Bear Poaching Plague

America’s bears are facing a poaching plague. Increasing demand for traditional medicines using bear parts like gallbladders is fueling a lucrative black market — and poachers are targeting bears in the U.S.

Representatives Raul Grijalva (AZ) and John Campbell (CA) have introduced legislation that will help bears by banning the trade in gallbladders at the federal level. The Bear Protection Act will end a patchwork of state laws that create an enforcement nightmare and allows the illegal killing of bears to continue.

Tell your Representative to become a cosponsor of the Bear Protection Act today:

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