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My name is Chloe.  I'm a cancer girl from New York. I'm the true meaning of a cancer girl. I studied at a cultural institute as a child, where I studied Dance, Karate&Spiritual Guidance. As the years went by, I continued in activities such as Theatre & Travel. In 2001, I signed up as a Theatre major.During my time in college, I met a girl. She was in a band but mostly she was a Massage Therapist. She inspired me. Every time I seen her, I was in the presence of an angel. She inspired me to explore Massage Therapy.She always made me feel so calm. I loved the feeling so much, i had to be an angel.I love Massage Therapy because it makes people happy.All my clients tell me I have great hands and I do the perfect massage.I believe massages are all about healing. Healing the mind,body&soul. I am presently working on a degree in Sports Medicine.


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Born in Romania, I am the only son of a father who is a rocket scientist and a mother who is an archeologist, big shoes to fill. I graduated high school in Los Angeles but not before earning my Eagle Scout. I then attended the University of California in San Diego, earning a Bachelor in Art in Psychology while working on campus for four years as a Community Service Officer and off campus as a California State Beach Lifeguard and later as a Emergency Medical Technician. After university, I worked for Ralph Lauren doing everything from sales in their stores in Chicago and San Diego to modeling and even fashion photography.聽

Still I felt that there was more for me to do. I set my sights on becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic and was accepted to the prestigious Southern California University of Health Sciences where I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic in four short years. While there, I was elected class representative and traveled to Washington DC to lobby for bills involving chiropractic affairs. I continued to lobby both in Sacramento and in DC, was inducted into DTA honor fraternity, and graduated on the Dean’s list.聽

That is when my education really started. After getting licensed and fully insured, I realized that I wanted to help my patients perform at even higher levels of performance. So I got certified as a Physiotherapist and a Sports Conditioning Specialist focussing on golf and triathlete/ surfer injuries. With these sets of skills, I now help extraordinary people lead extraordinary lives.聽

My interests in health include the physical and psychological aspects of the human condition. I believe that a strong mind and body are conducive to reducing stress, optimizing health, and enhancing performance. All these together add to my patients longevity to help them rejuvenate, succeed and enjoy life to their fullest. As a Doctor of Chiropractor, it is my goal to educate and lead by example. I now wish to work within your community to optimize its health and well being. My approach to wellness is one in which the diversity of the individual dictates individual attention with unconditional positive regard and respect.聽

Wishing you a lifetime of success,聽

Doctor Codrin

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My name is Lars and I recently moved from my native Sweden to the US with my family to pursue the American Dream! 

I've been working as a professional masseur since January 2009 after retaining my license with the European Massage Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. 

I have always been into sports from a young age, starting with basketball and went onto handball which I later also coached, so training and the body have always been a great interest. I found massage fascinating and interesting and found I have a talent for it, so I decided to follow that path after giving up my own chauffeur company and here I am! 

Back home I had my own successful business and have helped many with their ailments ranging from headaches, neck pains, back pains etc to just a relaxing massage after a days work. I also worked as head masseur with our local hockey team. My other great passion in life is music! I have been to hundreds of gigs over the years, I have an impressive CD collection and have done some DJ work for fun as I love music so much. So working for Dr. Dot is just the best combination in the world for me: massage and music, can it get any better than that? 

Here are the areas I work in:

Classic massage

Sitting down massage

Advanced deep massage (Finnish massage)

Anatomy & physiology

Stretching exercises

Acute injury treatment

Work injury treatment

Head- and face massage

Trigger points

Relaxation massage

I am regarded as a friendly, quiet, hard working, respectful person with a calm nature. I am flexible, easy to reach and I don’t mind driving distances or working crazy hours. I have no problem in following instructions and am eager to finish my work with a satisfied customer. Making you feel good is very important to me! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 




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Hi, I'm Caitlin! I grew up in Southern California in a small town, but I actually love big cities, traveling, and crowds. For the past five years, I lived in the Bay area. I attended UC Berkeley and got my BA in Religious Philosophy. I also minored in Dance and in Creative Writing! I know that sounds like a lot, but I'm really passionate about all of those things so it was fun and interesting.

After I graduated from university, I became disheartened by the lack of opportunity during the recession, so I did some deep soul searching, explored all my options, and decided to go to massage school. I love helping people, I'm very passionate about health and well being, I have a unique understanding of the body as a dancer, and I enjoy the grounded presence massage requires of the practitioner. Best of all, I get to move around (rather than sit at a desk) and interact with people from all walks of life!

I studied massage at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. I focused on a variety of modalities, including: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Accupressure, and Energy Work. I incorporate all of these modalities into all of my massages because I tailor each session to your particular body and what you hope to gain from the massage. No massage is ever the same because no two bodies are the same! I graduated with honors and a letter of excellence for maintaining a perfect 4.0 for the entire program. I'm also both State and Nationally certified, so you can rest assured I am a cut above the rest along with all the other Dot Bots 馃檪 It is such an honor to work with such an amazing team!

Since graduating I have maintained a small private practice, worked for a Sports Rehab center, and worked in a variety of independent contractor positions. I recently returned to Southern California, where I continue to learn and grow as a massage therapist, and I look forward to being your Dot Bot in the Inland Empire!

Travel, spontaneity, and music are my idea of heaven on earth, so I am also available and excited to tour with you!