Massage Delivery service in Utah, USA


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Heather began her career with one of the most prestigious spas in Washington, Gene Juarez Salon and Spa. After 3 years of successful employment, she began to explore other opportunities along the California Coast. Heather’s rare experience in Washington and California is what makes her so unique.

A few of Heather’s accomplishments:

In 2007 Heather was flown to San Francisco and shuttled down the coast to work on nearly 50 of San Diego’s most influential people, all whom were participants in the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge. The event benefited the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Because Heather was so well received, this experience helped her to start her own business in San Diego.

Heather was awarded “Most Standing Appointments” at Gene Juarez, due to VIP clients booking weekly appointments one year in advance.

Administered medical grade pain relief and sports therapy and laser treatments at La Jolla Spa MD

Offered treatment to victims of car accidents and work related injuries. Insurance companies allowed clients to see Heather as often as three times a week, granting her the experience necessary to fine-tune her skills and specialize in treatment work, including treatment of fibromyalgia.

Hundreds of hours of training in 5 star service, reflexology and many other modalities, developing a unique assertiveness.

Received numerous awards and letters from employers, clients and peers regarding her caring nature and healing abilities:

It is very refreshing to have Heather here with us here in San Diego, raising the standard.”

– Richard Tiland, Executive Assistant to La Jolla Spa MD, #1 Medical Spa in America

“Heather brought an exceptionally high level of standards to our spa. I feel that her caring nature will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s team. She is missed and would be welcomed back with no hesitation.”

-Pauline Emerson, Spa Manager for Gene Juarez, Bellevue, WA

Massage Delivery service in Salt lake city, UT


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Hello. My name is Danielle and I moved to Salt lake City at the end of 2006 from San Diego, CA. I graduated from the International School of Professional Bodywork (IPSB) shortly before my move with over 1000hrs of training.

My specialties are Deep Tissue, Thai Massage and Sports & Injury. For my first 3 years in Utah I worked at a pain management and rehabilitation clinic, which allowed me to treat many different types of injuries and conditions with both massage and exercise. During my time here, I’ve also become a certified Yoga Instructor and have taught many classes on pain management and self-care to provide people with the tools to help themselves with their pain. When we hurt, it’s generally because we are not moving well. When applicable, I give stretches and postural education to address the root of why people hurt so they can learn how to rid themselves of pain rather than just managing it.

My sensitive hands and in-depth knowledge of movement and the musculoskeletal system allow me to quickly become attuned to sources of tension in the body. With good communication and a firm, but gentle touch, I am responsive to the needs of my clients. Whether you have chronic pain or just want to relax, I look forward to making you feel better in your body.