Yvonne Michelle Oliver, former Dot Bot, passes away at age 40 :(


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Yvonne was one of my BEST Dot Bots. She was very dependable and helped me build my Dallas team up. She auditioned therapists, massaged our touring clients and was always punctual, professional, polite, efficient. I was sad to see her leave the team 6 months ago but understood she had her hands full.

I heard of her passing from another Dot Bot, Koko and I am extremely upset. Such a talented, intelligent and thoughtful person, leaving this earth WAY too soon. I am saddened to think of her kids, husband and family losing such an angel. My heart goes out to you all, if there is anything I can do, name it. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this woman, she will be missed by so many. "only the good die young" peace Dr. Dot 


R.I.P Frankie :(


"Dot, I have something terrible to tell you and I know it is going to hurt. It is with heavy heart that I tell you that we had to put Frankie down. Around the holidays he attacked Athena and nearly killed her. The vet told us to contact the dog warden and that we had to quarentine him for 3 weeks. By then things had started up with the new children

and Frankie went on the back burner. Wednesday night the dogs were out on the deck eating as it was a nice day. Tom went to let them in and saw that Frankie had attacked Athena (the 14 year old tiny dog) again. He broke them up and crated them both as the children were watching all this.

There was blood all over the deck. Athena was crying out in her crate and we tried to keep the children away. After they went to bed we checked on Athens injuries and discover that she died of her injuries. We weren't agnry at Frankie because he was just doing what dogs do, but we knew we could keep him any longer. In December we tried every rescue league we could find and none would take him. It was long over due and I'd like to think that we gave him a long and love filled life. "



10 Years ago we lost Frank Zappa

Yes, it is hard for me today, as my hero and favorite musican on the planet died 10 years ago. Prostrate Cancer took its toll and Frank lost the fight. If you don't know Franks music, do yourself a favor and get your Butt to a CD shop and stock up. For starters, try “Joe's Garage” or “Apostrophe” or “Shiek yer Bouti” , then perhaps ” Tinsel Town Rebellion” and ” Overnite Sensation”.