Massage Delivery service in Moscow, Russia

Book me: email me at and write “Jyka/Moscow” in the subject line

My name is Jyka.  I am a massage therapist, athletic gymnastics teacher and instructor of therapeutic physical training.   I work this way last 15 years and I have appropriate education. I use the following methods in my work:

 ✅ Classic massage ; 

✅ Sport massage ; 

✅ Yumeiho massage ; 

✅ SPA massage ; 

✅ Anti-cellulite massage ; 

✅ Face massage. 
Privately practicing Massager.
Massage for:
 ✅ Complex treatment of acute and chronic illnesses of internal organs, nervous system, skin diseases etc;
✅ Preventive measures and treatment of supporting-motor apparatus diseases;
 ✅ Readaptation to work at intellectual or fatigues;
 ✅ Complex measures of treatment of professional distresses caused by harmful labour conditions;
 ✅ Physical perfection. I live and work in  Russia, Moscow and some month in  the year I work at  Turkey,  Istanbul.  If you appreciate high-quality professional massage, I invite you to use my services. 
Respectfully Jyka.

Hit breakdown so far for August (Russians and Georgians still staying tuned ;)

30,698 United States
867 Germany
840 France
570 Netherlands
523 United Kingdom
436 Canada
272 China
260 Sweden
257 Georgia
196 Russian Federation
175 Norway
123 Australia
89 Belgium
87 Spain
68 Japan
65 Switzerland
65 Italy
60 Saudi Arabia
55 Poland
55 India
44 Israel
40 Austria
36 Ukraine
32 Denmark
32 Turkey
29 Brazil
29 Korea
27 Hong Kong
27 Mexico
25 Singapore
22 United Arab Emirates
22 Ireland
18 Finland
15 New Zealand
15 Pakistan
14 Moldova
14 Czech Republic
13 Estonia
13 Armenia
12 Trinidad and Tobago
12 Romania
12 Portugal
12 Thailand
11 Philippines
10 Lebanon
10 South Africa
10 Iran
9 Lithuania
9 Hungary
8 Dominican Republic
8 Greece
8 Malaysia
7 Belarus
7 Kuwait
7 Egypt
6 Uzbekistan
6 Venezuela
6 Costa Rica
6 Satellite Provider
5 Slovenia
4 Luxembourg
4 Bulgaria
4 Bangladesh
4 Argentina
4 Chile
3 Ethiopia
3 Bahrain
3 Peru
3 Latvia
3 Cyprus
3 Vietnam
3 Indonesia
2 Macau
2 Anonymous Proxy
2 Croatia
2 Antigua and Barbuda
2 Yemen
2 Colombia
2 Ecuador
2 Azerbaijan
2 Serbia
2 Tunisia
1 Sri Lanka
1 Qatar
1 Faroe Islands
1 Guam
1 Iceland
1 San Marino
1 Jordan
1 Slovakia
1 Oman
1 Europe
1 Senegal
1 Kenya
1 Belize
1 Bahamas
1 Puerto Rico

Letter from a Georgian friend (why not let them vent?)

You are welcome Dot,

:))) Yes, Georgians not only like McCain, but love:)

Of course, he is popular in Georgia for having said “Today we all are Georgians”
during the Russian-Georgian war. McCain's willingness to stand up to Russia
makes him understandably popular in Georgia.

McCain has also previously visited Georgia – apparently a missile was fired at
his helicopter as he was flying over the so called “South Ossetia” -(like in
Vietnam) – by Kremlin puppet Ossetian regime of “President” Kokoiti.

Do you now anything about history of fake Ossetia?

I think you will be interested to learn a little more about the history of

“I think Misha will survive, but POOR GEORGIA!” (from a Georgian friend of mine on myspace)

“I think Misha will survive, but POOR GEORGIA!

I believe Russians are getting ready to one more time intervene in internal
affairs of Georgia. Last night they have deployed additional forces to occupied
parts of the territory of Georgia. Over 1200 soldiers of the 58-th army of the
Russian forces have arrived to Abkhazia during the past two days.

May Lord save us all!

Russian feedback (explains in a nice way, why people are pissed off)


“Regarding Your recent visit to Georgia or why did it make so many
people talk about it…”


“Hi Dr.Dot, first of all I'd like to thank you for becoming my friend here on Myspace – I'm really happy now! 🙂 I have been reading your blog and watching videos for the last few d ays 🙂 – about Georgia, Germany, Monte Carlo and much more. Have to tell you I really enjoyed every one of them – it's so cool and funny stuff :). You look like a smart interesting person who has it's own opinion. Shortly about myself: I'm russian, permanently moved to US less than 5 years ago. I love Pink Floyd – especially “The Wall”. Also, I'm still hoping that Russia and US would finally be friends one day, not enemies :(.

The main reason why I'm writing this message is your recent visit to Georgia and all that talking about it in Russia. I hate to see that somebody gets the information from one side of the conflict and not being told the whole thing. I'm not surprised that there are so many people in the US who still thinks that Georgian president is so sweet and innocent. You're saying FOX, CNN, ABC, MSNBS and other TV channels were telling you that Russia attacked Georgia without any reason – which is completely not true and unfair. You ask why did they do it – I'm not sure, but I noticed that in the “democratic” US – the information that is being released to public is filtered and censored much more than in the other countries, especially government stations like FOX – they say exactly what the government thinks is right for the people to know and what not.

I have friends who were born here in the US and they say that “are sick and tired of BS that TV tells them” – if you want to know exactly what's going on – it would be a good idea
to listen what news companies say in other countries of Europe, Russia, Asia and so on – sometimes it's just about opposite. There is a very good documentary movie called “WAR 08.08.08” – if you get some time, I'd recommend you see it some day – it explains a lot, you can watch it both online or download, it's in English. Here is a link online:
http://russia. ru/video/war080808en/ and also you can download HD version here – http://media. russia. ru/1194/iphone. mp4?title=1. I have that video on Myspace, which should be attached to this message, but their quality is very poor.

You're probably not quite interested and have no time to read, but I decided to write a little about the Georgian situation. After the Soviet Union was destroyed – Georgia willingly became independent in 1992, but 2 small republics Osetia and Abhazia that are located in the middle of Georgian territory and have been independent since 1922 didn't want to become Georgians all of a sudden and decided to continue be Russian. You can imagine that this made Georgians really mad and for the last 15-16 years there were constant fights between Georgia and those 2 republics simply because Georgia would like too have their lands.

The fact is that US has been supporting such small countries like Georgia for a while now, something like 10 billion a year – just for Georgia alone last year and US government says they are going to support them even better in the future. Why? I call it paranoia – US is always scared that Russia will start fighting with them and trying to prevent that by supporting all those little republics around Russia in order to place NATO forces in every one of them. So, the deal pretty much is: we support you, train you and you'll join the NATO, so we could place a base on your territory in order to get protected from Russia. But the truth is that Russia has never in the history started any war with a foreign country – it was
always defending and ptotecting Russians territories from the foreign envators.

US has been training Georgian military, providing guns, uniforms, weapons for the last few years in order Georgia would meet NATO standards and join them. Everything was going great, but here is the problem: NATO tells Georgia – we can't let you be part of NATO because your country is incomplete – there are 2 independent republics right in the middle of Georgia who don't want to do anything with Georgia and even have Russian passports – which makes them Russian citizens, not Georgian. You can imagine – all that effort and nothing at the end because some people who don't want to become Gergians. The decision was simple – one day tell those people that they have nothing to worry about, stop fighting, but next day come and kill every single one of them in order to get their lands, so Georgia could finally join NATO. I was born in the soviet union when there was a lot of money spent to support all those little countries, now I live in the US which is supporti them spending tax payers money and honestly, I'm not quite happy about it.

They say within the last 4-5 years Saakashvilli was spending ALL the money on weapons, guns, military training and etc. instead of healthcare, education and other civil needs, that's why the country is in such poor condition and a lot of georgians hate their president trying to get rid of him.

According to the witnesses, UNO, major European and Russian news companies “On 08.08.08 Georgian president made an order and killed over 2000 people without any notice – who were Russian citizens”. What was Russia supposed to do? Ignore? That's impossible. Let's say Canada decides to get Alaska – comes and kills all the people there – who are Americans, should US let them do that or maybe respond properly? That's exactly what Russia did – sent it's forces to protect Russian citizens who were being murdered by Georgians! As a result, Georgian forces failed loosing most of their weapons and soldiers. Of course US was pissed off to see that after investing so much money into it – that's the main reason why US news were showing Russia as a predator in this situation. You might saw – few days after the conflict started – FOX brought a little teenage girl from Osetia republic LIVE! hoping to hear that Russia was being bad, but instead the girl started saying that you got it all wrong – Georgians are the ones who were killing us! – they didn't even let her finish – the host said “I'm sorry, we have to go on a break!” – and that's it – the girl was gone after that break – YouTube was showing her speach, but later was deleted probably forced the government.

So, I personally understand that you are trying to be funny in your videos and people with sense of humor should realize it. Like I said, I think you are a great person and I really enjoy watching everything you post. Would I go see Georgian president myself and feel sorry for him – probably not… because I also realize that a person that might be responsible in deaths of not just 1, 2, but at least 2000 people – has to be arrested and properly prosecuted. Which has already started in Europe – they have a huge investigation going on and Georgian president is being watched extremely close right now – which of course includes all people whom he meets and talks to. It was kind of funny – most of the Europe was also shocked by that conflict and first was supporting Georgia, but after looking at the evidence – most of european countries have already taken Russian side – not Georgian's president. When the investigation ends and he gets proven guilty in court of law – most likely he will be treated as Saddam Hussein was.

In addition, I would like to say that I like Georgian people. In fact – I have Georgian friends and there is nothing against them, but what they say Georgian president did – is unacceptable for the democratic world and has to be stopped.

P.S.: I understand that it's highly unlikely that you've read all of it above – but I at least I tried to help you understand what is really going on. Thank you for your time. Have a good day!

Best regards,

lol, suddenly the Russians and Georgians are all reading my blog

16,537 United States
1,798 Georgia
1,351 Russian Federation
870 Germany
672 United Kingdom
554 France
547 Canada
203 Netherlands
191 China
178 Sweden
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158 Australia
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94 Denmark
92 Ukraine
87 Italy
86 Norway
85 Switzerland
78 Spain
77 Poland
69 Austria
62 Hungary
58 Ireland
55 Israel
53 Belgium
45 Czech Republic
43 India
43 Azerbaijan
41 Japan
41 Finland
35 Korea
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32 Greece
32 Brazil
30 United Arab Emirates
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28 Lithuania
27 Turkey
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19 New Zealand
18 Mexico
18 Luxembourg
15 Saudi Arabia
15 Malaysia
14 Iran
13 South Africa
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13 Thailand
13 Chile
12 Argentina
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10 Portugal
9 Satellite Provider
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8 Philippines
8 Egypt
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4 Croatia
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3 Europe
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2 Myanmar
2 Morocco
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